My 2022 Market Outlook

My 2022 Market Outlook

It’s the beginning of a new year and we are all wondering where the markets would be, but who can tell? There are so many things that can happen in a year and while I don’t have a crystal ball to tell you what’s coming our way, I can tell you what you can do to make sure you’re still working towards achieving financial freedom this year.

Watch this video to learn about my 2022 market outlook, what factors contribute to the rise and fall of the market, and what you can do to secure your financial future!


“Shorter-term is much easier to predict than longer term.”

“Just so you know, the economy and the stock market, they don’t always coincide. In fact, often they do their own things.”

“We’ve seen evidence of that even in the 1990s. We were hitting recessions and it really didn’t take a big hit in the 90s.”

“The reason 2002 was the worst year wasn’t because of the economy, because that was doing better. It was actually because everybody was fudging their numbers.”

“We saw 2002 drop even though the economy was strengthening because 9/11 actually boosted the economy and not contracted it.”

“The stock market is primarily influenced by really just how investors feel. It really is based on emotions and how they see companies’ profitability going. Now if they see anything that can risk a company’s profitability, their ability to earn more money, then it could contract.”

“We saw a really weird thing going in 2021 because the stock market just kept booming.”

“The stock market is different from the economy. The thing that drives the economy is how much money there is flowing.”

“The problem is that it is unpredictable. It’s really just a day-by-day thing, this is why I taught swing trading. This is why we only did trades for a few days or a few weeks, and then got out. We wouldn’t try to buy and hold anything because it’s too risky.”

“So we’re already way overbought, the stock market’s way bigger, but again, the stock market could keep going up if they keep money flowing.”

“If inflation keeps coming up, there will be a point where people would say enough is enough.”

“Here’s one thing to look for in inflation – don’t look at just the consumer price index. That has been manipulated so much, it’s false. Look more at what’s called the producer price index.”

“I do think there’s gonna be more inflation, it’s gonna keep going, and it’s possibly going to lead to stagflation, which is worse.”

“How do you expect to create financial freedom if you keep on putting your money in unpredictable places?”

“Do not underestimate the power and the effect of governments trying to control you. Don’t be too surprised if they try to come in and shut things down.”

“I want to focus more on real assets that can provide cash flow – passive income now.”

“I think the real estate market will keep going up. I don’t think it’s gonna keep skyrocketing like we’ve seen, but it’s gonna continue to stay up there because inventory is low.”

“This is not a repeat of the great recession where we had overbuilding happening, overappraising, everything was overly done.”

“Don’t put your money in places where you can’t control it.”