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MORI 207 | Rippler

Every episode, I welcome the “ripplers.” But what does that mean? What do we stand for? How are we changing the world?

In today’s episode, I’ll share what it really means to be a “rippler” and what change we are creating with Money Ripples. Tune in now!

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Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert,” is a leading authority on how to quickly free up and create cash flow for thousands of his clients, entrepreneurs, and others internationally! He’s an author, speaker, and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate, and Entrepreneur on Fire and has spoken to thousands getting them fast financial results.

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What Does It Mean To Be Rippler?

I’m excited because I have got a wonderful show for you. A quick reminder, check out our website, MoneyRipples.com. There are some great blogs on there that I haven’t looked at because I don’t do blogs that much. I do mostly podcast, but if you want some good reading content, check it out. I want to talk about what does it mean to be a rippler? When I say you are a fellow rippler, what am I saying? What does that mean? I know that many of you have joined me after we started the inaugural show. There are some shows that I have done that help build to that, but I want to address what does it mean? Why are you here?

I know you are here for different reasons. I know you are here because you want to learn the financial strategies you hear about. You want to know how to prosper and create cashflow now. There are all kinds of reasons. There might even be at that money mindset you are trying to get. You’ve probably been referred here by somebody or you have heard me somewhere else, and then he started following me or you don’t even remember how the heck you got connected here, but you know you are here. I’m grateful for it because I don’t take that lightly because I see this as a mission.

The Origin

Let me talk about my mission first. The whole name Money Ripples came to me while I was out for a jog one morning. I was trying to create a new website. I was thinking around the terms of cashflow and things like that, and then I decided to look to my vision. I remember seeing my vision. The hundreds of people I’d already helped with the previous company that I was in, I thought about those people about what was happening in their lives. They could free up $2,000, $3,000, or sometimes $6,000-plus a month.

We weren’t even talking about trying to create money through investments. This is through money savings. I remember thinking about the ripple effect of creating their life because it wasn’t about the money that was saved. It was also a change in mindset, a change of way of viewing money and getting out of that scarcity paradigm.

I remember thinking of how awesome it was for them to change lives and how some of them had tears of gratitude for that and how it was blessing their children to see a different example. They weren’t seeing that example of scarcity with money. They are seeing the example of abundance. I thought about the ripple effect that’s created through their family that would have to go through their community, the country, and across the world. That’s when the name Money Ripples came to my mind.

The whole purpose of Money Ripples, and what I do is beyond all the strategies and everything, is that I want to create this ripple effect of prosperity and freedom through your life, your family, or generations of your family. Not just you and your immediate family, but something that could be passed on that could change the community and the world. That’s what I’m here to do.

I know I’m not the first person to do that, but I know I have got my own unique flavor of how I do it and I like it and hope you do too. That’s my big thing, and my big thing is about giving you value first, compensation second. A lot of you have mentioned this to me. They are like, “You’re hurting your promote anything of your on your site or you don’t promote that yourself that much on your podcast.” No, I don’t have to. Believe it or not, I have an intention. There is a method behind my madness. I welcome you to join me and follow me. Even for those that feel called to do so, to reach out to me and say, “I want to work with you.”

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I do that intentionally. I’m talking to you. I know that some of you are going to feel called to say, “I need to reach out to Chris right now.” That’s because I subconsciously screen you or let you screen yourself. Others, I know that you are falling. You are maybe curious. Some of you have been following for a while and you are trying to get prepared and that’s perfect.

That’s my whole purpose. I can create a massive impact in the world, and then the more impact I create, the money has never been a problem. As I kept that same focus, everything was so great. The whole purpose of the show is to allow me to teach something and to reach many more of you that I can reach one-on-one. Some of you do reach out to me one-on-one and we work together and that’s cool too.

What It Means To Be A Rippler

I want to talk about you and what it means to be a rippler in your life and what I see for you guys. It’s not about promoting me. This is creating this ripple effect. What do you stand for? This is what it is, what’s at the heart of this. When I know of you as a rippler, I know as someone who wants to raise the standard of excellence and service by example.

You are living a life of excellence. You want to live a life of excellence, not a life of mediocrity. You’ve probably heard me say many times that it’s not about you being mediocre. It’s about you living this life excellence. Something beyond the status quo, beyond the norm, of life much better, because, let’s be honest, people out there right now are broke. They are suffering.

Even if they are making decent money, they are still silently suffering in their homes, in the deep recesses of their mind, and sometimes in the conscious recesses of their mind. They are suffering. They are in scarcity. They don’t know what they are going to do. I’m here to help you create more of that. I’m helping you to surpass and transcend beyond the status quo.

We talk about using money, but it’s not about creating cashflow money. Cashflow is awesome because cashflow creates more options in your life. When you have more income coming in and expenses, all kinds of doors open up, and that’s where there’s more freedom. There are more options there, and so that’s cool too, but it’s so much more than that.

