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MORI 666 | Passive Income

Is passive income necessary if you’re in a business earning residual income? Why do network marketers need passive income? In this episode, we’re joined by business power couple and health coaches Jared & Amber Smithson. They share why they continue to grow their wealth and passive income even though they don’t need to work another day in their lives. Plus, they talk about the trilogy of optimal health, diving deep into why it is necessary to be holistically healthy to move forward and change your life!

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Why This Couple Still Create Passive Income Even When They Don’t Need It With Jared & Amber Smithson

Welcome to our show. It’s for you because you work so hard for your money and you’re ready for your money to start working harder for you right now. You want that freedom and cashflow today. Not 30 or 40 million years from now, where you get to roam with the dinosaurs once again, maybe or possibly, but you want prosperity today so you can live that life that you love with those that you love. Most importantly, it’s not about getting rich. It’s about living a rich life because as you are blessed financially, you have a greater capacity to bless the lives of others. Thank you for allowing me to do that with you today.

I appreciate you tuning in. You’ve been binging and sharing these shows. You’ve already put this in the top 1% of podcasts worldwide. Thank you so much because you are seriously the best audience that we ever had. As a reminder, remember to check out our website, MoneyRipples.com. On there, there’s a passive income calculator you can take today to find out how much passive income you can create in the next twelve months. Be sure to check that out, as well as if you haven’t done so, check out our other YouTube channel, the Money Ripples Shorts page. We got lots of short content for you right there.

I’m bringing on somebody that’s extra special to me. It’s not just because we’ve been friends for 7 or 8 years now, but Jared and Amber Smithson. You are going to find out how amazing these people are. They’ve been clients of ours for many years. Most importantly, these guys are amazing examples of success in business, their families, their personal life, and their financial life too. I’m excited to have them on to share their journey and share a little bit of the things that they’ve learned both in their business as health coaches, as well as what they’ve done financially for themselves too.

To give you a little bit more background, they have their own health and wellness coaching company that they’ve done. They’ve been in this now for several years. They’ve helped thousands of other health coaches be able to prosper and grow their businesses, and do amazing things in this space. They also help talk about the things that we like to talk about, which is prosperity specifically in three key areas, which are mind, body and finances. They also have three great kids. One is going to Kansas here pretty soon, and they also love playing pickleball in their spare time half a mile down the street from me. Welcome to our show.

Thanks for having us, Chris.

I should have mentioned you were total D1, almost like professional volleyball players too, and have been for many years.

We would like to think, and that then we play against actual D1 players and we take it in the face.

I don’t know about that because Jared and our son, Trent, took second in a AA tournament, which that’s the top. He did some game point and took an actual ball to his face and was bleeding.

When you were saying you’re taking it to the face, you were being very literal about that, weren’t you? That’s awesome. Congratulations. That’s incredible. I remember I played volleyball in high school in PE class a few times and that was pretty cool. I can rock a badminton racket. Maybe that’s about it. It’s a lot slower pace when it starts going up and floating down. Tell us how you get on this journey, especially as entrepreneurs, in the first place. Let’s hear about that and how you became healthy.

We were struggling financially. It was about fourteen years ago that we hadn’t made a house payment in over six months. We were just waiting for the bank to come knocking on our door and say, “Get on out.” We were struggling. We were stressed out of our minds. We had our identity stolen to the tune of over $100,000. We didn’t know what to do, honestly. My mom introduced us to the health and wellness program that we coach now. She said, “You need to do this,” and we jumped in with two feet. Fast forward to almost fourteen years, it’s a complete 180 in our body, mind, and finances. It has been fun.

It goes back further than that though because as you mentioned, we have three kids. After our second son who’s about to head up to Kansas for the next couple of years was born, Amber was holding onto that baby. She didn’t feel like herself. She was dealing with some postpartum depression. It was bad. We are looking at all the real things that happen in life. We’re like, “How do we get through this?” She started focusing on that one aspect. We call it the trilogy of optimal health, which is body, mind and finances.

MORI 666 | Passive Income
Passive Income: The trilogy of optimal health: body, mind, and finances.


