Improving Your Relationship with Money


  Do you remember the line from the movie The Matrix where Neo visits a little bald kid bending spoons?

You know! The part where he tells Neo that it’s not the spoon that bends, but ourselves?

The line I love is when Neo asks what is the one thing he needs to understand. The reply came as simply,

“There is no spoon.”

I’ve seen this true with money as well.

There are philosophies out there that say you should carry cash because it makes it more real. Or some people even say you should talk to your money like you have schizophrenia or something.

Can I share with you what worked for me?


Just like there was no spoon in The Matrix, money isn’t real either. If you focus on the money, whether it’s cash, or numbers on a bank statement, you’re missing the point.

In 2006, my view of money changed. When it shifted to what it really was, making money became much easier. I couldn’t stop it from coming in. Here’s what changed in my perception that changed my reality:

Money (including currency, gold, silver, etc) is NOT real. It only represents value given or value promised to be given. In other words, money is simply a receipt of value.

Nothing more!

If you want more of those “receipts,” focus on offering value to someone else. It’s not rocket science! Even though every financial person out there will make it sound like it is. It’s not a mystery. It’s cause and effect! It’s a simple formula!

I teach about 3 paradigms.

Two are in scarcity (spenders and savers) and one is based in abundance (stewards).

SAVERS – When “savers” save, they can never save enough. They also want to hold on to the money. They will keep saving until the day they die because they fear they will never have enough. They don’t like to spend at all. Any dollar spent is money they can’t put away for “someday.” They will put money away much like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the winter.

They also despise debt, even if it can be used wisely. And they hate ever having to use it in the first place. They can never pay it off fast enough. Even when it’s paid off, they will only feel temporary relief. Then they will just put every dollar towards saving. They put a lot of emphasis on ownership and “owning things outright.” They believe having money creates freedom. However, they never believe they have enough to use. At best, they will live off the interest of whatever little they have accumulated.

SPENDERS – Spenders believe spending money gives them freedom. Money is “easy come, easy go.” Some will spend because they are worried it will either be used for something they don’t want, like an emergency or something breaking down. Others spend because they were raised by a parent who hoards and saves money. As a result, they do the opposite extreme. And some just get a thrill from it and always manage to survive…barely. They are a slave to their future paychecks.

STEWARDS – Stewards are much different energetically. They use the best traits of savers and spenders. They will save, but for a specific purpose. Their purpose is to utilize the resources they have to multiply, increase, beautify, and create value. They don’t see money as their own. They know their purpose is to use it to improve lives around them and make the world a better place. Money flows thru them and returns with an increase because they use it wisely. They don’t fear spending money. They utilize whatever resources they have. If they aren’t going to use it, they give away, or sell, those resources to someone who will be a better steward of it.

The interesting thing is money always seems to flow right back to them. They always seem to be giving, but they never seem to want. They have an abundance of money, resources, and anything else they need.

Stewards still save money. They even like to have cash on hand. Knowing they have money to USE is the physical manifestation of freedom for them. They seek freedom thru having options. This is why I emphasize cash flow so often. Cash flow creates options, which also creates freedom.

Accumulating money doesn’t create freedom. Accelerating money, by seeking to provide value for others, creates freedom.

So coming back to my point with the carrying cash vs. having money in the bank. There should be no difference from our point of view how we carry it. Why? Because both of them are symbols. Nothing more.

If you don’t know the meaning behind that symbol, you’ll never create a great relationship with money. If you forget what is the cause of that money, you create your own “golden calf.” It’s like trying to fill up on Doritos and wondering why your body doesn’t feel nourished.

Money, ALL OF IT, is rooted in service you have rendered, or service you will render. If you inherit money, you inherited receipts of service rendered by someone else. Service is the cause of money, not money itself.

The point is this. See money for what it really is – evidence of service.

Once you see cash, or numbers on an account statement, as the manifestation of value or service rendered, you’ll realize that most of us have never had a real spiritual relationship with money. This is why most don’t see money as a wonderful thing. They see it as a stressful thing.

As the bald kid said in the movie, “There is no spoon.” Stop looking at the money and look what’s behind it – service!

Stop working so hard for something that is fake. That’s the hard way.

Work for others.

Serve them.

Solve problems for them.

Make their lives better. Always look for ways to create value for them. If you do that, money flows easily. And you’ll have no problem having a powerful relationship with money.