It’s about allowing you to use money to serve people to create a greater or wise stewardship that you are willing to keep money. Ability to create money, to protect it and then make more of it on top of that. To create more resources so that you can be a blessing in other people’s lives that you create those ripple effects through your own gifts and talents. You all have your own unique abilities, your own unique talents and passions and something that I can’t do. That’s what’s beautiful is that we are all part of this big whole. I have got my own little piece of the puzzle, but you are another piece as well.

MORI 207 | Rippler
Rippler: Ripplers are someone who wants to raise a standard of excellence and service by example. You want to live a life of excellence, not mediocrity.

As we work together and as we start to go beyond that scarcity world and that scarcity thinking where it’s all about selfishness and how we are going to survive. We get out of that survival mode and get into thrival mode. How do we truly prosper, and in that prosperity? Allow ourselves to open up and be able to bless more lives. We have the resource to do so to make a greater impact.

I don’t mean just charities. All of that could be part of it. Some of the greatest impacts I have made is through my business. As I financially prosper, I know I can hire more people to work on their gifts and talents, too, especially if it increases my impact on my ability to produce. That’s what I see is that as a rippler, you want to do whatever’s possible to use these gifts and abilities and use your money and resource to allow you to produce more, to create a better impact in people’s lives and in people’s worlds.

We are also giving people permission to live in their greatness too. As we step into our greatness and as we start to live in that, we give others permission to do the same. We choose abundance over scarcity. We give permission to live something better. We take responsibility for our successes as well as our failures.

We are willing to take responsibility. We are not victims. We are the heroes of the story. We always remind ourselves that we are the number one investment, that the number investment is always in you and how you develop you, allowing you to express those gifts, not throwing money into financial vehicles and products. That’s not it at all. That’s secondary.

God, Family, And Business

How do we develop you and grow you? Here’s some for me in my life, and this could be different for you, but this is for me is that I look at the priority. When I look at my priorities and what I look at, I see God as number one. You might have different definitions of God or whatever it might be, but there’s something bigger than yourself. There’s a bigger meaning. There’s a bigger purpose.

When I talked about prioritizing God or put that focus on God, I’m also putting a focus on helping them create the best version of me. Some people will talk about God, it’s all about God, but they forget about that you are the vehicle that God can work through. You are an instrument in his hands. I see that as number one is that if I’m taking care of myself first, I can help take care of others people too. It doesn’t mean selfishness, but I am self-interested. We are about self-interest in the sense that we know that the better with the vehicle we are, the better the instrument we can become, the better we can bless everyone’s lives, our families included.

That’s why I say it’s God or taking care of ourselves as part of that purpose. Our internal world first, our family second, and then business or occupation third. Everything else is other stuff, but it is that. That priority for me is God, family, and business. I didn’t say country. That could be my business, but it’s not my business because I see my role as much bigger than my country. It’s the world. It’s the same thing. The whole purpose of that is that no financial success is worth sacrificing our own lives nor our family’s happiness. That’s got to come first. Us and our families that got to come first and business is secondary.

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Whenever I have those priorities straight, everything works out when that’s straight. When it’s at a whack when I prioritize business for money over family and everything else, it’s almost seems like everything keeps getting clunky. It’s hard to work with. I don’t know if you’ve seen that in your life too, but that’s what I see is representing is that we are very much focused on something bigger than ourselves. We are focused on family and then business and money are not the priority.

Although from the outside perspective, we might look like. Especially as our wealth grows, we might look like money, business, or occupations are very important to us, and maybe that people think it’s the most important thing. If they were to look into our lives more from an internal perspective, not from an outside perspective, they would notice that stuff is secondary or even tertiary. It’s in third place. It’s not the highest priority, but we do value money in the sense that we know we can increase our stewardship and be wise stewards.

Attracting Money Through Value Creation

We like to have more of it because we know that we are going to be wiser stewards of the money than many people will be. It’s not that we take money from people, but naturally, money is attracted to us because of who we are and what we create. It’s always coming back to creating value first. It’s that we are not focusing on creating money. We are focusing on creating value and money is a natural byproduct.

If you are a rippler that you know dollars follow value, you know that. You’ve been taught this if you listen to show enough that this is one of the number one principles that changed my life is that it’s not about being smart with financial strategies. Although, it doesn’t hurt. It does help to know the right strategies to use, but it’s to understand the right principles that you can create a lot more money, wealth, and impact as you focus on others first on how to solve their problems, and then the money problem is never a problem. I can attest to that.

We are here to live by example, to be authentically who we are, that we choose simplicity over complexity. I shock people sometimes that I know as much as I do, and the reason is because I try not to teach over your head. Even if I know you can handle more, I still try to teach from the most common language possible because if I start teaching from a complex way like most financial people, I get lumped into that same old crappy mix. The thing is, I am an anti-financial advisor not because I focus on cashflow now. To create a life today and the life tomorrow, which is what I have you guys as ripplers do too.

It’s about the fact that we try to create more with less. There’s leverage. With simplicity, I see that as part of the leverage is that if I can’t teach it simply, maybe I don’t totally understand it. I try to teach things from as simple and common-sense approaches as possible. When I see you create a ripple effect out there, I see you doing the same thing. It’s not talking over people’s heads. This doesn’t have to be complex. If anything, you are almost shocking people with how simple and easy it seems, and that’s a big focus of what I do. If you notice, that’s what I teach is that I don’t need my ego stroked to try to use big complex words because it’s dumb to use big complex words. The biggest intelligence is teaching us simply.

