The Power Of The Whisper – 36

MORI 36 | Power Of The Whisper

What has been my secret to staying ahead of the curve in what I teach and how I market? Want to know what has been the driving force behind creating content that absolutely changes people’s lives?

Then you need to invest just a few minutes and listen to this! I’m going to share a secret that I have shared with only a select few!

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The Power Of The Whisper

I’m here and excited to be able to share a topic with you that I feel prompted to share with you. It’s near and dear to my heart. It’s such the key to success. It’s one of those things where, in about a 24-to-48-hour period, you get multiple people asking the same question. I’ve learned that it’s something you should probably listen to and act upon. That’s where this key is going to be about. I’m excited to be able to talk about the power of the whisper.

Before I do that, I want to mention to be sure that if you haven’t done so, check out other resources we’ve got. We’ve got other additional resources for you to learn from. We always have great free resources on We have other episodes on iTunes or Blog Talk Radio. You can read plenty of episodes and ways to learn. I even do, from time to time, free webinars and things like that to help with different things. In fact, I finished doing a webinar on ways to save on taxes before the end of the year, and webinars have saved for the holidays. I’ve created stuff. Don’t miss out on it, for sure.

I want to talk about the power of the whisper. This came up with me specifically when one of my friends, Denise, came up to me and said, “Chris, I admire what you’re doing in your business right now. It seems so amazing what you’re able to be up to. You’re always on top of it. You have perfect timing on how you do everything, and it seems great.” I laughed at that. I said, “I ever wish I was perfect and always on top of it.” Only sometimes do I feel that way. I’ve been feeling that way more lately, getting back on top, being a little bit more proactive, and forward-thinking into my vision again.

I said, “I’ll have to tell you, that’s not the case. Honestly, for me, it’s not that at all.” I’m listening to that small voice or whisperer. I thought about that. Somebody else also asked me, “You seemed like you were accomplishing so much lately. There are great people coming into your life right now. What are you doing?” I said, “Let me be honest. 1) God is my CEO. I’m a CMO, Chief Mouthpiece Officer. That’s one of the secrets. 2) I’ve turned up my passion by about 5% or 10%. That’s made a huge difference. When I speak, work, even when people don’t see me, turning up that passion dial has been huge.”

I want to focus on one of those points as being key for me. Listening to that whisperer, people will call these different things. I called it whisperer because I’m referring to sometimes you hear in Christian scriptures. I also have a friend named Glenn Morshower, who’s a famous Hollywood actor. He talks about the whisperer a lot. This can be interpreted in different ways, whether you’re a believer in God or anything for that matter. There are different ways that you might describe this. You might describe this as inspiration. I’ve heard some people describe this as downloads. I’ve heard Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, refer to this as infinite intelligence. I’m going to refer to this as the spirit of God. 

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We’re listening to the spirit. Whatever it is, this is what the whisperer is. However you describe it, and whatever source you claim it comes from, it’s pretty much the same source. I want to talk about this because I think it is key. I mentioned that God is my CEO is what I told this guy. By the way, I always get a bit nervous when I talk about that stuff because it’s very personal to me. I hold this very dear. I used to be an atheist, I almost became a Muslim when I was a teenager, and then I went more of the Christian route later on. I feel very vulnerable when I share these things because it does mean a lot to me.

There’s something very personal, but it’s a big part of my business. People ask, “What does this have to do with the money?” Everything with money has everything to do with your business. Even if you’re not in business, this has everything to do with your life. Listening to this whisperer is absolutely essential to success. Believe it or not, even when I was a stock coach, I used to disrupt some more on a mental level with people.

When I’d get to teach them a lot of the tools and tricks they need to know first for trading stocks and options, we would get to a point where I’d say, “We need to talk about something here. Listen to your gut feeling. If everything looks great, but something doesn’t feel right, follow it, and go with it. Whether you know it or not, it might be that your subconscious is seeing something that maybe you don’t see, or there’s something even deeper than that, trying to warn you of something. If you get a bad feeling or you start feeling doubts even though everything looks good, don’t do it. Even if things don’t look great and you go for it anyways, I wouldn’t recommend doing it.”

This is true. When I lost money ripples, I had a very strong impression about a month before I left my previous company to create Money Ripples. In fact, the name came to me early one morning while I was out for a jog and even went for a little walk. A lot of times, when I slowed down a little bit, I started walking and relaxing. That’s where my best ideas come from. That’s when the name Money Ripples came to my mind.

