One Financial Mistake EVERYONE Makes And Doesn’t Know It!

What would you guess is the one thing where EVERYONE falls short with their money?

Even worse, they don’t even know it!

It’s not taxes (although that is true about 90% of the time)

It’s not cash flow, although that is usually the case too.

The answer – Protecting your money!

This is the one place I can count on that every one of my clients have needed to improve, BUT will fight against it the most because they don’t want to “invest” in protecting them and their money.

Most of us want to make more money, but few realize that it’s more important to be a good steward and KEEP IT!

I have yet to meet anyone, including people that teach these things, that are fully protected from life’s unexpected turns.

If you want to win the “financial game of life,” you have to have a solid defense for your offense to work.

Or in other words, you can’t win the money game if you don’t keep what you have…and then make money on top of it. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY FINANCIAL FREEDOM CAN BE POSSIBLE!

Below are some questions to ask yourself, and answer these honestly:

  1. If I were to lose my income today, how long could I last on the money and assets that I have in place?
  2. If I were to become badly sick, hurt, disabled, or have memory issues, how would I take care of my family?
  3. What would happen to my family if I were to die today?
  4. If my spouse and I passed away, would the court system take it all in probate (Yes, this happens even when you have a will)?
  5. If I were to get sued, would I be alright? Am I sure about that?
  6. Am I using my corporation appropriately to separate my personal assets from my business assets?
  7. If the stock market or real estate market tanks, will that change my plans?



Feeling depressed or upset yet? GOOD! 😉

Notice these are a lot of “what if” questions. We can never be financially free if we can’t answer these questions confidently.

NOTE: If you believe the Law of Attraction will save you because you ignorantly turn off your brain to this, you don’t understand the Law of Attraction. You can’t ignore something from ever happening, In fact, you’ll only attract it more!

If you are a rancher who wants lots of cattle, and you have the land to do so, what do you need to build to ensure you can start building your cattle empire?

A fence, right?

What if you didn’t build a fence? How much cattle would you keep?

What happens if you don’t “build a fence” for YOU (first and foremost) and also your money?

This is why smart business owners and investors “invest” into having a strong defense to back up their growing offense.

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