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MORI 155 | Hustle


Do you ever hear people say, “You need to get out there and hustle!”

Or they bragged to everyone how they worked 100 hours last week because they were out “hustling” to “make it happen?”

It’s all a lie!

Join our host and Cash Flow Expert, Chris Miles, as he dispels the myth behind “the hustle”, and how he began working less and earning more than ever. Tune in now!

Chris Miles Bio:

Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert,” is a leading authority on how to quickly free up and create cash flow for thousands of his clients, entrepreneurs, and others internationally! He’s an author, speaker, and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate, Entrepreneur on Fire, and has spoken to thousands getting them fast financial results.

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Hustle Is A Lie!

I want to get real with you. It’s interesting. I applied for a TEDx Talk here. I got denied for it on this topic, even though this would be pretty revolutionary. I figured when I give you this TEDx Talk, granted you don’t see me walking around on stage and doing all that stuff but that’s fine. I’ve got my voice, the power of that and you.

This is near and dear to my heart, something that’s changed my life. Many of you, if you’ve been following this show, you already know a lot of these things that I teach to allow you to do this. I want to address this particular issue. This issue is prevalent among all people and huge in the business world. If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s affecting you.

You’re probably wondering what you should be doing. Do you ever hear people say, “You need to get out there and hustle,” or they brag to everybody about how they’ve worked 100 hours in a week because they’re out hustling to make it happen and they’re working their tails off like, “I was up until 3:00 AM. I woke up at 5:00 AM to work hard. Go out there and hustle. I’m making this massive. I’m making a huge impact?”

Have you ever heard that stuff before? You hear everybody talking about it. Pretty much, if you’re not working at least 50 to 60 or 80 to 100 plus hours a week, you suck in your business and not living life is what it sounds like. I got to ask you a question. This version of hustle, isn’t this the 21st-century version of the phrase work hard? Isn’t it when someone says, “You should get out there and work your tail off?” I vaguely remember somebody saying it’s not about working harder. It’s about working smarter.

MORI 155 | Hustle
Hustle: It’s not even about working smarter. It’s about working right.


Have you heard me say it’s not even about working smarter, it’s about working right? How many times do we hear people that are out there working hard? How many times have you heard people say when you ask them, “How things are going? How’s your business?” “It’s been busy.” What does that mean? Does that mean that the busier you are, the better your life is? What does that cost your life? Is it giving you the results you were hoping for? I’m calling bull on all this. It’s absolute crap. When people say, “I’m busy. Life’s great. I’m out there hustling.” Who cares?

You’re working super hard. What does that mean? Maybe you are helping people. I don’t doubt that at all but what is it costing your life? What is it costing the relationships around you? How is this costing your health? I had talked to somebody where they couldn’t even talk for an entire month and they’re like, “It’s great. I’m busy. It’s good.” I’m like, “Yes, but your body’s telling you another story. Your body’s saying, ‘Slow the freak down. What are you doing to me?’” That’s the stuff I’m seeing. When I started as a financial advisor, I remember there were the biggest producers in our company that would get up on stage at our annual conventions.

They’d say, “I work hard. You’ve got to work hard. That’s how you get the dream. If you work hard, don’t worry because eventually you’ll pass out and then your body will make you rest. You don’t need a rest. You need to get out there and work hard.” I remember one of those phrases in that company with people I worked with was ASAP, Activity Solves All Problems.

I got to tell you, that does not solve crap. Activity means nothing. All activity means that you’re going to be a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. Your relationships stink at home. Your family is probably wondering when you are going to be home. When you can enjoy your family before they are teenagers or older and then they don’t want to be with you anymore? You’re overworked and underpaid.

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You’re working lots of hours to say you’re busy, out there hustling and somehow, living the dream? Come on. We’ve all heard this stuff. It’s all crap. Let’s be honest with ourselves. I’m all about working hard. When I started this show, I was working pretty darn hard. For me, pretty darn hard means 40 or 50-hour weeks. Occasionally, I even had a 60-hour week. For some people, that’s not a lot. For me, that was a ton. Even then, I felt like my relationships at home are suffering a little bit because I didn’t have a lot of time to spend.

I got into the business because I wanted that freedom. Many of you got into business or you do an investment because you wanted freedom. You didn’t want to have to work 100-plus hour weeks but somehow, it’s become a virtue. That’s bull. That’s not the case at all. It’s not a virtue at all. I understand what it’s like to do that. I worked hard for those few years but I also worked not in a way of saying, “I hope it slows down at some point. Hopefully, I’ll make enough money.”

No, that’s bull. You got to set up systems that allow you to be in that place. If you’re in business, you got to have systems that allow you to either step away or get paid more for your time or allow you to be able to not have to be there all the time, whether you’re doing that through products, online services, whatever it might be.

If you’re somebody who works a job and hates it, that can be just as crazy for you too because sometimes you might be working 60-plus hours a week. If that’s the case, this is where passive income is huge. If you’re a business owner, it’s still huge. I’m watching people in different industries, whether they have their business or they’re network marketers, whatever it is.

