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MORI 73 | Accelerating Cashflow


What if you could have your retirement funds pay you today?

Did you know that no matter what you do, traditional retirement plans sold by financial advisors don’t work?

Cash Flow Expert, Chris Miles, will teach you how to generate income from your retirement funds, and where to store your money so you can create ACCELERATION, not just accumulation of money. Cash flow creates freedom!

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Chris Miles Bio:

Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert,” is a leading authority on how to quickly free up and create cash flow for thousands of his clients, entrepreneurs, and others internationally! He’s an author, speaker, and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate, Entrepreneur on Fire, and has spoken to thousands getting them fast financial results.

Chris consistently teaches audiences how to do what no other financial advisers can or will – achieve financial prosperity, NOW AND IN THE FUTURE, while spending time doing what they love most!

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Cash Flow Your Retirement Today!

I’m excited because we’ve got a great show for you in store. Before we do, I want to remind you to be sure to check out our website,, check out our blogs, podcasts, and other things that we have that will be such value to you as well. Be sure to check out the other episodes we have in this series, lots of stuff, especially if we want greater freedom, prosperity, and a better quality of life now because it’s not about having this future that might happen someday. It’s all about what we can create. That’s what this episode is going to be about. It’s talking about how to cashflow your retirement. What do I mean by that? Let me get into this right here.

Your entire financial life, you’ve been taught to save every dime, to spend nothing, to defer, to sacrifice, to do everything possible, and to not enjoy life. As a result, you end up completely going into a place of scarcity. You go to a place where you’re penny-pinching every single dollar you can, only to find out, like many other people have found out themselves, that you don’t have the money to retire the way you thought you would.

Especially with the way markets are threatening to go down again, many people are saying, “I’ve had my money in these mutual funds for fifteen years and they haven’t gone anywhere. Where are all these amazing returns that these financial advisors have been promising us? This is why I had to leave this industry. I had to leave being a financial planner years ago because it doesn’t work. What’s interesting is that in 2006, I was able to retire with $2,000 in my checking account.

I’m not saying everybody will do this, but I realized this is important for this show to understand that it’s not about the accumulation of money. It’s about the acceleration of money. How fast can you accelerate the money that you have to be able to do this? Are there financial products you can use? Yes. However, it doesn’t matter if it’s mutual funds or anything that a financial advisor can offer, life insurance, whatever it might be, there is no single product that will ever get you to the place where you can retire.

I promise you that. I’ve run the numbers. There’s nothing realistically that can ever do that. You have to be creative and do something outside of the box. In fact, you have to completely reject doing this accumulation method. If you’re accumulating and storing nuts for the winter, which is the winter of your retirement, you’ll find out that that winter’s going to be a long winter compared to what you’ve got nuts. It’s plain nuts. Sorry. I had to throw in that pun there.

Instead of accumulation, it’s got to be acceleration. It’s got to be focused around cashflow, and especially cashflow from a more nontraditional standpoint. Every financial person will tell you that you should save money on their product. In fact, have you ever noticed that if you ever ask them what the best investment is, it’s always whatever they sell? If you go to a life insurance person, they’ll tell you it’s life insurance. If you go to a mutual fund salesperson, they’ll say it’s mutual funds or some product there. If you go to a real estate agent, they’re going to tell you to buy real estate.

MORI 73 | Accelerating Cashflow
Accelerating Cashflow: Whole life insurance allows you to save and get a tax-free cash-on-cash return of about 5% a year.


Everybody has got self-interest. We understand self-interest and it’s okay to have self-interest, but what if it’s not in your best interest? I can assure you that as good-hearted as all these people are, these financial professionals do not have your best intentions in mind. They want to do what’s best for you, but they try to do what’s best for you within the limits that they have.

Let me open up that. Let me open up those limits, take the lid off, and have you see something a little bit different. Let’s see if you can do something better. I want to talk about how you can go about doing this. It can involve using financial products, but I promise you, if you try to use the people that are out there, it’s not going to work because they don’t have the right perspective. It comes out of scarcity, the saver-hoarder mentality, and that will never ever work if you’re trying to become financially free.