It was about 6:00 one morning, I was out for a run, and that stuck. I looked for all kinds of websites. I was looking at websites that are going to cost me $10,000 that had the words cashflow or something like that. When all of a sudden, I said, “Money Ripples.” When I looked it up, it’s $7 to $8 on GoDaddy available to be hosted and everything. I thought, “How cool is this? It’s available there.” It’s funny how many times I’ve had people say, “I liked that name. It creates a conscious and image for me that I like.”

MORI 36  | Power Of The Whisper
Power Of The Whisper: Really listen to your gut feeling. Even if everything looks great, but something doesn’t feel right to you, follow it. This works even vice versa.

I thought, “It’s not funny.” That was my vision of seeing the ripple effect going through people’s personal lives, communities, countries, and beyond. It’s making a worldwide impact, a ripple effect, and even across generations of families. I felt very fortunate to be able to do that. There have been a lot of things I felt very fortunate about, and people might even say I’m lucky with some of the things in my business. The people I’ve met and even those I’m meeting right now are the bigger game I keep playing all the time, especially when I feel ready for it. It’s amazing how that whisperer becomes louder.

This means everything. I mentioned not only the name Money Ripples, but my entire cashflow process happened while I was listening to that whisperer. The key thing is I didn’t stop there. I ran home. The big point with this is I don’t want you to be a hearer only. I want you to be a doer of this word or voice you hear. You can hear it as one thing, but that voice will get quieter the less you act upon it. The more you act upon it, the louder that voice gets. If you want that whisperer to become a little bit more predominant or obvious, you have to be willing to act and act quickly. If you don’t act on it, that voice will disappear.

I’m sure you’re like me sometimes when you say, “I had the best coolest idea earlier. I cannot remember what it was.” It’s because you didn’t capture it. You didn’t write it down and commit to it. There are even things I’ve written down but then didn’t do until later. For example, I created a Facebook page for my clients, and it’s so funny how I’m getting the community engagement I always wanted them to have with each other, and it’s happening now because of a Facebook group. It’s something I felt prompted to do and didn’t do because of its simplicity of it. It seems so simple and I can do it whenever. Finally, I delegated it to my assistant and said, “Can you create this page for me before I forget?”

I know I’m going to forget if I don’t act, so we created it. I went out of my clients into it, and now I’m loving it. Now, it was becoming one of my favorite pages on Facebook. It’s awesome to see when things like that come together. You can’t ignore it. It costs you so much money to ignore that voice or whisperer, whether it’s an inspiration, a download, infinite intelligence, or God. Whatever you call it, you must listen and be willing to do it. Let me give you a story. This is something that came to my mind. That’s why I felt prompted to do this show. I believe that potentially this whisper here might be for those of you reading this now. This might be the very thing you need to know.

This was a personal experience I had when I was in Southern California. I was with some friends. We went out to dinner. As we came back, we were beaten from the day because I’d spoken twice, and she did as well. I’m walking with her and her husband in the parking lot. She gets into her van, and I’m getting ready to go to my car. As she steps into the van, all of a sudden, I hear the sound click. I thought, “I know that sound.” Maybe you already know it too from hearing it. I came back and said, “Do you guys need to jump? Do you need your battery charged?”

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They said, “No, it’s not the battery. The battery is fine. It’s the starter that’s not working.” I thought, “I’ve been there before. That’s way more serious than the battery because the battery is easy to fix.” I believe it’s 8:00 on Saturday night, and no shops are open. We’re in the middle of the parking lot of a restaurant, and we’re stuck there. The husband pops open the hood and he’s looking at everything. He’s fiddling around with it and trying to see if he can get it working. He says, “Try it now.”

It’s the same thing. It clicks. He fiddles with a few more things, and he’s like, “Try it now.” You can see that it was getting a little bit more discouraging as the minutes went on. My friend, Jen, calls her husband over and says, “Can you come here for a second?” The hood was popped open, so I saw him go around, and he disappeared behind the hood because she was in the driver’s seat. He came over to see her. I know it was quiet for a second. As they were there, I had that impression, and that whisperer told me they were praying. I remember in the New Testament, the Bible, says, “When 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, I shall be with them,” or something to that effect.