MORI 155 | Hustle
Hustle: We need to recognize that being busy is not a virtue and start creating a new, healthy life of freedom.


They’re still working their tails off making hundreds of thousands of dollars. I know because I’m coaching these people. These people are making multiple six figures and still don’t have a lifestyle. I don’t want you to be that way. The big change for me was when I went through a divorce. When I had to go through that, I could hardly function. Emotionally, I was shutting down.

Even though I told you I have plenty of time, emotionally, I didn’t have it. I was pushing those things away. I have plenty of time now because I had to go to a place where emotionally, I realized that my business was still there. Even though I couldn’t work that much, I could barely handle the clients I had. That’s pretty much all I did. My business was still there and I was still getting new clients, even though it was much slower than I was used to at that time. It was great. I’m getting more clients now than I ever have but the difference is it’s not killing me. I’m not killing myself doing it. I’m not out there marketing like crazy.

I’m giving you episodes in which I spend a good 15, 20 minutes educating you on that. I do some marketing. I do email my list a couple of times a month maybe but that’s about it. I’m posting on Facebook. I’m doing some of that stuff but not that much. Occasionally, I’m going out to lunch with the people I’m networking with and do stuff like that. Get down to not what’s making you active.

Activity doesn’t solve our problems. It’s productivity. How are you most productive? Productivity and profitability are the keys. Productivity is important. You got to make sure you are doing the right activities but you also got to be profitable when you’re doing this too. You got to make sure, especially if you’re in business, that you are doing something that is paying you well for the time.

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There’s no difference with Bill Gates. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Carlos Slim are the three richest men in the world depending on the day. Mark Zuckerberg is getting pretty darn close too. With those guys, they have the same amount of hours but they are focused on profitability and leverage. That is where you should be putting your focus. It takes a brave soul to say that hustle is a lie. The hustle is a lie. In this brave new world, we get to wake up. We need to recognize that being busy is not a virtue. Start creating a new, healthy life of freedom. In this new world, it’s not about the hustle.

The time to enjoy life is right now. If you’re not careful, you will miss it. We can have everything that we want without having to work long hours, sacrificing our lives and relationships and burning ourselves out and killing our health. There are ways to do it. I ask you the question, what is it that’s going on in your head that allows you to think that being busy is good?

I want you to look at being busy as a bad thing. Be grateful for everything you have in your life but being busy? No. Busy is not something that’s to be proud of. Being on purpose, being productive and focused on making an impact in people’s lives, including yours and your families, are the key. Focus on having a life. Create a life. Don’t just create a hustle.

Doesn’t hustle sound like you’re out there trying to finagle people and rip people off? Why is that word even used? It’s ridiculous. It’s about creating the life that you love now. That might take time and effort but I promise you, it’s worth it. It’s for those of you that are in business or maybe looking to do something like that, maybe you’ve been burning out, you feel like you’ve been doing everything you can or you’ve been working long hours and not getting the results you want.

MORI 155 | Hustle
Hustle: When you know your niche, that’s the key to where you can get rich.


Adhis Boucha, The New Money Mama, who’s my wife and I were doing a training together called Monetize Your Divine Genius. It’s online. It’s the first time we’ve done this training online instead of live. You don’t have to be in person. You can be anywhere in the world and take this training. If you’re trying to figure out, you got to have some key things. I tell you that dollars follow value. If you want to create some leverage, you got to understand where you create the greatest amount of leverage in your life. The first place is in your strengths, gifts and abilities. You got to focus in there. You got to know what your passions are.

Passions amplify your abilities. Your strengths become bigger strengths when you’re passionate about them. Make sure they’re aligned with your values and know what that is because that can suck the passion and your abilities right out and you end up quitting. What is your unique design? How are you made up? This has been one of the biggest things in my life knowing how to work the way that I work. I had to make decisions that were right for me. A lot of the traditional business advice out there is geared to making you work harder. I’m glad that they want you to be out there more but I like to be out there less making a bigger impact.

I want to make more impact on people’s lives, not less. I want to create more with less. That’s what you’re focusing on too. Knowing my design and how I work and knowing when to say no is huge. You got to know what your mission is, what you’re about and what your niche is so that people realize, “There’s nobody on this planet that can do what this person does.” When you know your niche, that’s the key to where you can get rich. You know even better how to market yourself. What’s your unique way of going about marketing? You’ve got to be authentically who you are but what does that mean? Everyone talks about authenticity but how does that show up?

This is what that training addresses. I want you to entertain that awesome training. It’s going to be for four weeks. Even if you’re working during the day, because it is at 10:00 AM, Mountain Time, 12:00 NN Eastern, if you can’t be there, not a problem. It’s being recorded. You get access to that. It’s amazing huge stuff. It’s changed my life and my business. I want to pay that forward to you as well.

My advice to you is to create a life, not be out there just to hustle. Be out there to be productive and profitable. Have a type of life that you say, “I love my life.” With the people in it, that’s where the richness is. “I’m great, profitable and making great money. I have the time freedom to do what I want when I want with whom I want.” Have a great and prosperous time of your day. We’ll talk to you soon.