It’s got to come from an abundant-steward mentality. That’s what I want to teach you here. The focus is here, first and foremost, on acceleration and cashflow. Where can you do that? I’m going to start with those of you that are in the process of accumulating money or starting to build wealth versus those that have some money already. We’ll address both. Hang with us. If you’re the person waiting to figure out, “I’ve got retirement money. What do I do with it?” we’ll address that. If you’re saying, “I haven’t started much, but I want to know what to do and do it right the first time,” that’s what we’re getting into.

Let me start with this. This is for those of you that are looking to start building wealth, you got to start with that acceleration in mind. You can use certain tools. When you’re not so much in the cashflowing retirement phase but building phase, you can park it in a savings account with a bank and that’s fine and all, but even with a CD, you’re not going to get more than about 2% a year and you’re going to get taxed on that money, too.

It’s not a lot of fun. Making 2% and getting taxed is not worth it. However, there are things that are savings accounts, for example, whole life insurance. There’s a guy on my team that gets it and does it right. Whole life insurance is a great example where you can save and get a cash-on-cash return of about 4% to 5% a year tax-free. A lot of people will say, “That’s not great.” If you factor in mutual funds as fees, taxes, and everything else, you’re getting it about the same at best. That’s on average. That’s not whatever happens.

if you see the market dip, then you say, “I got to wait another ten years before I can retire until this market comes back up, till I get my money back, and whatever I lost or what I could have made.” It’s much better to keep the money where you have it. I like to keep it liquid and available. If you want to create acceleration with your money, you cannot park it and leave it there for 20, 30, or 40-plus years. That is not the way to create financial freedom. It will never work. I promise you that. It seriously doesn’t work. The numbers don’t work out, especially when you factor in inflation and everything else.

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However, if you have your money in a place where you can get some tax benefits and it’s available like a savings account, it can be used in other creative ways. In a shorter term or even middle midterm, not waiting 20, 30, or 40 years, but even within the year or a few years, this is money that can work well. I like whole life insurance because there are no bills, whistles, and surrender fees. You get with index universal life insurance and things like that.

You don’t have to worry about tap dancing around those that are catered towards long-term. In whole life, you see what you get and if you structure it right, it can be an amazing tool to flow money through. Money’s got to flow if you want to create wealth. Every financial advisor always tells you to park your money in those places. When they’re telling you to park your money in a vehicle like that, the problem is when you park your money there, you cannot use it. There’s no utilization of it. You can’t make it work. You cannot make it grow. You’re hoping and praying that whatever they give you works.

I like to recommend that people take control of their money and do other creative things with it, whether you’re investing in your business. By the way, if you have a business, that should be the number one investment. If you ask a financial advisor, they may not say it to you, but they’ll say it to me. They’ll say, “That’s too risky. People shouldn’t put all their eggs in one basket of their own business.” I’m thinking, “Putting their money with you is riskier than that.”

Put it in your business. Stop putting it in other people’s stocks and their mutual funds. Why would you invest in other people’s companies and not your own? Put your money, resources, time, and energy there to build and create better returns. Even if you put it and you buried it in your backyard, you’ll probably still do better than whatever a financial planner will do for you. Business can be a great place. Real estate investing can be another great place. I have a lot of people that are real estate investors that flow money through life insurance.

Borrow the money back out because you can borrow money from your policy. It still compounds and grows with compound interest, even beating what you’re paying on a loan percentage. They’re using that money to go put a down payment on a property and then turn around and start cashflowing that. That flows back through the policy. It keeps going and it grows faster than if you just put money in it like every financial advisor’s telling you to do.

You’re gaining actual assets, cashflow, and resources all at the same time. It’s awesome. You can get your dollar making money in two different places at once. That could be in your business. That could be things with real estate. That could be other places where you might invest your money where you have control and liquidity. You have the freedom to use it again.

MORI 73 | Accelerating Cashflow
Accelerating Cashflow: Stop putting your money into other people’s stocks and their mutual funds. Put your money into your own business, where you can ensure better returns.


