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MORI 99 | Law Of Attraction

How do you keep achieving your goals and dreams, even when life throws you curves?

How can you get the law of attraction to work more powerfully in your favor?

Founder of Money Ripples, Chris Miles, shares from his own personal experiences 4 simple things you can do RIGHT NOW to get back on your feet and start getting things going your way again. No matter the challenge, there is hope! Tune in now!

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Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert,” is a leading authority on how to quickly free up and create cash flow for thousands of his clients, entrepreneurs, and others internationally! He’s an author, speaker, and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate, Entrepreneur on Fire, and has spoken to thousands getting them fast financial results.

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When Life Throws You Curves, Using The Law Of Attraction

I want to talk about something that I’ve seen. There’s almost an epidemic within the community. It happens with normal people, but especially among business owners and entrepreneurs now. I’m seeing and sensing this happening and it looks like not just an epidemic but maybe a pandemic. I’ve talked to other people as well and they’re seeing the same thing is that there’s a lot of life getting in the way or a lot of stuff happening where people are feeling overwhelmed and maxed.

This isn’t everybody, but across the board, I’m seeing more people that are at this place where they’re silently suffering. You might be one of those people too. Life might’ve thrown you some curves, maybe your business is serving some curves, or you’re going through financial, health, emotional, or relationship struggles, you name it. You might be going through it.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my life, it’s about struggle and overcoming. One thing I want to address is how you prosper even when life is throwing you curves. It’s so easy to be an abundant person when things are going well, isn’t it? It’s always nice and easy. You can always think positively, choose abundance, and act more abundantly when things are going well, but what about when things aren’t going your way? What about when you get some surprises? What about when things feel like you’re about ready to explode?

This is going to tie in a lot with the inbox implosion episode that I did a few weeks back, but I want to build on this more because that was one simple step to start. I want to talk about my experience as well as others too. I want you to put your attention towards, “What works? What’s successful? What allows us to get through that?” I don’t want to see you guys suffering anymore.

There are a lot of you hiding your talents or your gifts because you’re suffering through something. Even when you try to get out, it doesn’t feel right or doesn’t quite work, and then all of a sudden, you just don’t make an impact. If there’s anything, I want you to create a ripple effect. That’s the whole purpose of my company, Money Ripples, is to help you create a ripple effect is why I want you to financially prosper, grow, improve and expand your reach to bless more lives. To do that, we got to learn how to get through tough times.

I remember I had a mentor who told me, “Life takes you through the city dumps. The key is you don’t park there.” You don’t set up a tent or live there. You pass through them. You don’t just endure them. Some people will say, “I want to endure these trials.” We don’t endure these trials. We thrive through these trials. You get through them.

I’ve gone through a lot of transition for myself last year and I’ve seen now in my business more than ever these major magnetic attractions buzz that’s coming through. It’s attracting the right people at exactly the right time. My business is growing more easily. It’s more effortless than it’s ever been before. That’s what I love. I love when the law of attraction works in your favor. Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, you can’t deny that there are times when everything seems to go smoothly and things are going well. It’s like you’re traveling down the stream. Other times it feels like you’re going upstream. If you’re like a car, your RPMs are running, but you’re not going anywhere.

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I want to share with you how I got through the hardest challenges in my life in the last year and even when one of those things rear up or those challenges come, what tools I’ve been able to use to help me get through it and be able to still keep that law of attraction buzzing to where I’m bringing the best people. I love that there are people who are attracted to me and are exactly the people I want in my life right now. I want to talk about that. I want you to get that law of attraction and that magnet around you working so you start bringing in the right people that you want to work with. The people that are perfect for you. The people that come into your life at the right time allow you to prosper, not just financially, but through your relationships and health. Everything is tied to this.

Let’s get into it. Have you ever seen a sports game where they call a timeout? For example, maybe the team that you’re rooting for is losing. The other team starts getting a lot of momentum. What does the coach do on the team that’s starting to get they’re getting spanked across the field? The other coach will say, “Timeout.” They’re doing this for two reasons, strategically one, they want to regroup their troops. They want to get their team together. Two, they stop the other team’s momentum because the other team got a rhythm going, so they want to stop that rhythm.

This timeout happens because they got to figure it out, “Let’s strategize. Let’s make this work. Let’s see what we can do to turn the tables and get it working in our favor again.” Strategically, I use timeouts to do that. That’s very important if you think about it from the place of business. There are four points I want to bring up here. Number one is, “Take a time out.”

The person I was speaking with yesterday thought, “I’m struggling right now, but if I could work and battle through it, we’ll be okay.” The thing is 2/3 of people will work frustrated and I’ve noticed. I’m one of those people, even if things are going your way, you’ll work frustrated. You’ll be frustrated. You’ll keep working and hopefully work yourself out of a problem. This does not work at all.

