What Dangers Are Threatening Your Money Right Now

What Dangers Are Threatening Your Money Right Now

There are a lot of dangers that are threatening your money right now and they have been around for a while. I’ve been planning to talk about this for a while now and since there’s more people talking about it, we need to talk about it too.

Watch this video to learn about the dangers that are threatening your money, how they are threatening your money, and what you can do to keep yourself safe from them!


“We’ve got government spending that’s been out of control. Think of these bills that they’re trying to create, spending trillions more dollars. We’ve already run it up – about $10 trillion in the last few years.”

“We’ve never spent that much money that fast, and 2020 didn’t help. So much money being spent, being charged, and taxes are still at the lowest rate.”

“If they don’t go up, then they have to drive up inflation like it has been happening. We’ve seen inflation going crazy, and it’s been rampant.”

“So much government spending has started to create more inflation because now, they have to keep printing more money. They have to keep allowing those dollars to be there.”

“Those interest rates that are rising are cutting into the money that the government is spending, so they gotta do one of two things – one is you print more money which drives up more inflation, or two, you tax people more.”

“Every time the government gets involved, everything gets more expensive. We’ve seen this with oil, education, and just about everything.”

“Socialism is stupid. It hasn’t worked, it has never worked in any country without them sucking and leeching off capitalistic type of companies and ventures.”

“The price to earning ratio has been overvalued for years, now even investors are saying it doesn’t make sense anymore.”

“If the stock market would get back to normal balance the way it used to be, it would actually crash in half. Your portfolio right now should be crashing by half by now, just so you’re aware.”

“There’s pressure on money managers to keep finding places to invest and throw money in – that’s a big risk. There’s a lot of speculation happening right now that could cost people their freedom and their livelihoods just because of that.”

“Unemployment rate is at an all-time low right now. It’s below 4% – that’s considered beyond fully employed.”

“In opposition to inflation, there’s also tech. Every time technology comes out, it actually forces depreciation, which is what the government doesn’t want.”

“They always want a return on their money but the most important thing you should be doing is to make sure that you abide by certain principles and keep your brain turned on the whole time, even when things are good. Don’t get lazy mentally, but start to get a return of your money.”

“You want a return of your money first and foremost, you wanna protect your money, and then get a return on top of that.”

“What we’re saying is that you can get lower risks and higher returns without having to gamble in markets.”