How to Get Paid Faster?


Have you ever been told, “I would love to buy your service/product, but I don’t have the money” after you’ve offered your service or product to a prospective client or customer?

As an entrepreneur, are you tired of it?

How much money do those excuses cost you each year?

Well, let’s stop it now!!! The good news is that a few things I’ve learned from our Cash Flow Process helps with this!

But, before I give you some simple questions to ask your potential clients or customers so you can get paid for your service or product, you need to consider one thing –

Are they saying “no” because they don’t see how it’s more valuable than the price?

mr-2You need to be honest here. If the answer is “yes,” then you either need to work on helping them see the value or you may need to adjust your prices. Usually, it only needs to be the first one.

However, if they see the value because it provides more value than will pay for it, and they REALLY want it, here are some easy questions you can ask to increase your sales more. Get them to agree that if you can help them find the funds, they will buy your stuff right away. If they don’t agree to it, refer back to my previous point.

The following are examples of questions to ask:
1Do you have any liquid savings?
This includes savings accounts, cash, money in the bank, CD’s, money markets, or even cash value life insurance (they forget this one a lot!)

2Do you have plans to use this savings anytime in the near future? What for?

3Do you have any lines of credit? Have you called them recently to increase your credit limits that could also increase your credit score?
Many don’t realize how easy this one can be.

4Do you have any houses, cars, equipment, or stuff in general that need to be sold anyways?

5Do you have any retirement accounts or other investment savings?
Most never consider this option because they are always taught to forget about that money until retirement. If your product or service is a business write-off, it’s possible they could offset the taxes buying your stuff making it a total wash on the taxes! And, if you could help them make more money than it would cost them, this could be a no-brainer!

These are just a few questions among many, but could even these few questions make tens of thousands of dollars of difference in your business?

How much time and frustration would that save you too?

Please comment below about some other ways you learned how to get paid by teaching them how to pay you for your product or service!