How Integrity Creates Wealth

How important is integrity to you?

I was doing a call for my clients the other day about successful habits necessary to see life-long growth and prosperity. The final point I ended on was having integrity with yourself.

So why would I mention integrity when talking about creating wealth?

My own experience, and that of coaching hundreds of others, has taught me this important point about integrity….

The more we feel we are in integrity with ourselves, others, and our lives, the more money we make!

Have you ever had a time where you felt your life was out of balance? Where you weren’t living up to your commitments? Or where you knew you were dropping the ball?

The resulting feelings of guilt will cause you to question whether you deserve blessings and prosperity and as a result, you tend to suffer and wonder why you aren’t getting what you want.

Warning – No one has perfect integrity. We’re on this journey together. Be patient and forgiving of yourself and others as you strive to improve on this.

At the same time, there are some out there that have a destructive belief that we should only drift through life however “the universe” wants to direct us. That will only make you “peacefully poor” while you sit in the lotus position pondering on how there is no truth.

That’s like being in the middle of the ocean in a lifeboat with an oar, and refusing to use the oar because you believe you should just be at the mercy of the waves. You have the ability to take control of your own destiny, so use it!

There are natural consequences and laws at work all the time. Be sure to be patient with your integrity, but not so passive to where you have no standards.

Definitions of integrity include being sound, whole, in perfect condition. A building has perfect integrity when it’s structurally sound.

In what ways can you be more whole, complete, or sound in your life?

How about your business?

With your family and other relationships?

With your health?

With who you are?

The more we are in integrity with ourselves, the more we prosper because we whole-heartedly believe that there isn’t any reason for us NOT to receive the desires of our hearts. We have that quiet confidence that we WILL receive what we desire.

THAT is how integrity creates more wealth. Anything we desire becomes ours because we believe we are worthy of it.

So where can you improve with your integrity?