5 Easy Steps to Raising Capital with Dave Dubeau

5 Easy steps to raising capitol

Did you know that you can have other people’s money working hard for you and them? It is absolutely possible. Our guest today will be teaching the tips and tricks to raise capital.

Today we have Dave Dubeau joining me on the show. He’s a professional real estate investor, bestselling author, a sought-after consultant and coach, and trainer. Dave will be sharing 5 easy steps to raising capital.

According to Dave, the best place to start is building a target group from the contact list on your phone and email and then using some funnels to attract investors.

Listen in to this episode and learn how to raise capital for your business.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[02:13] How Dave got into capital raising

Steps into raising capital

[04:31] Create a target group of prospective investors

[08:55] Get ready to go to your list with a presentation

[10:04] Marketing: keep it simple and entertaining

[12:32] Be seen as an authority in the eyes of the target group

[13:53] Start the snowball effect with referrals and testimonials

[17:04] Educational materials that Dave offers

Quotable Quotes from the Episode:

“If somebody is going to invest with you, they’re going to need to trust you with their capital.”

“Once you’ve got that target group, you want to break the ice with them before you start talking business.”

“The easier it is for them to understand, the more likely they are to invest with you.”

Connect with Dave Dubeau:

Website: https://investorattractionworkshop.com/