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Hear From People Just Like You That Now Have Their Money Working For Them

Chris Miles of Money Ripples really understands the needs of Chiropractors. He is a regular wellness oriented patient and has worked with more Chiropractors than any financial expert that I know of.

Chris can help you free up cash to help build your dream life, with less stress, and worry than any other program. His team is top notch and also understands Chiropractors' needs. I think every chiropractor should understand the Money Ripples program.

Chris Moore DC, Pleasant Grove, UT

"Chris was great to work with, his breadth of knowledge is impressive, and his positive attitude is infectious.

Since I started getting out of the stock market and doing creative/alternative investing, I have felt somewhat isolated, and frankly, a bit lonely and unsure of myself, as my former traditional financial advisor was of no use. It was great to have someone like Chris who understands investing in real assets, and investing for cash flow. he was there to confirm what we're doing right and point out what could be done better. Plus, besides being an expert on the nuts and bolts of cash flow investing, and all things financial, he also focuses on a healthy attitude and lifestyle, and reminds us to never forget the big picture."

Drew M. from South Carolina

I've known Chris for many years and have watched him build successful high-end personal and financial coaching programs for other companies that produced results that I have not seen anyone else duplicate. When he decided to open his own company I was the first one in line.

The results of only the first 6 months of his coaching, we reached a high water financial mark I've been striving for 20 yrs where we freed up over $2,200 per month and have significant savings. If you looking for someone to do it for you, then don't hire Chris. If you want to learn, are willing to put in the effort, and have all the support needed, my recommendation is to hire Chris Miles.

Jeff & Deby P., UT, Sales/Business Financing

We loved working with Chris on our financial matters. Our weekly call was always fun and we took something away each and every time. We had never been great with our finances and Chris helped us learn how to look at our cash flow, giving us tools to use in analyzing our spending and our debt.

We were surprised at how comprehensive the information Chris taught us was. This is one of the things we value most. Chris helped us look at not only just our finances but also our insurance to make sure we were well protected. With our financial security elements in place we are able to focus our energies on what we do best — building our business.

Cory & AnaMarie S, Washington, Entrepreneurs

Through this process is when I realized how important you were to Tom and me. Every phone call was a new thought and new teaching. From those phone calls were so much excitement and motivation, manifestation.

We are so happy we were able to reach out to you and know we can continue our future with your knowledge. Your expertise has changed our lives because with financial stability and confidence comes a lot of personal freedom and life.

Tom & Brigitte M., Chiropractor, New Jersey

If you, your company, or organization are able to secure Chris as a speaker I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do anything and everything you can to jump all over that opportunity!

Chris will… make difficult financial concepts appear so very simple, clear, and easy to understand, and on top of all of that, he will make you laugh (a lot) as he entertains you!

Brandon D. Byrge,

After 5 months of working with Chris/Money Ripples I was surprised to see that my net worth had increased by $50k. In addition to increasing my net worth, Chris also put me in touch with finance professionals who helped me put proper estate planning and insurance in place. I'm in a much better financial position now than I was before.

Jarom Smith, (Utah)

It seemed as though we had our finances in somewhat of an order; however we wanted to learn more and didn't know where to start. We always seemed to have money when we needed it although living paycheck to paycheck was our way of life….

We started to panic when we lost an income in this ever changing economy, wondering what we were going to do to keep our house and our lifestyle in its current state… he showed us some techniques we used immediately that freed up more than $1300 per month, paying off $12,000 in debt. We view money in a completely different way now and we are more at ease with our present situation… It has been a pleasure working with you.

Aaron & Stacy A, Utah

We feel guided, supported and totally engaged working with Chris Miles. His approach is educational and tactical for results NOW. We have reclaimed $2,307 per month within the first 90 days of working together so far.

His meeting style is very practical and focuses on what the client needs most in their own development- as opposed to many counterparts who focus on what their own agenda needs to serve up, Chris goes above and beyond and provides the support where it is needed and will make the most impact the fastest. I highly recommend Money Ripples to any entrepreneur who is needing to plan for and attain the next level of success.

Alissa Bickar, Biz Coach,,  (NY)

Chris Miles and Money Ripples is an amazing program! He really knows his stuff and has made a huge difference for me and my family. I highly recommend his program!

