Are You a Conservative Investor?

Right now, things are all going great. The markets are up, prices are up, and real estate values are up. It’s like it almost wherever you turn; you’re making money. That said, it is essential to note that the noise too is up. How do you shut down the noise, and how do you invest? Are you a conservative investor?

There is a great myth that if someone makes a lot of money, they’re good with money. That’s a complete 100% false. Making more money does not equate to you having more wealth or being smarter. I know people who have made millions of dollars, but they have no assets to show behind the scenes.

Have you realized how some people in real estate are making money, but they are not using the money to make them more money? They are using the money to elevate their lifestyles and buying things that attract people to their business. The fact remains, if you want to have financial freedom, you need to have passive income. Your money must consistently work for you.

How can you start your journey to financial freedom? The first thing is to stop seeking the advice of those that talk about the latest and greatest hottest trend trends or tricks or tactics. Those three T’s do not necessarily equate to making more money.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[02:57] Bursting one of the greatest misconceptions when it comes to money

[05:20] Making passive income

Standout Quotes from this Episode:

“Making more money does not equate to you having more wealth or being smarter when it comes to money.”

“If you do not have passive income, especially multiple streams of passive income coming in, you are in danger and at risk. Because something if it shuts off that mainstream of income, how are you going to be?”

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