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MORI 70 | Cash Flow Secret

What is the one counter-intuitive way to increase your cash flow, leading to greater wealth, cash flow, and prosperity today? What universal principle allows you to receive more abundance? Tune in to hear Cash Flow Expert, Chris Miles, teach you his rarely-taught cash flow secret that helped him prosper and turn his financial life around!

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The Cash Flow Secret I Rarely Teach

I welcome you out for another episode where we’re going to talk about this one secret hidden cashflow tip that I rarely ever teach publicly. I’m going to teach you on this show. This is a bonus tip that most people won’t get. You won’t find this in my eBook. You won’t usually find this in most of the things that I do, but this is one of the most powerful tips you can do. It’s completely counterintuitive, which is why I love it. We’re going to cover that.

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I want to talk about this because this is an important one. It’s one that’s come back up again. it came back up for me not just from personal experience, but because I’ve been reading other works from other people from different walks of life that are saying the same thing. If you’ve ever read Richest Man in Babylon, they talk about this. If you’ve ever read Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, he also has a whole chapter on this. If you’ve heard me at all publicly or if you’ve listened to me enough, you’ll know I talk about this as well.

I came up with the number one cashflow tip when I had that early morning where I went for a jog and then all those answers started downloading and I got those initial money tips. This was the number one point that I told people to do. If you’re struggling for cash, here’s a secret. If you want to have more cash in your life, this is what you do. You give it away. You donate it. It shocked me even when I typed it out, but I told people, “If you want to have more money, find a way to donate to someone that needs help Donate to somebody else. Donate to a charitable organization. It could be your church if you believe in the concept of tithing.

Many religions teach about tithing. I recommend people to tithe 10%. This also applies. If there are other offerings or ways you can donate and give money to help people out, this is critical for creating more wealth. Even if money’s not tight, I still recommend this as the number one thing to do to free up cash and be able to have better cashflow. Why would it be that we give away money and then we’ll have more money returned?

That seems a little counterintuitive, doesn’t it? It does, but then again, how many other things I talk about seem counterintuitive, but are still common sense? That’s just about everything I teach. A lot of these things are counterintuitive or counter what you would think would work. Tithing and donating money are the same way. Giving away money, charity, and things like that do work. In fact, before you pay yourself first, pay this.

People will always say, “Pay yourself first.” I disagree with that. I believe you pay yourself second. You pay this first. You donate this money to charity or to that religious organization, however you do it. Wherever you feel it’s best used, that’s what you do. This is not so much for the other people as it is for you. This is something I’ve noticed. I’ve applied this principle even when things were tough and tight. If you’re not making any money, you don’t donate a lot. That’s why I do 10% of what I make and what I bring home.

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If you’re not making anything, don’t. Even if you can give a little bit, I still recommend giving a little, even if you don’t have that 10% to give. Donate something. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a situation where I thought, “It’s either pay this bill or pay this.” I’ll say, “Go figure.” I’m tested on this principle that I teach about or that I believe in. When I have paid my tithing to my church, it works. I even pay additional offerings for those that are less fortunate and things like that. I believe in those things because I believe it comes back.

Here’s why. Let me answer the why behind it. This is my philosophy. I’m not saying it’s true because I could be wrong, but this is what has worked for me and what I believe to be true. When I say it’s more about you than is for them, I wholeheartedly believe that. Think about what happens in the state of where you’re in when you give away money. This takes a lot of faith. I believe that when people talk about faith, they talk about religious faith, protesting things, and proclaiming things. I don’t think that’s real faith in many cases. The real faith is what you go and do with it.

I recommend like, “What happens when you go and do it?” Be able to give money away especially if you feel like you can’t afford it. It’s one of the best ways to test that faith and see if it can be proven fruitful. Here’s what I see happen. When you give this money away, you feel that there’s no block to receiving blessings. When you say, “I’m giving this because I’m acknowledging abundance.” This is one of the best ways to acknowledge abundance in your life. I don’t mean abundance of saying you have more than enough out there, but being able to say, “I truly believe that abundance comes back to me. When money flows out, it flows back in, especially when I’m a good steward of that.”

When you’re donating and giving that money away, it comes back even more so than what you did. I won’t say how many times more, but there’s a multiplier effect that it does come back. It comes back in different ways. When I was paying tithing during those times when I didn’t have a whole lot of money left over, it was a challenge. I still believe in the principle. I still did it, but it was a challenge.

The interesting thing is that it wasn’t like money would show up on my doorstep although sometimes that did happen. A lot of times, I was gaining wisdom. I would gain this additional insight because I feel like I was more in tune. I was more aligned with abundance. Therefore, abundant ideas would also come to me, ideas that would be able to help us through the next step. Sometimes it wouldn’t solve our problems completely, but it would get us to that next step. Sometimes it would even create massive results.

When I came up with these cashflow tips originally, I was not in a great place financially, but I learned to get creative and resourceful. I believe that this happened. I gained a lot of great insights, wisdom, and knowledge from these experiences because I was tithing. I was donating money even when I felt I couldn’t afford it. Sometimes that’s the best time to do it. That’s when you get the best insights and the best value. What I’ve noticed is that when you do that, you feel in, you feel like you’re worthy.

You feel like you’re going to receive those blessings, because you’re like, “I’m doing everything I can. I’m obeying those laws of abundance. I’m obeying those natural laws, even the laws of God for those who believe in God or the laws in the universe, whatever you want to say.” You believe in those laws that when you put that out, it does come back. If you’re not doing this already, I challenge you to go and try it out. The best way you’re going to learn it is to do it. I know a lot of you also already believe in this principle. You know it to be true anyways, but some of you might say, “I don’t know. That’s BS.”

MORI 70 | Cash Flow Secret
Cash Flow Secret: Donating to people that need help is more about you than it is for them. When you give money away, you feel there’s no block to receiving blessings. You’re acknowledging abundance by donating.

People believe that rich people are donating money because they’re rich. I believe they got rich because they’re already donating money. There is a different cause and effect on what you think it was. They acknowledged abundance because they were willing to do that. They were already that person. More money doesn’t make you more generous or more charitable. More money makes you more of who you already are. If you weren’t donating money before, who says you’re going to do it when you have money?

I’ve seen people. They don’t do it. Whether it’s tight or not, make the habit of doing it and watch what happens. Try me on my words. Try it out for a few months, see what happens, and see what different results you get. For those of you that struggle with this principle, this might be the thing that you need to do, not get another strategy or find some magic investment. It might be simply just doing this. Try it out. Test me on it.

In fact, I remember Norman Vincent Peale brought this up in his book, Positive Imaging, too. Never once did he nor I ever have somebody that came back and said, “It was not worth it at all. Anytime somebody goes and gives that money away, there is an abundance that comes back. It may not come back in the immediate moment. It may take weeks or months, but I promise you that if you go and you take 10% or more even of what you’re making and what you’re bringing home, it’s going to be great.

There is an amazing type of results you get from that. I’m not going to beat a dead horse any longer. I’m going to tell you to go out and do it. Try it out. That is the number one cashflow tip. I can give you. This is the foundation. If you start to do this, watch what will happen to the other things I teach you and what happens. I can guarantee you’ll see a magnifier of those results.

Anyways, go and try it out. Test me on it. Go into it. Join us again next episode. Make sure you bring questions and comments. Contact me at If you have questions or topics you want to bring up, or if you have questions for me about your situation, let me know. Let me serve you. Let me help you. Have a great, wonderful, and prosperous week and we’ll see you next time.

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