Chris & Corey M, Chiropractor, Utah

I had gotten us into over $100K worth of credit card debt and I was desperate, to say the least. I thought we were going to have to file bankruptcy and that just devastated me.

However, with the [Cash Flow] Optimization Process and a lot of help from Dale and Chris, I was able to see that we were not as bad off as I thought.

Dale showed me how to leverage some of the assets we have to turn a negative cash flow of over $6,700 a month into a positive cash flow of $4,100 in one month! And by the end of the next 30 days, all of the credit cards will be paid in full (and, yes! I am closing and shredding the cards on all but two accounts).

With Chris' continued coaching, I am developing a plan that will ensure true wealth in all areas of our lives - spiritual, physical, mental, social/family, and financial. I have finally discovered what I just love to do and Chris is helping me to stay on track in growing that into a business that will allow me use my unique gifts, talents and abilities to create value in the world and prosper financially at the same time. Gotta love it!

Lynn F, Maine

I was so fortunate to have Chris Miles as my financial coach and money mentor. Chris was very knowledgeable and passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners save more and keep more of their hard earned money. Chris had helped me save over $1,000 a month on insurance premiums and hundreds more on other investments. I highly recommend his service to any business owner who seeks financial freedom, work less and keep more.

Jerry K, Entrepreneur, Utah

Most people will talk about all the money they saved in response to their interaction with Chris Miles. Not that they shouldn't, but there is much more than that.

Not only did Chris free up hundreds of dollars a month for our family, he changed our perception of cash flow in just 3 1/2 months. This perception change will save us hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout our working lives! This may seem unrealistic, but when you factor in the savings of increased wages over time, immense amounts of money saved on taxes and the knowledge of opportunity cost of cash, cash spent vs cash leveraged, I have no doubt that Chris will find, save, and grow thousands of dollars for you and your family as well.

Eric Wilkins, (Insurance Agent)

I've known Chris Miles since 2007, when he first helped us find a number of unexpected money leaks in our business. We've thoroughly enjoyed working with him, because Chris is one who truly cares, and who is really good at what he does. He is a great teacher, a great coach, operates on principles, builds long-lasting relationships and helps you build toward greater success in the future. I would strongly recommend Chris and his services to help you achieve your personal and business goals.


Leslie Householder, author of The Jackrabbit Factor and Portal to Genius

Chris is not like any other money expert I have met! IN JUST ONE HOUR, Chris Miles successfully and masterfully changed my entire mindset and understanding of money in such a way that it changed my entire life, and I have over 16 years of professional experience dealing with money!
He truly has a passion for what he does and he honestly cares for the happiness and well being of others! He is also very charismatic, optimistic, never criticizing anyone for their misconceptions or lack of knowledge, and he is the type of guy that everyone wants to be around!

Chris is not just a naturally talented and highly gifted teacher, presenter, and expert on life and money, but he is also very entertaining, extremely funny, and he makes learning about money a very fun experience! Chris truly brings the total package to the table!

Brandon Byrge, (

What Chris teaches in his money principles has impacted my life, my business, my marriage and my confidence in building a fulfilling and wealthy future. Until recently my money habit was a dangerous combination: Avoider & Spender. With Chris' support and teaching I've learned how to become a better steward of my money and being an entrepreneur this skill was previously a big profit leak in my business.

Additionally, my husband and I are more on the same page about money than we ever have been and now have "our" money goals instead of mine and his. Just learning Chris' Cash Flow Index alone created so much freedom in our financial freedom plan in addition to paying down the right debt quickly. Chris and the experts he has are innovative and empowering, the two qualities that are necessary to build true wealth that lasts.

Angella Johnson, Marketing Strategist for Coaches,

I was faced with a significant drop in income due to a new business venture, and my monthly expenses weren't going anywhere. I was beginning to accumulate credit card debt just to get by every month. By changing just a few things in my cash flow that I would have never seen on my own, [I] was able to free up $400-$500 each month. To be honest, I didn't think this was possible. The day after our meeting, I was able to completely pay off one of my credit cards in full! And at the time of writing this, I am almost done paying off a second credit card.

I am mentally free to focus on growing my business without constantly worrying about debt, and I received the valuable education we are all looking for. I am recommending…to all of my friends, family, and clients. Everyone will benefit from this!