If you’re in a place of frustration, it’s probably because something’s not quite. There’s something going on that’s aligned with who you are or what you should be doing. The best thing to do is take a time out. I told this person, “Can you take a time out? How can you do a reset? Can you go up to the mountains? Can you go to a spiritual place? Can you go get the massage?” His wife said, “We’ve got two massages.” I’m like, “Great. Go get a massage.” His objection was, “Yes, but I’m not getting anything done.” I said, “I know, but the thing is, you won’t get anything done anyways.”

You cannot write on a piece of paper well if you’ve got a dull pencil. If it’s worn all the way down to the wood, you’re not going to be writing well. You will be wasting more time trying to write with a dull pencil. Sharpen that lead, get yourself to a place where you can be more productive, and have a fresh set of eyes. Take a time out. Put on pause, it might be for a matter of minutes, hours, or days, and that’s okay. Whatever it takes to take that time out. It’s much better than stumbling forward and making a lot of wrong decisions.

A warning here, some people will take this as the opportunity to make no decisions ever. This is not about not taking action. This is a very strategic way to take action. We want to make sure you don’t fall into that place of inaction. I want to get you to take time out to regroup yourself, get yourself centered, and understand where I am, what I need to be doing right now, and what’s my next step.

MORI 99 | Law Of Attraction
Law Of Attraction: When you’re clear, you’re confident, tend to say no to things that are a distraction, and say yes to the right opportunities.

That leads to number two, which is clarity. What is it that you truly want? What is it that you’re about? In business, this is what was big for me. I had to get clear. I felt a shift happening within myself, saying, “The people that I’m serving are changing.” I’m serving a lot of people, but the people that I’m working with one-on-one are the people that I’m investing my time with. I noticed that those people were changing in my mind. There were changing into different people. I noticed that there are clients I work with that seemed to be much easier.

It’s funny because I’ll talk to people and I’ll tell them like, “You’re easy.” What I mean is I can help you solve your problems very easily like this is simple and fun for me. I’ve had that show up more in the last year than ever, especially in the last 6 or 7 months. I’ve had people show up, thinking, “You’re perfect for me. You give me inspiration. You make me want to be in business.” Sometimes I work with people because I want to help them. Sometimes it’s an energy drain for me, not because they’re draining, but because I’m not the person who solved those certain problems that they have. There are other people I would rather recommend.

I’ve noticed this in the last year that I’ve had some of the best clients ever come to me, especially in the last few months. I’m like, “This is slam dunk easy for me. I can do this.” The thing is, for them, it’s not easy because they don’t know where the solution is. They know the solutions out there but don’t know where and I have the solution. It makes it a great win-win scenario because we both need each other. I need them because I want people who can get results because I like testimonials. I like to have people get massive results and make a difference. I want people to create ripple effects.

I had to get clear on who I was serving. When I did that, it was amazing how these people kept showing up. When you start to say, “Who am I serving? What am I doing?” Do you truly know what you want? Have you ever mapped that out? “Here’s what I want.” This is something you might need to do. In this time out, you might say, “I need to spend some time getting clear and writing out what I want, who I am serving, and what I want to have to happen,” and focus on that. That clarity creates confidence. When you’re clear and confident, you tend to say no to things that are a distraction, and you say yes to the right opportunities. If you’re not clear on what you want, you’ll never know the difference between an opportunity or a distraction. That’s what we’re going to do so focus there.

When you get clarity, then number three is you focus on what you want. Now, you know what you want, then you’ve got to focus on it. You say, “I want this and I want this person to show up.” If you’re thinking of the ideal client or customer, hold them in your mind for at least 15 to 20 seconds and create a picture. Maybe it’s an image of somebody you already know and focus on them. That’s what I started doing, I started focusing on the clients then I said, “This person is perfect.” I started focusing on them. When I would speak, think, or everything, I’d be thinking about them.

I would hold that image in my mind and what it was about them that I liked, what their situation was, or things like that. I’m clearer now because there are two questions that my ideal person asks. Two ate both questions. One is, “Chris, I’m making more money, but why do I not feel like I have more money? Why does it seem like I’m still running out of money? I’m not getting ahead.” That’s number one.

Number two is, “Chris, I’ve saved some money, but it’s not doing anything for me. How do I get my money working for me instead of me always working for my money? When I start getting clear on those, it’s amazing, like people came out of the woodwork. People started reaching out to me or people were referring people to me. I was like, “These people just show up. Check this out.”

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Here’s the thing, you want to focus on what you want and also on how you want your business to look, how you want your financial life to look, and everything else. When you want to focus on things that you want, get clear on what that is. It’s funny, this week I finally bought an iron to iron my shirts with. I had an ironing board and forgot that it was even there. I would walk past it every day when I go to my closet and never noticed it.

