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MORI 37 | Signature Move

Do you know what YOUR “signature move” is? How do you discover what that is so you can serve hundreds, if not millions, of people?

Jason Hewlett, entertainer, speaker, and all-around awesome guy will be teaching you how to do just that!

Tune in to hear Jason teach you how you can use your signature moves to create the life & business that you want!

Jason Hewlett Bio

The Award-Winning One-Man Show of Jason Hewlett The Entertainer will have you laughing until it hurts. Comedy, Music, Impressions, and Standing Ovations make Jason the perfect choice for your entertainment needs. His brand of Hilarious G-Rated Entertainment is unlike anything your audience has ever enjoyed. Over 2,000 shows for more than 1 Million audience members in his incredible corporate career make Jason’s show the event your attendees will remember for years to come. He is also a very talented and funny emcee and professional speaker.

Chris Miles Bio

Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert,” is a leading authority showing entrepreneurs and their spouses how to quickly free up and create cash flow and lasting wealth TODAY spending time doing what they love most! He has been featured in US News, CNN Money,, interviewed internationally on TV & radio, and has a high reputation with his company, Money Ripples ( getting his clients fast, life-altering financial results.


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Finding Your Signature Move W/ Guest Jason Hewlett

I’m so excited to have you here and excited to have our guest, Jason Hewlett whom we’ll bring on. To remind you of the whole purpose of this show is that we’re all about how to create that life of freedom, a life that you love and to create that life now. It’s all about creating that cashflow and that life, both with your money, your business and everything you do in your life to enrich your life and make it better, not hoping and praying for something and 30,000 to 40,000 years from now. It’s all about now.

Remember to check out our website, We got great blogs, podcasts, recordings that I’ve put up, webinars and things like that. Check those out. Lots of great free information you can take advantage of and step up your game, both financially and everywhere, especially in your money and your business.

I’m going to bring on here, Jason Hewlett. Some of you, I bet might know this guy because he’s pretty freaking awesome. As I mentioned all the time when I bring on guests, I only bring on a few guests a month and when I do, I make sure they’re not posers. They’re the real deal. These are not people that are fluffy and don’t live what they preach. These are always people that do what they say they’re going to do and they get results. That’s exactly what I want for you.

I’ve known Jason since 2008. We’ve known each other. We met through mutual friends and be able to meet with him and Tami and be able to get to know them well. Jason is not just an outstanding entertainer, comedian, humorous, whatever you call them or even a keynote speaker. The guy is incredible. His impressions are amazing. If you go to YouTube, you should check him out. He’s got some incredible stuff but from a real personal standpoint of knowing him, he’s got the biggest heart in the world.

He’s amazing. I love him. He’s got a great message and he makes you laugh your pants off if that’s possible. I brought him on because there’s so much depth to Jason. There are no limits. I invite you to check out his website, He’s a very funny, amazing and powerful person to know and his stuff. Jason, welcome to the show.

Thanks, Chris. Can you be my manager?

You bet.

It’s the best intro I’ve ever had. I’m going to replace my mom and my dad with you. They used to say the nicest things. Now, you did so thank you.

I haven’t quite given birth to you. I don’t think I ever take it to that level but you’re welcome.

You rebirthed my belief in my career. Thank you.

It’s such a privilege to have you on our show because you’re a busy guy. You’re speaking all over the place. You’re entertaining, speaking and everywhere. Knowing you professionally and personally, this is a very big privilege to have you on. Thank you so much for being here.

Thanks for having me. I’m excited about all the things you’re doing. You’re an incredible inspiration to me as well. Part of my goal every day is to wake up, check my Facebook and see what Chris Miles is up to so I can try to keep up.

The best part of waking up is a little bit Chris in your cup, is that what it is?

Partnership is the new leadership. Have teachers and mentors that can make you feel unique. Click To Tweet

Exactly. It goes for miles and miles.

Let’s start. Tell our readers a little bit more about yourself. How did you become Jason Hewlett?

What’s funny to people is that as an impressionist, I’m doing other people’s voices all the time and so people are surprised to find out that I have my own. I found out when I was young that I was different from everyone else. On the first day of school, I got on the bus and had a bigger mouth than everybody else. I could do things with my face and my voice. I made people laugh right from the get-go. That was my thing. It got me in trouble though. The first realization of who I was was that I was in trouble and I was not very smart compared to everyone else in my class.