Nate G, Arizona
I want to give a huge thank you to Chris Miles and his company, Money Ripples. Working with him as a client, I knew he could teach valuable principles of business and finance when I asked him to speak for my district meeting of the NY Chiropractic Council. However, I didn’t know how much he was going to give.

During the meeting, normally members are soaking up the information from our speaker. Not during Chris’s presentation. There was mass writing of pens and pencils as valuable information that could change their lives personally was being given. One member commented, "Thank you Bryan for having Chris speak, it is not one of the topics we usually have but I am so glad to learn what he could give."

If you want to learn how to grow your business in a healthy way or how to improve your cash flow, Chris is your man.

Dr. Bryan Ludwig, District 6 President New York Chiropractic Council

My husband and I started working with Chris Miles in February after we attended his Wealth Empowerment Intensive. At that time, I was extremely stressed out about our money situation. I was trying everything in my power to make extra money and getting nowhere but further in debt.

After only 2 months of working with Chris and his strategies, we had increased our monthly cash flow by more than $4,100.00 per month. WOW, the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders and I could now breathe knowing that we have enough cash flow to pay all our bills and have over $4,100.00 left over at the end of the month.

Thank you Chris for the work that you do and the passion you have for the work that you do!! You are amazing!

Paula & Craig M, (hauling biz & employee in UT)

We were making money but losing it even faster. We needed help! Since hiring Money Ripples, our personal and business expenses are finally separate, and we have a plan to address our debt/cash flow problems…we expect over $40,000 in savings this year.

Vaughn & Gail B., (NYC)

My husband and I were using $2,500 in credit cards and lines of credits every month just to survive, with no end in sight. Through the financial principles and sound money management counseling we received, we were able to free up $960/month in our business and $1,228/month in our personal lives, as well as pay off over $15,000 in credit cards and car loans. Having this much money freed up on a monthly basis gives me a much more positive outlook towards our personal finances, and gives me a safer feeling. …We feel much more confident in our ability to control our finances. Thank so much.

Mary C, Utah

In December of last year I was in a serious car accident. I was in the hospital for over a week (which included 5 days in the ICU) and had to have 3 major surgeries. The other driver had no insurance. From this I have learned that broken bones heal, but the stress of not having our finances in order not only hurts more, but lasts longer.
How I wish I could have attended the “Fire Your Financial Advisor” seminar before all of this! This workshop was amazing! It goes over so many things to help you save money and protect your family. Because of all my medical bills (and previous credit card debt), we had no idea how much money was coming in or going out. Through this class, we learned how to track our money every month with the [Cash Flow] Optimizer. We went from a negative cash flow of $3800.00 a month, to a positive cash flow of over $1200.00 in only three months! Thank you Dale & Chris for this wealth of information!!

Heather H, Utah

"I came to Chris initially to work on building on my team (CPAs, attorneys, etc), fortifying my legal structure, and set up a personal banking system. Although we didn't have any money leaks, Chris did help us find unique opportunities to leverage our current assets and significantly increase our monthly cash flow... replacing my income and part of my husband's. I can't tell you how much of a relief it was that we followed his advice, because 3 months later, I suddenly was laid off. Instead of panicking, I was able to CHOOSE what I wanted to do (if anything) and still know I could provide for my family and build our future!"

Whitney E (from Colorado)

Chris has completely transformed what we thought was possible in the financial realm of our life. He has helped accelerate our dreams and calm our fears.

Chris is a "there is no box," sharp and resourceful individual who does what he loves and loves what he does.

His advice has paid for itself many times over. I can tell you first hand that Chris ROCKS... he has saved us literally thousands and thousands of dollars per year (probably when we are old and retired looking back he will have saved us MILLIONS - and I am NOT KIDDING!! Thank you!

Andy & Mindy Kuecher , Chiropractor (Brainerd, MN)

Discover how Money Ripples can revolutionize your financial future. Whether you’re seeking personalized advice to maximize savings, interested in generating more passive income, or looking to book Chris as a speaker for your next event, the Money Ripples team is ready to assist. They’ve helped countless individuals and businesses achieve financial freedom and growth. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your finances. Reach out through their contact page and take the first step towards a more prosperous life.