How This Minnesota Couple Has Hope of Financial Freedom

How This Minnesota Couple Has Hope of Financial Freedom

One of the things I like people to see and understand is that everybody has hope. On today’s episode, I have special guests to help us realize that. We’re joined by Michelle and Joel from Minnesota and they are here to talk about their journey as they find new hope for financial freedom.

I work with Michelle and Joel in Money Ripples, they are big clients with us, and they’ve done a bang-up job, even with infinite banking. Watch now to learn about their life, what led them to Money Ripples, and how they’re doing today!


“We got a lot of people that are homeschoolers in this group, it’s amazing how many more people that I’ve talked to are becoming homeschoolers as well, and trying to balance that.”

“We started working with you in 2019. We started working with RP Capital, and that’s how we heard about you. We first knew RP Capital and Heather, and then we came to you and you helped us.”

“All of these expensive changes, even though we’ve lived frugally, it just wouldn’t pay the bills.”

“It was obvious between you and the other four that I’ve vetted that this was a much better fit for us. A lot of the other ones, I would say if you had a lot of money or were a big player in some industry they had time for you, but if not, they had some sort of mainstream funnel to get you through, but not really help you or anything.”

“You had several calls with us before we actually signed papers with you, and you were very patient with the scarcity and fear that was very, very real.”

“That’s what I always tell people – it always requires faith, no matter how logical it seems to make the decision, there’s still that emotional part.”

“In abundance, I’ve learned that it’s finding out who you are and what you’re called to do, and then finding the opportunities.”

“I’ve learned to just follow the opportunities with faith and caution.”

“For the first time, I realized that I could be my own best asset. So we did two real estate deals utilizing what I had learned from that course.”

“Recently, we sat down and we crunched the numbers which we haven’t done for a couple of years, and with my pay, we’re at least $1000 short every month. Without our rental income, we won’t be able to survive.”

“Another thing I’ve learned from you is that money is a tool and it magnifies what’s within. So the more rentals we got, the more fearful I became and that is not a good combination for anyone.”

“Money is just a tool and you can have as many tools as you can, but then, use those tools for what really matters.”

“The strategy in my opinion, is the easy part. Even though for most people, it’s the harder part to change and shift, dealing with the emotions, the head trash that gets in the way, that often sabotages our actual results, even if logically, it says follow the mathematics.”

“There’s so many people that have had more resources than you and still aren’t getting the result you’re getting, and it’s probably because it comes back to your character and what you’re doing.”

“When I pray, I pray not just for me to find people, but to lead me to them and lead them to me so that we cross paths. It’s kinda cool to see that kind of work in action.”