I don’t recommend you invest in anything unless you’ve got deep passion and good knowledge for it. That’s a great idea. I’ve had people do this in business before. I’ve had people use their monies and resources. To give you an example, there was a doctor I was working with, a chiropractor. He was trying to figure out how to get his kid’s education fund to make more money. He had $50,000 in it and his kid was going to go to college in about 5 or 6 years.

He said, “What could I do? I need a lot more than $50,000.” We said, “If you’re leaving the market, maybe you’ll get up to $60,000, $70,000 or so in 5 or 6 years if you’re lucky, but you can’t count on it.” He told me later on that in his business, he can go and create. He can go put $30,000 to $40,000 down on an office, and then 2 or 3 years later, he can sell it to another chiropractor for about $250,000. I asked him, “Have you done this before?” “Yes, several times. I got it down to a system.” I said, “This is your investment. Take this money instead. You start up a new practice. Talk to our investment advisor.”

 We had an investment advisor on our team that could advise on mutual funds. I said, “Talk to him about cashing this money out. If you even had $30,000 left over from that 50,000, even if you took a tax and a penalty hit, that 30,000 can become $250,000 in say three years. You take another 30,000 out of that, go, and do it again. Within six years, you’ve made $250,000 under your control, not somebody else’s. His mind was blown away.

He thought, “I never thought I could use that money for this.” I said, “Of course, you can. It’s your money.” People have done such a good job teaching you can’t touch your retirement money that you never think it’s an option. Use that money and use it well, even if it’s education or whatever it might be. I’m not recommending people all cash out their retirement money but that’s one option.

I had another person where he has an IRA that inherited from his parents. We got him to do it in real estate. In the first year alone, he bought three properties that are net cashflowing over about $1,250 a month. That’s about $15,000 a year. That was only about $90,000 that he was using of his own money. $90,000 to make $15,000 a year is good. Financial advisors can’t do that. That’s not accounting for the tax benefits. That $1,250 is net of what Avery makes after he pays for the mortgage and all the other expenses.

The renter’s also paying down his properties. He is building equity in these properties at the same time. If you factor in all those numbers, he’s probably making the ballpark of closer to about $25,000 to $30,000 a year with the gain that he gets for most property. $25,000 to $30,000 a year from $90,000 is a pretty amazing rate of return. That can create some possibilities. The cool thing is we’re having him use a life insurance policy to flow that money through and use that for the down payments.

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He’s using some IRAs, but he’s also trying to build equity as well. There are cool things you do with that and so many others. I’ve had people do things where they’ve had oil investments and they’ve done things there. I’ve had people have done other creative investments. There are even contracts you can do where you can buy somebody else’s life insurance policy and things like that. There are so many amazing things that you can do outside of the normal thing. That’s talking about how to use the cash.

For those of you who are trying to build money, that’s important because if you’re looking for a place to store it, you have got to be able to know how to use it. When you’re building cash, being able to access your cash whenever you feel like is important. If you can’t access it when you need it or when you want it, especially if you want to be able to make more money with it, you’ve got to do that.

I would say whole life, but it could be a savings account. It could be anything else. There are all kinds of ways to do it. This is case by case. It depends on your situation. For those of you that do have money, you’ve already heard a few examples of how to use money. I’m going to talk to you about even how having this life insurance, not because of the cash, but because the death benefit is important.

I had one woman who had $2 million in IRAs. She was 65 years old and she was wondering what to do. Granted, she loved her business. She loved what she did. She wanted to do it till the day that she couldn’t do it anymore. She didn’t need the money. I told her, “If we go by traditional financial advice, you have $2 million. If you pull off only 3% a year, that would be $60,000 a year. You would be able to live a middle-class life.”

She was fine with that. She was single. She’d never been married. She didn’t have any kids. She had a few nieces and nephews, but that was it. She said, “That’s not bad. I can use that.” I said, “With inflation, especially how every 10 to 12 years, it seems to keep doubling in costs. It seems to live, that money will run out fast,” especially with how healthy she was. It will be easy that she could live until 90-plus because of how healthy she is. She was also in the health industry, too. I said, “We don’t know how long you’re going to live. We got to plan for that. That’s a risky thing.