I had to learn quickly how to fail enough to figure out what I was good at. I wrote a book a couple of years ago and finally, I finished it. It’s taken me a long time to finish this book it’s called Signature Moves. I talk about the secrets to discovering that thing that makes you different, creating a niche for yourself and becoming invaluable.

Within the book, I talked about how often I failed at things and how terrible I was at school and behaving in class. The only thing I was good at was making people laugh. Fortunately for me, I had teachers, mentors and those types of people that leveraged that and allowed me to use it as a tool. From then on, I continued to struggle to be quiet but I became more of a partner with the teacher rather than a student teacher. It was an interesting combination.

A friend of ours, Tide Bennett talks about partnership as the new leadership and I liked that. I became partners with a lot of my teachers and eventually became the Student Body President of my school. I believe that because I had teachers that believed in me and in other words, mentors, they changed my whole life. They saw in me things I didn’t realize were unique. That’s how it all began, Chris.

It’s those little things that matter. It’s those little shifts and people that may inspire you along the way that helps hone in on what you do.

I remember watching great actors on TV or listening to great music and trying to do those voices or mimic somebody better than me. Some of the principles for your readers that would be valuable is the importance of discovering yourself. A lot of the time, we don’t see what’s unique about ourselves for some reason because it’s so ingrained within us that it’s who we are. We don’t see that we stand out.

MORI 37 | Signature Move
Signature Move: A lot of the times, you don’t see what’s unique about yourself. It’s so ingrained within you can’t see it. That is why you need to surround yourself with people who can see what makes you stand out.

Surround ourselves with people such as our friends. My friends that I’ve gathered along the way, parents, siblings and spouses, those types of people can help you discover what makes you unique, special, amazing and different. When you get those mentors that say, “You need to do that thing again that you did that was so amazing,” you say, “That wasn’t amazing. I just did it.”

When I watch my accountant work, I go, “How do you do this so well?” He asked me, “How do you perform so well?” He doesn’t ever want to be on a stage like I don’t ever want to try to do my taxes. We let each other succeed by supporting one another. It’s like what you do with planning and all these motivational and empowering awesome things that you do. You help people discover how to have freedom in their time, life and relationships. It’s not just about money. You’ve created your niche and do it with a friendly flare.

A lot of the financial planners I’ve run into are downers. I’m sorry. That’s something that makes you extraordinarily different. What made me different was being able to do the voices of other people to figure out my own. As odd as that may sound. If we’ve looked back on some of the great artists of all time, Michelangelo copied DaVinci down to Van Gogh and other people. These guys all mimic each other until they came up with their move and signature setup.

If you see a Salvador Dali painting or M.C. Escher, you don’t even need to see their signature at the bottom because they’ve all got their signature move painted throughout that whole piece. Michael Jackson didn’t come up with the sound of Michael Jackson. He listened to Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson. He tried to mimic those people and eventually, he became the greatest entertainer in the world. He watched the dance moves of James Brown and people dancing in the streets of Harlem on the city corners and he created from that the moonwalk, which was his signature move.

By watching the people around us and taking it all in, I call it mimicking the masters and having mentors. Hopefully, we all have those, especially those that are reading. What you’re doing, you’re a mentor to the people reading. You mentor me and I sometimes maybe mentor you in some ways. It’s a good give and take.

It’s taking what you know, being who you are, taking the best of it and turning that volume up. Make it better. I watched a movie about Michael Jackson with our family several times. It was a big epiphany for me that changed even how I see this conversation. Somebody in there said, “Michael Jackson wasn’t a singer that could dance. He was a dancer that could sing.” That’s what made him so unique. He could sing but he was a dancer first and foremost. The singing was the party on top of it and that’s what he added to it and made it his own and made it memorable.

If there’s an entrepreneur that’s reading, somebody who’s saying to themselves, “I’m a good salesperson but I’m a terrible manager of my office,” the question is, “Can you get to the place where you can sell and hire the right people around you, whether it’s a VA, a Virtual Assistant on the side or somebody full-time?” Allowing the people that are good at what they do to do what they do, utilizing them and their talents, rather than you slaving away at the accounting side, management side and the details, you need to go out and sell.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom who’s trying to create her business, do those things that you’re best at. Find the opportunities. Unfortunately, what happens is our days get gobbled up by the details and by other people’s needs. What if we create this place for ourselves to do what we’re best at? That’s something I’ve been working at creating for a long time.

