Turning $1500 Into $1M With AirBnb With Lazaro Vento

Turning $1500 Into $1M with AirBnb with Lazaro Vento

Losing everything you have can feel like the end of the world, but if you want to become successful, you need to learn how to jump on every opportunity that comes your way so you can start getting back on your feet and achieving more. That’s what my special guest Lazaro Vento did a few years ago before he built his Airbnb empire in Miami.

Lazaro Vento is the managing director of Happy Travels Miami, one of the most profitable Airbnb empires in business with 100 units currently under his management. He lost everything he had in 2015 but by the end of 2018, he had already made over a million dollars through Airbnb.

Watch this video to learn how Lazaro made his fortune from $1500 to 1 million with Airbnb investing. you can start building your wealth too!


“I became like a lot of people – unfulfilled with my job and my circumstance. I was making good money, but who wants to work 100 hours a week?”

“I was making about $100 a night on this tiny house and I rented it for 4 years at that price, so you’re making an average in reservation revenue, I made a quarter of a million in that one investment.”

“I wasn’t afraid of going zero again. My risk tolerance had become really high because I’ve already lost everything.”

“Basically, we feared that we would become Fyre Fest with this deal. We feared that people would show up and there would be no beds or something.”

“The money was not enough to fund the deal long-term so we needed to be able to furnish and have people sleep there before the rent was due so we could pay the rent.”

“Obviously, relationships are big. You’re showing up at the right place at the right time and they just show up for you.”

“Not too long ago, I walked into a building and I took 15 apartments and I gave them $10K and they didn’t even run my credit.”

“That’s what I kinda became an expert in doing – solving that vacancy problem for the developers and getting in with almost no money.”