She was anti-life insurance, by the way. She got rid of hers. I told her, “If you do that, it will cost you tens of thousands of dollars a year.” She said, “I don’t get it because it costs me money to buy this insurance.” I said, “Let me give you an example.” With that $1 million policy, she’s able to get it for about $13,000 a year because of her health rating and everything else. I said, “You’re able to get this policy. The cool thing is that $13,000 a year is a low cost compared to what you can do with it. If you have this in place, because you have a life insurance death benefit that can pay off any time, this means you can spend down all your assets while you’re alive.”

MORI 73 | Accelerating Cashflow
Accelerating Cashflow: Do not listen to people who say you can’t touch your retirement money. Be sure to use it well.


She wasn’t too worried about leaving anything behind. She wanted to leave a few hundred thousand dollars behind for her nieces and nephews, but that was it, nothing big. I say, “This gives you all the more reason to burn through your cash faster because financial advisors will always tell you to live off less than the interest.” That’s why they save 2% to 3% a year so that you don’t run out of money. I’m saying you can run out of money and be fine.

I showed her a mortgage calculator. I said, “What if you’re only earning 4% on this money?” That is conservative. That’s less than what they pay the way we’re structuring it but I wanted to be lower. I said, “If you’re only making 4% a year on this money, including the money in your IRA if we kept it safe, you have the life insurance just in place. It didn’t matter what cash you built in it. You had the death benefit. You also have this money here in these IRAs. Now you can pull off principal and interest because you could replenish those funds if you ever had to. You could replenish them with your death benefit.”

I told her, “This $13,000 a year cost does cost you money out of pocket. What it gets you to gain is that you can pull off about $130,000 every single year.” I showed her that 25-year amortization. I said, “You can pull off $130,000 a year and spend down all of your assets. You have no more IRA. You’d be 90 years old, but the IRA would be gone at 90.” I said, “Good news, you can turn around and sell life insurance as an asset later on. If you ever needed the extra cash, there are investors waiting to buy tax-free benefits like that.”

I said, “That’s a possibility too.” I even said, “On top of that, you can even go and get a reverse mortgage on your house.” Her house was paid off at that time. Even for those that paid it down, you could do the same thing, but she had paid it off. She was over 62. I said, “You can get a reverse mortgage under your home. The life insurance could pay it off in the end anyways and pay off that debt. You can get paid by the bank an extra about $2,000 or so a month.”

It was like $2,200 a month. I said, “In total, we could cashflow about $155,000 a year, as opposed to $60,000 a year they’re doing the traditional way,” and her mind was blown. I said, “Take out the $13,000. It will cost you $13,000 to get $155,000 a year. Is that worth it?” She said, “Even if I don’t need the money, that’s worth it to me.” I said, “There you go.” I connected her and got her hooked up with the people that do our life insurance stuff.

That’s a beautiful thing. When you think about how you can get creative and make money work for you. There are so many other examples and so many other ways. I just don’t want the show to go on forever. Those are the things that you look at. How do we make that money work for you? How do create cashflow? We are going to have people that have used equity from their homes and don’t always recommend that. What if you knew that equity from your home could buy four more real estate properties? You could have your mortgage being paid for the cashflow from those investment properties.

This depends if you’re doing it right and you’re a good steward in what you’re doing. That’s the key. That’s the thing. Every situation is case by case. If you have questions, reach out to me. You can email me, and say, “Chris, what do you think about this or that?” Let me know your questions because they’re all individual. It’s all hard to say. It’s case by case.

Anyways, stop focusing on accumulation. Stop listening to everybody else. Start focusing on the acceleration of your money. Start doing those things that going to make your money create wealth. It is possible. Create cashflow and retirement now. I’ve done it. I’ve had many other people do it. It’s possible. Go and make it a prosperous week, everyone. We’ll talk to you in the next episode. Have a great day.


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