The Easy Way to Get Out of Scarcity

Do you have those occasional moments, just like me, when something in your future doesn’t look as bright as it did the day before? Where you get into a little “funk?”

I’ve noticed that there are days or moments when I slip into fear and scarcity for no reason other than that’s the way I feel in the moment. I’ve noticed my clients doing the same things. They can have some of the most amazing financial circumstances going their way, but when something unexpected comes up, it throws them off.

I can completely relate to you as well.

My company had a record breaking month in my business in August, which is usually one of my worst months, and September is looking to beat that. However, I still find myself worried from time to time, thinking, “What if it’s not enough? There’s so much to do – how can I get it all done? What if I start coaching someone that drives me nuts?” and so on.

The secret to easily get out of scarcity?


I learned this one morning while I was out jogging in my old neighborhood during my hardest financial challenges where I was digging out of a million dollar hole. I remember telling myself before that that things couldn’t get worse.

Well…they did.

So I started changing my words to say, “It can always get worse. I’m grateful it’s not.”

Once I did that, things started changing for me. I became more open to looking at the glass 1/10 full (yes, some days felt like that). I even wrote in my journal an entry titled, “The Blessings of Being Broke” where I wrote down all of the things I received or learned from those experiences that no amount of money could have bought me.

I didn’t have some miraculous turn around overnight, but things did begin to make a turn for the better. Within about one year, I was starting to have more cash flow than I had ever experienced in my lifetime. It required a lot of patience, self-discipline, and effort, but it was worth the wait.

Once again, the easy way to get out of scarcity?

Once you recognize that you are getting in a bad mood, you feel a lot of fear, or you just feel a little down, start appreciating what you have right now, and then, start seeing how bright your future can become.

Key Point – When you start to see things differently in your mind, you will begin to see those things with your eyes.

What are some other ways you get yourself out of scarcity?