Our Programs

Our Programs


For those looking to “find money” in their current situation

What do we mean by “finding cash”?

Well, we all have money leaks in our monthly finances. The easy things to spot are subscriptions we aren’t using or maybe services we are spending too much on, but there are SO MANY other ways we can find money in our current situations.

Check out our course to learn more.

For those wanting to take the DIY approach to passive investing


Our Wealth Accelerator Academy is more than a passive investing course, it is an interactive, DIY program.

Our course alone offers 40+ lessons on how to start passive investing while providing tools to help you do due diligence and analyze your current situation.

Monthly group coaching calls are also included, connecting you DIRECTLY to our coaches.

This program is by far the best “bang for your buck” if you are ready to start making your first passive investments.

Click here to learn more about our group coaching program.

If you are looking for one-on-one coaching, please check out our Strategic Consulting Program.

It is a robust program that builds education and a toolbox to set you up for financial freedom.

Our coaches are available to you 24/7, you get access to a community of your peers, and we create your investing game plan, so you are set up for success!


Are you here to find a different type of savings account?

Perhaps Infinite Banking is for you.