She started to focus on her body. She changed her nutrition and created these consistent habits around moving her body and exercising. She lost about 35 pounds. She was feeling fantastic. She’s like, “Jared, you should do this with me and stuff.” I try her little stuff for a couple of days. I’ll be like, “This is too hard.” I spent 90% of my working hours in my car traveling. I couldn’t do all the food prep that she was doing at home. She was running a web development business. Fourteen years ago, we were in the middle of a recession.

The government, society, the news and stuff are talking about a recession now. I don’t know if people are aware of this. This is the longest period of time in the last 100 years between recessive periods. The average is 5 to 7 years where we get a drop and a recessive period. It’s been so good for so long that people are like, “Whoa.” We’ve been feasting for so long and now people are scared because we have that short-term memory loss.

It’s a perfect time, in fact. For people, they start going, “Maybe I need to talk to someone like Chris. Maybe I need to have these principles. Maybe I need to make extra money or do better things with my money.” We’re happy that we found you those many years ago, Chris.

It’s incredible because you had a huge turnaround story. It wasn’t just financial. It was physical, emotional and mental. You did the full transformation. Do you get people sometimes coming to you thinking, “If I do this or if I exercise more, my life is going to be perfect?” Do you get people like that still to this day?

I was one of them. I was a collegiate athlete. I knew exercise. I knew getting in the gym. At the same time, they were trying to put weight on me. I knew how to eat like an athlete. When I stepped away from competitive athletics, I was still eating like an athlete but I wasn’t as active all day long. I gained 50 pounds. I blame it on her. I’m like, “I got pregnant three times with my wife. I just never had any babies.”

It’s that pregnancy weight that you gained.

A lot of people think, “I just need to exercise my weight off.” Exercise is a component of it where it can tell you to move your body, but it’s the mindset part of it and seeing that long-term change.

Whether it’s with your body, your mind, or your finances, you can’t go to the gym once a week or once a month and expect transformation. What’s going to happen if you go to the gym once a week is you’re always going to be sore. I don’t believe in being sore. Amber mentioned that my nineteen-year-old son and I took second in this big tournament.

People are like, “I hope that I’m able to move when I’m 48,” and I’m still competing. It’s because I don’t believe in being sore. I believe in moving my body every single day and doing things and raising challenges incrementally so that I get better and better because I’m committed to, “What am I doing for the next 90 days?” In my life, it’s paying your quarterly taxes.

What are the next 90 days so that I can be ready for the next 90 days and the next 90 days? It’s the same thing with finances. It’s like you don’t make financial changes one day in the financial gym. You have to do it. You have to make these commitments to your daily lifestyle to create any transformation in your life.

It’s funny because you bring up a good point about some of the pieces that people are missing. They think it’s easy to do this or do that, or maybe you’re blessed with beautiful genes. You were athletes before, so you can become athletes again. It’s so easy. I’ve never shared with you this before. I don’t if you recall. The first time we went out to dinner, we did a double date. We almost had a fifth wheel too. We’re out for pizza and everything.

People may not know this on the show. At that time, I was over 30 pounds heavier. I was quite inflamed. My body was inflamed, not because I wasn’t exercising. I was still exercising, running and doing all the things I do today, but my diet and my nutrition were out of whack. I remember my bladder was filling up. I didn’t want to be rude and leave, so my bladder is full. You can’t suck it in very well.

I remember my wife at that time made a comment. She’s like, “Chris, suck in your stomach. You look fat.” She said that right to me as we were about to say our goodbyes. I’m like, “I got to go to the bathroom. Once I do, I’ll be able to suck it in again.” Maybe that’s a little TMI for people but it’s true. I didn’t know at the time as well as I do now, which is that nutrition is everything. That’s the foundation.

As you share that, I get emotional about it because I was in the same place. I’m 6’2”. When I graduated from high school, I weighed 158 pounds. Dripping wet and a size 13 shoe. I was playing basketball for eight hours a day. I was practicing but then I loved the sport dearly. After practice, I would go play pickup ball with my friends. Late at night, I would break into our church and I would shoot 500 more free throws that night because I loved the game.

