Striking Your Money Nerve with Bob Wheeler

Do you think you have money issues? Many of us are likely to say we don’t. Now, take a moment and look back. Do you remember an instance you had an issue at hand, and instead of dealing with it, you decided to cover it up with the money? That’s a clear indication you have money issues. In this episode, Bob Wheel will be striving the money nerve to help us have a better relationship with our money.


[03:10] Getting to know Bob Wheeler’s background

[06:24] How to identify when you are having money issues

[08:46] Symptoms that may hinder people from creating wealth

[10:40] Dealing with Naysayers

[13:56] Emotional money triggers


“There’s no shame in not knowing how to do things and asking questions, as long as you keep moving forward.”

“We use money as a measure of I’m good, or I’m bad.”

“I think there’s a lot of people that will find all the excuses, and not push through the fear. It doesn’t mean that people that are successful aren’t having some fear, it’s that they push through the fear.”

“When you step up and when you get successful, not everybody’s going to love you. Not everybody’s going to be happy for you. Do it anyway.”

“Money is a magnifier of the soul.”

“If you don’t forgive yourself and let go of past mistakes, you’ll never move forward. You’re actually hindering your ability to create millions because you’re stuck in regret from the past.”


Navigating the Emotions of Money- Bob Wheeler