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I finally do have an office with about twelve independent contractors who work with me on a part-time basis but they’re all on monthly retainers. That’s changed my whole to allow me to be what I’m best at, which is not a business owner, a manager or a sales guy but an artist. I am an artist first and foremost. I found out through the years that when people would hire me to do a show, the reason they hired me was that I was going to deliver a show that was G-rated, family-friendly and was a Las Vegas Comedy act. I don’t know that many people have found that tight of a niche. I created that because I noticed there was a segment missing in the market for it and people were hungry for it. Upon finding out that people wanted that more, I became more successful.

You had people that were naysayers about that too, didn’t you?

Yes, from the beginning. Back in 2000 was my first show. Within three years, I was being offered a Las Vegas contract that would make anybody drool. The guy said to me, “You’re great. You’re going to be the next big star. I would love to give you millions of dollars but you need to change your act.” I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “Our audience expects some adult-type show.” I said, “My show is geared towards families.” He said, “That’s fine and dandy for your thing here if you want to do that but to be with us, you need to do something a little bit more interesting for the audience.” We could not agree on that.

I’m walking away from millions of dollars because I’d rather sleep at night knowing that I was doing what I was supposed to do. I set out to do something extraordinary, which was a family-friendly show. It was Las Vegas quality. Unfortunately, the money was a little bit tight at that point but I feel that through the years, I’ve made up for it by doing corporate events. I get to go, speak, be a master of ceremonies and talk at schools. It’s very cool to create the career and existence you want.

My kids are huge adoring fans of yours. When they knew that I knew Jason Hewlett, they freaked out. They’re like, “You know him?” I was like, “I know him.” It’s funny when I bring up Michael Jackson they’ll say, “Michael Jackson copied Jason Hewlett, right?” They saw your dance moves of Michael Jackson first. I showed him tons of Michael Jackson videos and Weird Al. Let’s admit it. You got to have both but they’re still like, “Who taught who?” They see both of you as being geniuses and amazing at what you do.

That’s very funny. I appreciate that but it also scares me. I might get electrocuted for that but that’s very kind of you. I have four kids. Like you, they’re very young, excited and impressionable. What’s funny is when they hear a song that I do in my show, they figure it’s me. When they hear it on CD or the radio, they flip out and think it’s me. I tell them, “Wait a minute. That’s daddy doing that guy’s voice.” They can’t believe that. It’s very funny. They don’t seem to understand but that’s the power of discovering that you can do something well.

At the same time, I’ll never be able to recreate what Michael Jackson could do with the moonwalk. I can do it close but I could never do it perfectly like him. He’ll always do it better. That’s what’s beautiful about a signature move. Everybody has 1, 2, 5 or 10, depending on how hard you work or what you’ve been blessed with. I love that your kids said that’s very funny.

You brought something to mind. I come up with a lot of questions and things that I have you speak on that I didn’t intend initially but that’s coming out. What role would you say passion has to do with this? I’ve noticed you and watched you rehearse and get ready to perform. There’s a huge desire for mastering it. You want to make it perfect. Maybe almost too perfect sometimes.

MORI 37 | Signature Move
Signature Move: Michael Jackson could do the moonwalk better than anyone else. People can come close to perfecting it, but Michael Jackson will always do it better. That’s the beautiful thing about a signature move.

That can drive you crazy to the point that some people want it so perfect that they don’t ever finish it. For example, my book. It took me almost ten years to finish because I was so worried about it being perfect. It never will be. Unfortunately, people die with the music or the arts still inside of them because they’re so worried about perfectionism.

I appreciate the thought on mastery. I tried very hard to master these impressions. The challenge that I face is that somebody’s judging my performance off of music they’ve potentially heard for 30 years since they were a little child, ingrained into their brain as to what a Michael Jackson, Elvis or Elton John might sound like from a perfect recorded studio and I’m doing it live for one minute.

I have to recreate something very timed out and as perfect as possible. It’s fun to try it but I do have a certain amount of passion that drives that. It is to make sure the audience enjoys it and escapes to that place where they can say, “Wow. I saw something special and I’ll remember that.” It makes them laugh. That’s cool.

I was going to ask you, what’s your ultimate goal with every audience?

To make them feel good, in my way. You can feel good doing a lot of things. I have my way of making them feel happy and high as a kite. It’s my way of being either a doctor or a drug dealer. I tried my darndest to make people smile and walk away. Rather than be happy, I want them to feel inspired and go away considering what makes them great and different and help their children see what makes them different. If they’re in a work environment, help the people that they work with discover those strengths that they maybe haven’t been utilizing as well.

