4 Powerful DoTerra Training Call Recordings (And a Bonus?!)


For the past 5 weeks, we have done 5 incredible training calls for DoTerra reps, and is also applicable for those of you in business.

Below are the 5 calls:

Call #1 – Relax & Rank
Learn how to work less and make more without stressing in your business.

Call #2 – “Make Money Without Money”

See what resources you have, besides money, that can turn into immediate income.

Call #3 – Cash Flow Secrets

Learn some simple ways to find at least $300 a month. My average client has found about $33,000 in the 1st year alone applying these stragegies.

Call #4 – Stop Networking! Build Relationships!

Learn how to do what most direct sales marketers will never figure out, and therefore stops them from ever becoming a pro.

Call #5 Bonus Call – Having That “X-Factor” in Your Business

Learn how to master your emotions, practice mastering abundance, attract the right people, and turn everything you touch into gold…or Diamond 😉