What is Stopping You From Having the Life of Your Dreams?


What stops you from getting amazing results in their lives?

It’s not the government.

It’s not your parents.

It’s not your spouse.

It’s not even the Jewish calendar or the cosmos!

It’s YOU!!!

I know most of you aren’t shocked by this because you already know this to be true.

But I want to give you a great example of human nature that might surprise you. 

Those of you that get my emails probably remember the email I sent on the 4th of July.

In that email, I taught about real financial freedom. In the spirit of the holiday, I did something I’ve never done before. I offered a one on one Money Leak Evaluation with my consultant, Jeremiah, for FREE!

This is the same consultation we have charged $247.00 for, and I offered it to the first 12 people that replied for FREE!

During this appointment, many people learn how to free up hundreds a month, or even up to tens of thousands a year!

Awesome, right? My followers thought so too!

In the 1st hour of the holiday, we hit our 12 people.

Within a few hours, we had 20 more request it, that I also promised to receive it at no charge. Crazy, right?

Jeremiah was ticked that I let that many people thru for free!

We received more emails over the next few days where I still offered it for a steal at $50.

Here’s what’s fascinating (this may be the Sociology major in me coming out)….

Only 8 actually took 2 minutes to answer a few questions!

That means about 25% acted fast and followed thru with it.

Does that seem strange to you?

This is human nature. Most people feel like they don’t have opportunities, even when it’s abundant everywhere.

It’s not because opportunity doesn’t knock. It’s because you open the door and forget to invite it in.

My friend, Tiffany Peterson, says that “Fortune is in the follow thru.”

You’ll hear people quote sales statistics often where people need to interact with you at least 5-8 times before they buy from you, but most never reach out beyond the 2nd try.

Persistence promotes prosperity!

Which areas of your life are you not following thru?

Where are you missing opportunities where you are SO CLOSE to getting the life and financial results you want, but you just forget to take that next step?

THIS is where most miss out and never know it. Taking action is good, and can take you places. Following thru on that action is not only better. It’s rare! 

Do what most won’t, and take that next step!