To have the gal that’s answering the phone for you, who should not be talking to people perhaps or the person that shouldn’t be answering emails and talking to people. There are little roles that we can all do as managers and in Corporate America and help those people that are good at something, in particular, and hone that craft. We can help people discover their signature moves by pointing them out and saying, “That’s amazing you did that.” They go, “No, it’s not.” “Yes, it is. Do it again.” That’s how we help someone else create their signature with our passion for them to succeed.

You’ve had a lot of mentors along the way. Tell people a little bit about your experience when you finally left Vegas because you were doing Impressions. That was the name of the show, correct?

It was called Legends in Concert. I was Ricky Martin for all nine months of his career. I was Elton John for about a year as well. I got to do these two impersonations of these guys and it was very cool. I left Vegas.

People die with the music or the arts still inside of them because they're so worried about perfection. Click To Tweet

There were some naysayers along the way that said that you would never get better than where you were at, correct?

Yes. With that show, that was pretty much the top of the heap for an impersonator somebody that does a character. They said, “If you leave this job, you’re pretty much quitting the best job you’ll ever have as an entertainer.” I was making $1,500 a week doing this Vegas show. It was very good money at the time. All these other guys were thrilled with what they were making. I thought, “I do 100 voices. I don’t want to do two and I’m Ricky Martin. I’m not Jason Hewlett doing all these other things.”

I left and they told me I’d be back and I never went back. I created a one-man show that I hadn’t seen anyone else do other than maybe my hero, Danny Gans, Gordie Brown or some of those local Vegas guys. I said, “I want to show like that then I’ll be a headliner.” I quickly went from $1,500 a week doing the Ricky Martin and Elton John thing to leaving my corporate job and making $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 a night doing corporate events. It’s pretty cool.

In that process, I imagine you probably didn’t know all of your signature moves. You were still in that process of discovery and trying to hone it and make it better. The story I’d love for you to share with our readers is a time when you made that leap or jump and then you’re trying to figure out what to do and you’re at a point where you don’t have that comfort of the corporate job anymore. You then get an invite from your dad to go to Montana. Would you mind sharing that story?

I can’t believe you remember that. I got an invite to go do a birthday party for my dad’s friend. The guy had no money for me. I drove eight hours from Salt Lake City up to Montana with my wife hoping that we could make my dad feel happy that I did this show for this guy at a country club. I did the show and I did my best. I did 35 to 50 impressions of Billy Joel, Jim Carrey, a velociraptor from Jurassic Park and the chipmunks. I did my whole act. When I was done, he came up and threw his arms around me. It was his 50th birthday party. He was thrilled that his friends could see it. He said, “I’m going to help you get some work.” I said, “That’s nice.” I figured he was lying because that’s pretty much what happened all the time. I did other free shows.

I got a call from him a couple of weeks later. He turns out to be a member of the National Petroleum Association for oil and gas companies. He referred me to this group. It was one of my first paid gigs. From that gig, I got a standing ovation as usual. All of a sudden, I got 4 or 5 other gigs from oil companies. The next thing within three months I’m performing for one company, in particular, Sinclair Oil Company, which is a big company out in the West. The owners are multibillionaires and very dear friends, the Holding family. They took my wife and me on their Gulf Stream jet all over the country, performing private parties for all their friends and companies. It was a miracle.

It all came out of a free show. The point for that is if you have something you do well, do it often. Do it even when someone’s not willing to pay you because if you can bless someone’s life, I truly believe whether it’s the universe or God, whatever your belief is, it will come back. We reap what we sow. These people hired me for event after event and it started my corporate career.

I was wondering how it was going to make it after leaving that corporate job. The next thing I know, I’m performing all over the world for thousands of dollars per night with happy audiences and standing ovations. I found my niche. I was a G-rated entertainer doing corporate events and holiday parties. These people used me as their guy. It was amazing. That was the beginning of this whole thing.

MORI 37 | Signature Move
Signature Move: If you have something you do well, do it often. Do it even when someone’s not willing to pay you. Because if you can bless someone’s life, the universe will find a way to it repay you back.

Isn’t it amazing how this 1 show and this 1 person made such a big difference?

One person makes all the difference. I use a lot of my clients and I hate to use the word use but it’s true. I use them as my agents. In essence, nothing can come from them other than, “This guy is amazing. You need to check him out.” That’s a lot better than coming from me. If it came from me, it’s bragging but from them it’s proof. I love when they refer me and I let them. You remember that story. That’s cool.