All of a sudden, I went online and saw classifieds and somebody selling irony board and I almost made an offer. I was like, “I need an irony board,” and then I said, “Chris, check in your closet.” I went to my closet and there it was. I had an ironing board the whole time. By the way, I don’t mind ironing some of my shirts. I don’t dry clean my own shirts, but I iron some of my shirts. I thought, “What don’t I have? I don’t have an iron.” I went to the store and bought a $20 iron. That was it. It’s so simple, but sometimes we overlook those things because we get so overwhelmed. I’ve started to do that in my life. I said, “What am I missing? What have I been avoiding or overlooking?”

I bought a new wallet. I had a wallet that was probably at least fifteen years old. People at the store would make comments that were like, “That’s a very vintage wallet you have there. It’s very cowboy-worn out, that kind of thing.” In fact, they even started to wear a little hole because it got thin in certain parts where there were business cards stuck in the section for so long. I finally bought a wallet. What’s amazing is, “It’s possible.”

In my mind, I was thinking, “It’s not a priority. I’ll do it later,” and then I thought, “I could rather spend my money on other things.” It was a $30 wallet. It wasn’t that big of a deal but isn’t it amazing how we may build it up in our minds and we go crazy with it? When you get clear on it, then focus on that. “What do I want?” Find ways to go get it. Don’t sit on it, but this leads to number four.

1) You take your time out. 2) You get clear on what you want or what you want to have to happen. 3) You focus on it. Try to focus on the feel-good around it. Try to create good positive feelings around it. You focus on the things you want, not the things that are going crap in your life. Life will throw your curves. Life has thrown me curves. It’ll throw everybody curves and that’s okay. Even if you have a day, you’re like, “This is a crazy day. I’m not feeling it as much as I do some days.” It’s okay. Go back to focusing on what you want.

When I read Donald Trump’s book called Trump Never Give Up, he would focus on the one positive thing and pretty much put no energy or very little energy towards the negative things. He would still solve those problems and address those things, but he put more of his attention on what’s going right. After you take a time out, you get clear on what you want, and then you focus on what you want and try to create those positive feelings around it.

Similar to what I talked about a few weeks ago about that inbox implosion. You start addressing the integrities. All the things that you say you committed to doing and you haven’t done. One, you can always say no. You can always say, “I’m sorry. I over-promised I couldn’t deliver on that. I feel bad and horrible, but I’ve overcommitted. I got to take some priorities.” I did that last week with a group that I do training for. I said, “I love you guys, but I got to make priorities. In fact, my kids got to be a little bit more of a priority. I need to make sure that I’m rearranging some things in my schedule to open up more space.”

MORI 99 | Law Of Attraction
Law Of Attraction: After you take a time out, get clear on what you want and then focus on what you want and try to create those positive feelings around it.

That’s the key. It’s going to create more space. What I’m noticing is that people are rejecting more business. The guy I was talking to. I told him to go get massages. I said, “The warning, you’re probably already feeling. You’re not allowing more business to come in because you feel like you can’t handle anything more.” “If I have one more thing come up, I’m going to lose it.” If you say something like that your business will go stagnant. It will stop. You got to get to a place where you say, “If one thing hits my plate, I’m okay.

We all hit the periods where we feel like we’re going to be overloaded, but can we get things off? What happens is we get overloaded. We don’t take action on the things we need to do and then the integrity list builds up. Therefore, we feel like we’re out of integrity and that list builds. We feel worse about it and then we waste more energy on the things we’re not doing. Knock off that integrity list. Start checking them off one by one.

I shared the story before where I had some videos I had to record. There are only two hours or a little over two hours total worth of videos and that’s it, but it took me about four hours or so to record them all. What was amazing, in my mind, it was blown up to be something so huge, like with the iron. I was like, “It’s going to take so much time.” Is it really? If you get clear and find out what it requires, you’ll find out it’s not that hard.

Start to find ways to get those things off your plate one by one. Celebrate it when you do it. Don’t be like, “That was great.” No, get excited about it and love it like, “I did it. Yes. That was cool. It feels so good to get that done. What’s next?” Focus on one thing at a time and get them off your list. I promise you that when you do that, you become a magnet and attract more. You start to bring in the clients and customers you need and all the things you want. All those things will start to get better.

One, take a timeout. Stop spinning your wheels like crazy. You’re not going anywhere. Let the wheels grip the road by taking a time out, getting clear, focusing on your want, and doing those things. Start to get those things off your list, get the integrity, create that space, feel good about it, celebrate it and watch what happens. You’ll have all those things coming in. You’ll start to say, “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”

No matter what life throws at you, I promise you that you can get through this. In fact, you’ll be stronger for it and end up attracting more and more. Those new lows or lower lows will help you hit higher highs. During the lows, you create the tools to create the higher highs. Go out and make it a great prosperous week. Good luck, everybody. We’ll talk to you next time.

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