What Stops Most People From Making More Money?

Often, I offer a lot of money tips on ways to save money, but it’s even more important to know how to make more money, wouldn’t you agree?

After hearing Marianne Williamson, author of “A Return to Love”, speak in Salt Lake City, UT a few days ago, I felt impressed to address this topic. I encounter a lot of people, entrepreneurs and employees alike, who wonder:

“What can I do to make more money?

Do I need to work harder? Smarter?

Change careers?

Why does it seem so hard sometimes?”

Although these are great questions to be asking, it’s the wrong question. The reason the answer seems so mystifying to many is because everyone is trying to get more of the result (money) without addressing what causes money to show up in the first place. Once I finally understood this, making money got a lot easier and caused a lot less guilt.


If you want to earn more money, add more value (that OTHERS see as valuable) to more people’s lives.

And stop looking at your employer or your potential customer/client as a way to make money! Seek to serve first, profit second! The other way around makes you broke and makes people not like you.

In other words:

Cause – Adding Value to Others

Result – Money (and other forms of compensation)

It’s that simple…and that complex. Every dollar I’ve ever earned, and you’ve ever earned, has come from someone else’s bank account. Money doesn’t make more money. Money is only a currency that people use to exchange with others. If you offer something they value more than the money, they’ll exchange it.

For example, I’m about to release my 6-disc CD set for $97. The reason I know that that price is more than reasonable is the concepts should add hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to anyone who listens and applies it. It’s the same way with my mentoring packages too. My whole goal is to help someone get a much better return on investment than what they pay for it. Shouldn’t that be your focus too? Add more value than what you take?

So how does this apply to you?

If you work a job – Your wages have to be less than what you are worth to the company. Otherwise, you won’t have a job for very long. If you want better job security or a raise, find ways to add more value to your employer that exceeds your wages.

If you are an entrepreneur – Find ways to add value that others want to justify compensating you. It annoys me when business owners assume people just want to buy their products or services. Do your customers or clients know why they should buy it? Why should they care? Is that really what they are looking for? How are you communicating it?

As Anthony Robbins says, “Success leaves clues.” Money is a clue about whether you are providing value to others. The more money you are earning, the more value you are creating.

The secret to making more money is adding more value for more people!

Make sense? What have you learned about how to earn more money? Please comment below!

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