That story is powerful because a lot of times people see that Jason Hewlett of today but Jason Hewlett wasn’t always Jason Hewlett. It was how you showed up that made all the difference. It’s how you try to create value. It wasn’t like you made it overnight. It took a lot of time to create that overnight success.

In the song, The Traveling Man, I might be an overnight sensation someday after all of these years of work. It does take somebody else to believe in you but you have to deliver. You can’t show up for a free show, expecting a handout. You have to give your all and everything every time. I learned that through doing a lot of shows in Las Vegas for people that didn’t care and clapped that got free tickets and didn’t even want to be there. They wouldn’t even smile.

Sometimes we’d have audiences of ten people. Other times, an audience of 1,000. It’s pretty hard to play. You’re all out to an audience of 10 people and 1,000 seats empty theater but those 10 people took the time to come. I gave them a show and they’re going to walk away and go, “Wow, that was great.” That leads to something eventually. It led to my career being successful. Thank goodness.

I love that because if it weren’t for that, I don’t know if we would’ve met.

I would love it if your readers would be interested in some of the things that I have. I have a book and DVD. They’re all on the website. You’ve enjoyed it with your family.

We love it. We keep bragging to our friends about it. You got to watch this guy, “Who is he?” We’re like, “Trust us. Watch it. You’ll love him.” You have a special offer for our guests.

MORI 37 | Signature Move
Signature Moves

This is only for the people in my newsletter but I’m happy to extend it to your readers. If they’d like to go to my website, which is, if they go to the shop or the store, they can get the DVD or my book at 25% off. All they have to do is enter the coupon code XMAS25. Also, in the 2 for 1 combo pack, if you want to get the book and the DVD, the coupon code is XMASCOMBO. If you want to put that in, you’ll get a great deal. I’d love for your readers and associates to share that around. It would be fun to have some people light up with joy and happiness on a Christmas morning as they open their stockings full of Jason Hewlett stuff.

Trust me, if you want to put a big smile on people’s faces and share that around, it’s worth it. You’ll give a gift that nobody else is expecting, which is great. We’ve played the DVD for our neighbors in the garage. We’ve done like little neighborhood parties where we’ll put a movie on the garage and one night we said, “Let’s do Jason Hewlett. This is too good to not do.” Kids and adults love it. If I’ve got 5 kids between the ages of 2 and 10 craving for it and want to see him, that show is great. I’m grateful that you weren’t perfectionistic to the point that you didn’t produce that DVD. I’m so grateful you did.

You’re funny in saying that because it took me thirteen years to produce that video. I feel like that show probably could not have gotten better. I’m doing a new show because I thought, “I’ve got that one down. Let’s record it. Offer it to some people and then I’m going to start a new one.” I’ve got a new show coming out. Hopefully, the DVD will be done soon.

You’re speaking to different groups. What groups are you speaking to? If somebody wanted to book you, what groups would you be doing?

I’m still trying to figure out what that niche is, to be honest with you. I wish I could be the guy that says, “I come in and speak to everybody,” but I don’t know if that would be the right answer. The audiences I prefer to speak to companies would be multilevel marketing especially. I live in Utah so a lot of these companies have hired me as their MC or entertainment. I like to come in and help entrepreneurs discover that thing that makes them unique and then I’ll come in and talk about that.

I also do a talk called Head to Heart, which is a system created by Johnny Covey of the Covey family. He’s an incredible creator and a speaker as well. I’m a certified Head to Heart trainer. What I do is I come in and teach the people how to get out of their heads into their hearts and how to get out of those blockages of being able to sell or being able to have the life they want to create and going for it. I can do a combination of Signature Moves or Head to Heart and a couple of other talk titles but I do like to speak to sales guys and management, those sorts of groups.

I’ve heard your stuff, it’s awesome. It’s great. I love it. Jason, thank you so much for being on the show. I appreciate having you on. It’s such a pleasure and an honor to have you on the show.

I’m honored to be your friend. I appreciate all you do. You make the world a better place so it’s good to be associated with Chris Miles. Thanks.

You bet. To the rest of you, thank you so much. I hope you enjoy this interview and take it to heart and apply this in your lives because when you start to apply this and put action, that’s when the real results happen. That’s when this goes from dreaming to doing. Everybody, check out Be sure to read next time as we come back for another episode. Have a great day.

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