I was also a size 13 shoe. Fast forward to 35 years old, when I had gained 50 pounds and I lose that 50 pounds. I was eating like junk when I was 16, 17 and 18 years old. I was young. I had good genetics. I was exercising for eight hours a day and stuff. I was eating thousands of calories and tons of sugar. At 35 years old, I lose 50 pounds. I am a size 12 shoe. I lost a full size in shoe size because of inflammation in my body that I had since I was a teenager.

I would add he stopped snoring. I was happy about that.

I forgot I used to snore too.

I didn’t become fat physically just because I was eating too much or eating too much of the wrong stuff. My fat physical condition was because of my fat emotional condition. I had been living and suppressing a lot of emotion and stuff like this. Anytime that we have those skeletons in the closet or whatever we want to call them, the monster under the bed or the suppressed child in the basement.

My fat physical condition was because of my fat emotional condition. Click To Tweet

When we start to be able to come face to face and invite those skeletons to our table, have conversations and learn the wisdom that those emotions have, we get to move beyond it. Down in the closet or the basement and stuff are things that are running our lives. When we invite them to the table and learn from them, now we get to gain wisdom from them but they’re no longer running the show. I used to eat because I was lonely, scared, tired, depressed and stressed or whatever. Now, it’s my goal to never emotionally eat. I might eat a dessert or something like that but it’s out of choice, not because I’m feeling something and I’m trying to get rid of that feeling.

You’re burying the feelings or eating the feelings up. I know people are going to be asking this because there’s a variety of people in the audience. If somebody wanted to learn to know the information you know or even to teach people how to do it. I know with your system, I’ve seen health coaches make a lot of money where the average person doesn’t. You have a whole system in place. I know there are two different types of people. Some people are like, “I need to lose that weight.” There are other people saying, “I also want to help others do the same.” What’s the best way for them to reach out to you to do that?

The best way to reach us is through our website. If you go to HealthCanBeSimple.com. It’s going to have an online health evaluation. Fill that out. Jared or I am going to call you. We don’t need to take on personal clients, but our mission is to help people to move forward in their bodies, mind, and finances. We still take on personal people, both clients and teaching people how to have a home-based business because it has changed our lives literally.

MORI 666 | Passive Income
Passive Income: Our mission is to help people move forward in their bodies, mind, and finances.


We’ve seen it change thousands and tens of thousands of other lives.

We’re not talking about magical juices or berries at the bottom of the volcano. This is an actual program that you’re going to move forward with. You’re going to get better.

That’s true. I believe it. That’s where we align a lot because you are doing this financially. You don’t have to keep doing this. You could stop and let your business do its thing and you are perfectly fine and yet, you keep going because that mission or that calling is pulling you along.

We’ve been retired from our full-time jobs for over a decade. We still have that drive. We still want to do this. It’s not just because we want active income. We have residual income and also passive income through what you’ve taught us. It just drives us.

To add to that, one of the reasons that we started working with you is because we’re coaches ourselves. We life coach, health coach, and emotional coach people to reach their potential. The cool thing about potential is once you reach what you think your potential is, you see the next peak. You see even more potential in yourself. If you want to get better at anything in life, find yourself a coach. Chris, you and I were in the same business in the financial industry before we did what we do now. You said there’s a better way than traditional financial planning or advising.

The cool thing about potential is once you reach what you think your potential is, you see the next peak and even more potential in yourself. Click To Tweet

He’s the anti-financial planner.

We went to you. We were like, “Chris has relationships. He knows how to put people in the same rooms with each other.” You’ve introduced us to people like our CPAs and different investments, and you’ve been our coach. You’re not just telling us what to do. You’re asking us, “What do you want to accomplish?” You’re helping facilitate this plan for us. We do the same thing with people’s health and with their finances if they want to help other people. The best way to help some help yourself or do something is to teach it to somebody else.

This is why many of our clients become coaches because people start to see them and see their passion for living. It’s the old adage that most people die when they’re 75 or they die when they’re 25 but they get buried when they’re 75 or choose whatever age you want. I want people to be fully alive every single. We wanted our money to make money, so our daily work is purpose-driven rather than money-driven. We get to live in our genius every single day because we don’t have to work every single day just for income. Money can go make money. That’s why we went to Chris because he’s the best at creating passive income.

