How to Invest When Inflation Is Killing Your Savings

How to Invest When Inflation Is Killing Your Savings

What do you do with your money when inflation is running rampant? Do you keep your money? Do you keep it in the stock market? Do you invest in real estate? Or do you not?

Inflation can kill your savings and that’s why you have to be strategic and diversify them. There are many ways you can make your money work for you without losing it to inflation!

Watch this video now to learn more about the strategies you can use to diversify your income the way I do it so you can continue generating income no matter what the economy looks like!


“I’m not saying that it’s gonna be hyperinflation, I’m not talking about like Germany in the 1920’s or Zimbabwe or Argentina – I don’t think it’s gonna be that extreme.”

“If anything, I think there’s gonna be inflation possibly followed by stagflation.”

“Everything is always different. Nothing ever repeats the exact same way.”

“The truth is, inflation can actually hurt the stock market, although it can help it initially. Inflation could do a lot of things to help you financially.”

“We talked about how many of you guys became millionaires because of inflation, not because you did anything special, but just because the markets went up and you had the right assets – that’s not what you wanna count on.”

“I’m just gonna say stay away from that kind of stuff, especially if in an instant it can be gone. Do not get caught up in that kind of hype.”

“I love leverage and I like to do that, but I like to keep my money liquid. I like to keep it safe because more important than getting return on your money is getting return of your money.”

“It’s more important to make sure you get your money back than just trying to make a big return, and you don’t wanna be gambling or taking higher, unnecessary risk doing that.”

“The bulk of my funds are being held in life insurance. Now, the infinite banking part where you can get your investment money to pay you twice is really sexy.”

“You can also get your money working for you differently because by having your emergency reserves diversified, the money’s gonna sit around and do nothing anyways, now at least you can get tax-free returns on that money that’s higher.”

“It’s not just about trying to get your money to work for you, it’s about doing it in the right order, in the right way.”

“What I trust is real assets. I’m not going so much after the paper assets. I’m not going for the things that are zeroes and ones on a computer screen. I’m going after the ones that have a real, tangible value.”

“Even better yet, even if the prices were skyrocketing, if the cash flow still makes sense, it’s beautiful.”

“We’ve also invested in things like raw land, mineral rights, and oil investing. Now again, real, tangible assets, especially those that are inflation friendly.”

“Land has been such a hot commodity because there’s so little of it being used right now, it just drives those prices up.”

“I wanna see my money in places where it’s gonna go up with inflation.”

“Regardless of where it’s going, what’s gonna give you regular, predictable, consistent income?”

“As you’ve heard me say, I think boring is sexy. I like things that are predictable, consistent, and stable, and know that I can take lower risks to get much higher returns.”

“I don’t need to gamble to get higher returns, I just need to have the right assets.”