How to Tax Free 1031 Transfer Into Multifamily Syndications with Stephanie Walter

How to Tax Free 1031 Transfer Into Multifamily Syndications with Stephanie Walter

On this channel, we always talk about alternative ways to invest your money and create massive wealth other than the traditional ways we’ve grown to know. There are tons of options out there for you and that’s what our guest, Stephanie Walter, is going to share with us today too.

Stephanie Walter is the CEO of Erbe Wealth. She’s a capital raiser, syndicator, and real estate investor who just recently retired and sold her insurance agency of 16 years by following key principles that she is also teaching other professionals to use.

Watch now to learn more about another alternative investment option you can take advantage of, how you can use it in syndications, and what you should expect from it when you do it!


“I loved the idea of kinda like a group of people buying something that no one could do on their own.”

“I completed my first syndication in 2018 by myself, and realized that I never ever want to do that by myself ever again.”

“On paper, I’ve got great net worth but I’m still annoyed that I’m having to be a landlord and I’m frustrated.”

“The moment that I changed that was in looking at “what exactly is my money doing?”, “is it working for me?”, “what kind of cash flow am I getting?” – rather than looking at “oh I have this nice asset.”.”

“A 1031 Exchange is what a lot of people that own rental properties can use to avoid paying the capital gains tax.”

“I think where most people get tied up and confused is actually, you can exchange your property for anything. A lot of people think, “oh, it has to be the same property”.”

“It could be anything. You can exchange your regular rental into land, into anything that’s a real property.”

“I know personally, that kind of limited me because I was thinking I didn’t want another rental property necessarily.”

“The great thing about real estate is that they created these legal loopholes, legal exceptions, where they say if they can take the returns, not the cash flow. If you sell a property and you make money on it, you’re taking that equity and moving it somewhere else where you don’t have to pay taxable money at all.”

“It makes sense to sell it so they can make a much higher cash flow.”

“Essentially, it’s very simple. It’s just really the structure of the syndication. If you talk to someone and ask if they do a 1031 Exchange, and they say no or they’re gonna check, they’re probably not the best person to work with.”

“Just do the simple math of what are your returns in your cash flow then look at your equity.”

“It becomes very attractive. I have a lot of people that don’t quite believe it. They do their first one and then they start liquidating all their assets because it’s kinda like a no-brainer.”

“The apartments are like buying a business, basically. The value of this apartment complex is based on the money, the income minus the expenses – it’s really quite simple.”

“If you look at how multi-family has performed through recessions, they tend to actually do better during recessions because people are moving out of their houses.”