That’s one thing I want to dig into a little bit with you and your mentality behind that. You have a very comfortable life. As you said, you don’t have to take on a new client at all like myself. We don’t have to take on new clients at all. I’m going to call specific groups of people, especially those in network marketing and direct sales. A lot of times they’ll tell me, “I’m taken care of because I’ve got enough residual income to pay forever.” That’s cute and all and it’s true. They do have that coming in. From your perspective, why would someone like that want to keep creating passive income where they get money working for them versus keep taking in residual income? Why would you have passive income as well?

For me, comfort is the killer of dreams. It’s people’s unwillingness to get uncomfortable in their life. I love Kobe Bryant. I heard him one time say this when he was getting ready to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. He said, “I realized late in my career, the championships, the MVPs, the scoring titles, all these things wasn’t the dream. The dream was the 4:00 AM workouts that I was putting in to create all those things.”

Comfort is the killer of dreams. Click To Tweet

For us, when you help someone else create something, it’s like having kids. My kids have accomplished some of the same things that I accomplished at their ages. Maybe it’s in different sports or academics or music or something like that. When they accomplish it, it brings me so much more joy than when I accomplished it myself. When you achieve something, you cross that metaphorical finish line and you’re like, “Where’s the ticker tape parade?” It’s so short-lived. It’s a moment in time. What am I going to create next? Who am I going to help next? I find so much joy in teaching someone how to fish rather than just giving them a fish.

I’ll answer your question, Chris. I think it’s fun. It is so fun to invest your money because I am an investor. I invest in different things that you bring us. I invest in relationships with people. I invest in my physical health, my mental health, and my personal and professional development. I see myself as an investor and it’s too fun to not do it.

We used to be consumers of relationships, health and finances. We flipped our lifestyle over and said, “We’re going to be investors in these things rather than consumers.” The coolest thing in the world is an investment account grows a consumption account. If you’re like, “This is my checking account and this is where I draw money out to pay my bills and do fun things and stuff like that.” You’re always playing this game like, “Do I have enough?” It’s an investment in anything. In any of those accounts, relationships, finances, health or whatever it is. When you have this investment mentality, it continues to grow.

MORI 666 | Passive Income
Passive Income: When you have this investment mentality, it just continues to grow.


I love that. I call it the creator mindset versus the consumer mindset. You’re trying to create something more versus just consuming it. As you said, it almost runs down your assets. That can be running down your relationships or your health over the years. It’s not creating more health. It’s running down your health. It’s running down those relationships rather than creating better and higher quality amazing relationships. Any final thoughts you have about anything we’ve talked about? This has been such a great conversation. I don’t want it to end.

A final thought I would have is we love connections. Maybe for one of your readers, it’s not for them. They don’t want to connect with us and have them coach with their healthy body or healthy mind, but you might know somebody. You might know someone who could benefit from that. We love making connections with people. We might know someone who could help them in their business because that’s what it’s about. It’s that abundance mindset. I can’t stop connecting with people because as I said, it’s too fun.

I’ve had several clients. You guys have been to our events and our masterminds and things like that over the years. There are people who are like, “Thank you so much for introducing us to Amber and Jared. It’s been so nice to be able to get to know them.” Sometimes they’ve even taken different career paths as a result of meeting you. It’s true. I agree. You have a very wealthy type of relationship to have in life.

Thanks for having us, Chris. We feel the same towards you.

I appreciate that. As we always do, everybody. If you want to connect with Amber and Jared, we’ll put that link in MoneyRipples.com. If this is something that spoke to you, whatever it is or whatever that little whisper is telling you to do, take action on that immediately. Don’t wait. Don’t go listen to another show. If you have to write it down, send an email and do whatever you got to do. Visit HealthCanBeSimple.com or whatever you need to do. Go and take action so that your life changes today. It’s not about what you know. It’s about what you do, and then that wisdom grows with it. Make it a wonderful and prosperous week. We’ll see you later.


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MORI 666 | Passive IncomeAmber & Jared Smithson have been married for 24 years, and have worked together coaching personal clients in the health and wellness space as well as training coaches to have their own home-based business. They’ve helped thousands improve their trilogy of optimal health: body, mind, and finances. They have three children and enjoy volleyball and pickleball in their spare time.