I said, “There are two. Why not be a third?” I prayed and said, “I know there’s got to be an answer here. There’s no reason that I haven’t seen miracles. I saw some miracles myself to be able to go to California in the first place and the opportunity to speak. There was a miracle in and of itself. I know that this prayer is going to get answered.”

I said, “Let’s answer their prayers. Would you be so willing to do that?” As I got done praying to God, I sat there for a minute. All of a sudden, an image came to my mind of a fan that was in our house. We had a fan that, in the summertime, ran all night long. I’m a wuss when it comes to the heat. I do not like being hot. I’d rather freeze to death than fry, so I’ll have a fan usually running all night long. It drives my wife insane. I remember my kid’s fan. Eventually, when you run it so much, it gets sticky. We use WD40 to get it going. I’d even use things to poke through the back holes to get the fan moving in action.

A little trick I learned with the fan is that sometimes you turn it on and off at different speeds, and it can get moving a little bit easier. The image that comes to my mind with their starter is that it’s not turning over. It needs to be helped a little bit. I came around and said, “Try doing it in this succession. Turn it three times, and then turn it on.” She did. Their engine started to flare up and they thought it was miraculous. I thought, “That was pretty miraculous.” I realized pretty quickly that obviously, it wasn’t me. I’m very low on the man’s scale.

MORI 36  | Power Of The Whisper
Power Of The Whisper: If you keep trying to force thing to make things happen, it won’t work because you’re not listening. Sometimes it’s better to do the right thing and be productive rather than just trying to be busy.

I have very little to none when it comes to mechanical experience. It’s obviously not me. There’s nothing there, but the image in my head I truly believe came from a whisperer. It came in because of that. I bring that up because business, even with marketing and everything else, is so much the same way. When I do my marketing in my business, a lot of times, it’s not very calculated. It drives coaches nuts when they want to coach me. I do plan out a few things, and that’s true, but other times I feel prompted to do something. I go in and I do it, and it works. Sometimes I do things. I try to force it, and it doesn’t work because I’m not listening.

I’m trying to force and make things happen. Sometimes it’s better to do the right thing to be productive rather than trying to be busy. I’ve seen that power work over and over. Some of you even saw a blog post I did where I did a blog post on Y2K 15. After I wrote that, this was right before the market started tanking for that one week, and then in the next week or two, it came back up and then started hitting record highs again. It’s funny because people were talking about it as much. I’m still thinking and talking about it all the time because the more the stock market goes up, the more I say, “We’re going to see Y2K 15 happen again, more so than ever.”

It gives me a little bit giddy, not of where people get in trouble or lose money, but because of what I felt impressed to do. That was more of an impression I felt as I was discussing and talking with a guy in my company. As we were talking about that, it came to my mind. Again, another impression when I saw the stock chart and I said, “The market has been up for almost six years in a row. It’s bound to go down.” I have no clue exactly how it will do that. I don’t know when or any of those things, but I have faith that I wrote that article and did an episode on it for that very reason.

Come what may, we’ll see. Even after this episode, we may not even know what unfolds after this. I’m okay with that because as I’ve listened to that whisperer or voice and acted upon it, amazing things happened that have allowed me to bless a lot of people’s lives. There are ways that I know I’m blessing people’s lives. I don’t even recognize or realize it. I’m grateful for that too. I know there are many ways that you are doing the same. I’m sure there are people’s lives that you are a blessing, helping and answering prayers in many cases for people that you don’t even know about. It helps, especially when you show up. You’re willing to listen to that whisperer and act.

You’ll notice that this is not a success principle when it comes to your business, but it is something successful for your life. When you do this, you’ll start to realize you’re happier and more powerful, especially when you’re looking to bless people’s lives. You live to lead, guide, influence, heal, help, and serve. All these things can show up more powerfully when you listen to this whisperer. This is when you stop going from being very busy and trying to run around and figure out how to make things happen because, all of a sudden, you’re now being productive. One of the best productivity tips is listening to this whisperer and acting upon it.

That’s what I have to leave for you. I’m not going to make this long. It’s short and sweet, and I hope that it makes a huge impact on your lives. I truly challenge you to start listening, connecting, and getting yourself in alignment so that you can hear it better every day. I nor anyone else can stop you from being successful both in life and in business if you do this very thing. Be sure to listen to that whisperer and act upon it. Talk to you later, have a prosperous week.

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