How Integrity Creates Wealth

How important is integrity to you? I was doing a call for my clients the other day about successful habits necessary to see life-long growth and prosperity. The final point I ended on was having integrity with yourself. So why would I mention integrity when talking about creating wealth? My own experience, and that of… Continue reading How Integrity Creates Wealth

How to Wisely Use Debt

Some of you might be thinking, “Chris, can debt really be used wisely? Shouldn’t it be avoided?” On the other hand, others of you might think, “I love using debt!” However, you might be struggling paycheck to paycheck as well. So how can debt be used wisely where it doesn’t affect your peace of mind?… Continue reading How to Wisely Use Debt

Why Thinking Big Is Crazy

How many times have we heard…. “Just think big and your dreams will come true?” When I hear people say that, INSTEAD I think of Pedro from the movie “Napoleon Dynamite,” when he says…. “Vote for me and all of your wildest dreams will come true.” Both statements in my mind are just hot air.… Continue reading Why Thinking Big Is Crazy