We talk about getting it done, but we get it done now. We are people of action. This doesn’t mean that we overwork ourselves because if you know, I’m more anti-hustle and how I teach. I love leverage. It’s not about just trying to take action and do things haphazardly. It’s about creating something now. Getting that impression and then following those impressions because you know your heart and your gut is leading you that direction.

MORI 207 | Rippler
Rippler: As a rippler, you want to do whatever’s possible to use these gifts and abilities and use your money and resource to allow you to produce more, to create a better impact in people’s lives and people’s worlds.

Going that way. You got to walk the walk and talk the talk. You are willing to live a life with integrity where you do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it. You are going to do what you are going to do. You don’t shrink when faced with differing opinions. With the things that I teach here, there are differing opinions. The majority of people teach differently than what I teach, and I’m okay with that.

You’ll hear Dave Ramsey out there say like, “We are teaching against what everybody teaches.” No. He teaches what every other financial person teaches out there. When he says he’s teaching the opposite, no, he’s not. He’s teaching the opposite of human behavior. That may be true of a lot of human behavior, but I teach the opposite of a lot of what financial “experts or professionals” teach. Why? It’s because it works. I get a lot of you that say, “I want people to get this, but it’s so hard because everybody’s teaching you do the opposite. Everybody teaching, throw your money into 401(k)s, mutual funds, and everything else. What you are teaching is against the grain.”

My answer is, “Good. Tell them to look at the evidence. Tell them to look at what’s happened last many years of financial advisors teaching the same old crap.” People are taking that advice, falling on that advice, even surpassing by doing more than what people advise and still wondering why they can’t freaking retire.

If that’s not a clue, wake up. Why can’t people wake up to that? That’s the thing I want to slap people in the face with like, “Look at the evidence. Look at real life.” If you look at what’s around, there are people prospering but not prospering because the great mutual funds in the stock market do an awesome. I have clients who have great money they have made in the market last several years, but still, they don’t have cashflow. It hasn’t answered that real need of how do I retire with cashflow.

We are not going to shrink when we are faced with differing opinions. Even the rest of the world tells us not to create value but to go after our desires and selfishness. No. We are here to create value to serve people, make a massive impact in people’s lives, blessing with our gifts and our talents, our God-given gifts and talents and use that to help others in a way that makes this world a better place, and no government organization can do that. They don’t have the power to create that change. They could try to force it with the muzzle of a gun, but they can’t do squat.

It comes from us. It starts from within and by us, change the way we leave this planet and the way I want to leave it, and I hope you do too. I want to leave this nice footprint on the planet because we came to serve and we are making a difference in people’s lives. That’s what it means to be a rippler is that we are here to make a difference.

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We are here to first and foremost create a ripple effect in our own life to prosper and create that freedom and control in our own lives first. Secondarily, while we are doing that, not after we do this, but while we are doing those things, we are also helping to create impact in others’ lives. Willing to teach or to guide. Willing to lead by example.

We are the ones that are effecting that change. There is no government, no power, no politician, no celebrity, no one that can do that better than us. It starts with us. It starts with those people that we can influence in our sphere of influence. That’s my vision. That is the thing that I saw what I can do with Money Ripples.

I saw that I could be blessed and prosper my own life, but it’s what change and impact can I create in your lives? What can it do first that allows you to create that freedom and prosperity to open up your world so that you can have the energy and the time to make a massive impact in people’s lives, and many of you are already doing this? I know I’m not the reason you are doing it.

I’m here to help to release some stress. If that means when the financial end that we can create more possibilities and more freedom and ability, they are more resources. You can make an even bigger impact because we know that money is a magnifier of the soul. Money only makes us more of who we already are. This is why a lot of times, I don’t teach strategy. Although I have taught more, I don’t teach strategy by teaching the mindset, the key piece that allows you to be in abundance. If you are not in that abundance paradigm and can’t get out of that scarcity world about yourself, you won’t open your eyes enough to look around you to see what’s going on.

That’s the change I want to create, and I hope that’s the training you want to create too. If you are a rippler, I welcome you here. If you don’t feel like this is the thing for you, great. If you have some other purpose like, “I want to learn more strategies.” My heart is going to those of you that identify and hopefully, you self-identify as being a ripper.

Someone who has created a ripple effect of change, prosperity, and freedom to liberate and free those that are in captivity to allow them to be who they are, to express the best of who they are and bless others’ lives, too, that is a ripple effect I’m here to create. Welcome to the human club. We are not perfect. We screw up, mess up, fumble around a little bit, but do the best we can. We do as much as we can to bless others’ lives, and in turn, our lives are blessed too, and everyone prospers.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we did these things? If everybody adopted this philosophy, that’s the vision I have too. I want to wish you a wonderful and prosperous week and thank you so much for joining me on this journey. Please invite others to do so as well. I invite you to expand our mission and being ripplers here. I love you guys. I care about you and I want the best for you. We’ll see you later.