The ONE Thing to Make More Money in Less Time with Your Business with Michael Marcial

The ONE Thing to Make More Money in Less Time with Your Business with Michael Marcial

If there’s one thing that’s keeping you from getting more clients and making more revenue, wouldn’t you want that thing out of your way? One thing that almost, if not all of us struggle with is getting those tasks we don’t need to be doing off our plates and that’s what today’s special guest, Michael Marcial, is an expert with.

Michael is a long time entrepreneur and has achieved success in teaching others. He has been featured in many publications like Forbes and Inc. Magazine for his unorthodox methods and he teaches high level coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs how to leverage so they can gain more time and revenue in business, while doing so much less.

Listen now to learn more about the things that are keeping you from doing what you love most, what’s slowing your business down, and how you can take that one thing away!


“For me, it was either “continue to be apathetic about your life, Michael, and see what’s at the end of that tunnel for you”, it’s gonna be amazing, clearly. Or if I was as powerful to create that negative of an experience for myself, what’s on the other side?”

“If I’m that powerful to create this negativity, can I create the equal and opposite?”

“I started a business that helped entrepreneurs and coaches with the one thing at the time that I knew I could do, even being in my depleted kinda phase and coming out of that, which is essentially allowing them to bypass the noise in their industry and be seen as the expert, to actually bring on some more clients.”

“Here’s the fun part – it can be a lot of things and I always look for the philosophy or the strategy, what overall I should do.”

“The money he was making wasn’t worth the time and the overworked nature that he was driving himself to.”

“What is that one thing? For him, it was delegation. It came down to outsourcing.”

“That probably didn’t blow anybody’s mind, but it probably just absolutely confirmed some things. So that one thing or those two things you have on your plate that shouldn’t be there, even if you’re the best at it or you think people expect you to be the one doing it, shouldn’t be there.”

“He was always the bottleneck. If he had a hundred leads that week, he had time for 16 calls – mixed in with everything else that he did.”

“We’ve gotta get okay with the fact that this word ‘delegation’, it’s not dirty. In fact, it’s the thing that opens us up. It doesn’t matter what level you are.”

“We have to be comfortable with letting the professionals, people who are amazing at this stuff, actually take this off our plate.”

“There’s a paradox there. You become the guard of this thing that you have, but you are also the prisoner simultaneously.”

“You can almost feel like you can never let go of the thing because you created it, that’s insane. But when we really look at the bigger mission, the vision that you have for that thing, can you keep doing all the things yourself? Of course not.”

“I already had an audience of thousands of coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs that needed people like us to have that conversation, to delegate, so they can stay in their super powers.”

“Our philosophy is just to keep you sitting in the driver’s seat, in that authority position, let us use our super power in the service of yours.”

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