Take Action If You Want Attraction


Let me start by saying that I believe in creating wealth with your mind, using principes of faith, or as some call it – The Law of Attraction.

But I am sick and tired of hearing people talking about trying to manifest money, and wonder why they still have money problems.

The answer is simple – The principles of money only work when you work.

Let me explain further….

There’s an old scripture from the Bible that says “Faith without works is dead.” I interpret this as meaning that you don’t have faith in something unless you DECIDE to act, and then actually do it.

For example, I have had several people say, “Chris, I would love to do events, but I’m scared. How do you do it?” My response is typically, “I just do it.” I don’t over-think things. I commit, take the first step forward, and then keep walking.

Wealth and money can come so much faster if you simply commit AND THEN TAKE THE FIRST STEP. You’ll notice that the following step is a lot easier. An object in motion remains in motion. An object at rest will remain at rest.

Faith-filled action is as much of a habit as inaction. Success is as much of a habit as failure. Work is as much of a habit as laziness. Which habit will you develop?

To further explain faith, it is more than just believing that money will come to you. It’s a “knowingness” that the money or opportunity is already there, and is about to physically show up. You know it so deeply, that you can see, touch, hear, and feel it in your mind and you are not even surprised when it shows up because you are already moving in that direction.

I remember in August 2009, my wife’s and my financial situation was still VERY tight. I wasn’t in the hole by $16,000 a month anymore, but we had family members helping us with food still. In frustration, my wife exclaimed, “When is this going to end?! Maybe you should just go get a job again.”

Frustrated by her frustration, I told her “I don’t know how long this will last, but I KNOW I need to stay the course. Watch! There will be a day when I told you so!”

I slammed the door as I left the house. I KNEW that I could sense things were already shifting, but we hadn’t seen the money yet.

NOTE – There is almost always a lag time between the value you provide and the money that shows up.

About 2 months later, we were earning between $8,000 – $10,000 a month. I reminded my wife of our argument, but I didn’t say “I told you so.” I let her remember that 😉

That is what I mean by faith! Moving forward and acting to create inevitable results. Many people just wish for things. The key is to stop wishing and start working! Do it consistently. Lasting wealth is created when you are consistent like a marathon runner, not a sprinter.

Remember, the biggest part of the word “attraction” is “action.”