How to Form an Elite Mastermind with Jason Medley

How to Form an Elite Mastermind with Jason Medley

Communities and masterminds have a great impact on the success of many people, including us. Our core values, the things we live by, are built from a community we’re part of and that’s what our special guest, Jason Medley, is here to share with us.

Jason Medley is the brainchild, the guy, the connector, behind Collective Genius. He is a big inspiration behind our core values at Money Ripples today and for many other businesses out there.

Watch this episode to learn more about Jason, how important communities are to a person’s success, and how you can build your own!


“I kinda pulled out all my best customers I had at the time and stuck them in a room and we started talking about systems, strategies, and resources. Then over time, it wasn’t just systems, strategies, and resources, it was lending money, borrowing money, buying houses, selling houses, doing syndications, training podcasts and it just, you know, rippled.”

“That’s what CG provides, not just for me. I set the culture and you guys do the majority of the work.”

“We always say we put a lot of bulls in the same pen and pretty much walk in the same direction, nobody gets poked with the bull’s horns.”

“When you make those declarations, people will either be attracted to you or repelled by you.”

“The beauty of it is when you plant that flag in the ground and you know who you are, what you stand for, what you stand against, how you’re gonna operate, how you conduct yourself, how you’re gonna deliver your product, the right people will resonate with you and they’ll wanna take that journey with you.”

“They’ll wanna help you accomplish that vision as long as you help them accomplish theirs.”

“If you’re looking to excel, you’re gonna have to build a team. If you’re gonna build a team, you’re gonna have to have a vision. If you’re gonna have a vision, they have to be submitted to your core values and that’s how you lead a charge.”

“One of the easiest ways, no matter what industry you’re in and where you’re at, one of the easiest ways is to find a community where other people can vouch for them because they’ve done business with them.”

“I always say I own the right human beings, not deals. And that’s the best way, is to be part of a community that allows you to do that.”

“Getting in a community where other investors are is the best way to underwrite human beings.”
“I’m involved in a lot of them, but more so in a connecting-the-dots perspective. I know the players, but I don’t necessarily understand deeply from a structural standpoint, so in order for me to focus on my strengths, that means I gotta be good at underwriting human beings.”

“For those who don’t know what underwrite means, it means researching. Like you invest in humans, the people doing the deals, not so much the deals themselves. It’s more about the person.”

“They’re much easier to join than they are to create, but if you are going to create a community, I think first, you gotta do a personal assessment of really what your desired outcomes are.”

“If you wanna have anything of magnitude, you really have to have a deep interest in helping people accomplish what they want to accomplish.”

“The best way to pigeonhole yourself is to pick a date, pick a location, and commit to it.”

“If you set the right culture and you have the right intentions, the magic will happen and before you know it, they’ll be telling other people.”

“Culture before commission is what we say here at CG. You may very well have a rockstar on the phone who has applied to be a member of the organization and they may very well have the money to join, but they are not a fit for our culture, then it don’t matter.”