Where Do You Lose the Most Money?


If you were to guess where you lose the most money, what would you say?

I know some believe it’s their debt. Others believe it’s overpaying taxes. Some might think it’s because they aren’t tracking enough.

I would suggest that it’s possibly NONE of those. In my experience, the biggest money leak isn’t the money you are spending. It’s usually the money that you AREN’T making!

What fears are stopping you from taking action?

How are they stopping you from playing at a bigger level?

What things should you be doing right now that you have procrastinated?

How is scarcity-thinking (fear, doubt, worry, greed, impatience, limits) preventing you from finally pulling the trigger on something?

How is scarcity-thinking driving the very people away from you that could be helping you make the money you want, and solving problems that need to be solved?

THAT is where I see the biggest money leaks! It’s the money that never enters your life!

How do we prevent that?

You have to see money with a different set of eyes. You have to see your business with a different set of eyes. In fact, you need to question everything that has been taught to you. It takes discipline to think & act differently than how you want to think & act.

I just had the best month in my business this month because I decided to do something different than what I would be expected to do. When business would slow down, instead of finding ways to make more money or focus more inside my business, I would find ways to share in profits with my clients, and refer business to others. It also inspired me to start doing my own podcast show again.

Instead of holding my money with an iron grip out of fear of not having enough, I would spend (or “invest”) my money into my business. Often, it would mean hiring people to help me play that bigger game because I know that hiring the right people to help me is way less expensive than doing it wrong out of ignorance.

Just like Apple would say in their motto – “Think Different.”

Again I would ask you, “Where do YOU think you are losing the most money?”

To hear more in depth on this subject, listen to last week’s radio show AND tomorrow’s show. This IS the meat for making more money, have a better quality of life, and creating lasting wealth!