Are You Going to Be Able to Retire

Are You Going to Be Able to Retire

I get asked a lot why I do what I do and why I care so much about helping other people when I could just sit back and enjoy my freedom from my own investments and income streams. I can do that and life would be so much easier, but at the end of the day, it’s not about having an easy life. It’s about having a life lived well.

I believe that my blessings aren’t given to me just for my own benefit and that’s why I do everything I can to share what I know and help people retire earlier and more comfortably.

Watch this episode to learn more about my reasons for being here for you, what I want to change, and how your life can be changed in the process too!


“The truth is I can do all those things, but I am here for one big purpose, and that purpose is totally, 100% for you. We’re here for you, to help you create freedom.”

“Well, the reason we care so much is because we want you to be there. I want you to experience what I’ve experienced and I feel like there’s no reason why I can’t share this.”

“If I am blessed with these blessings, why shouldn’t I share it? If I have these gifts, I feel responsible to share it, and to do that, I have to disrupt the whole financial space and the education that’s been taught out there.”

“The traditional way of looking at money was being taught to us by financial institutions passed on through financial advisors to you.”

“If you wanna keep some money in the stock market, then great. Keep them for that.”

“I’m not here to attack financial advisors and I’m not even here to replace them. What I am here to do is to disrupt that industry, to not incentivize that industry, to get money away from that industry.”

“We’ve been taught over the years that that is the way it has to be. It’s supposed to be where you just turn your money over, it’s supposed to go to the stock market, you’re supposed to put money in the 401Ks and the IRAs, and we’re supposed to pay down all our debts.”

“Do not let the sun set on your retirement. Do not let the sun set on your money. You don’t wanna be in that position.”

“This has to stop and the only way to do it is by not having a traditional financial retirement plan, but actually focusing on more of a passive income plan.”

“If you have $100K, that $100K can easily generate at least $10K a year and if it’s in the right places, you can do it with very little to no tax.”

“So think about this, you are trying to save and the longer the time goes, the longer inflation goes, the more you have to keep saving. It’s like a dalmatian chasing a fire truck, you just have to keep chasing and chasing, hoping to catch up to it down the road.”

“Traditional money mindset, traditional things that come from financial institutions, that kind of mindset and education, that has been the enemy and that’s what’s been limiting you.”

“If you keep doing the same old traditional stuff, you’re gonna get the same old ordinary results.”

“It requires effort. It requires you to think differently and do things differently.”