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MORI 127 | Increase Sales


How would it be if you could increase your income while cutting down your working hours? Would you like it if people started saying “yes” more often?

Our host, Chris Miles, will share what he’s done to increase his sales while only working 5-10 hours per week, and LOVE his business more than ever.

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Chris Miles Bio

Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert,” is a leading authority on how to quickly free up and create cash flow for thousands of his clients, entrepreneurs, and others internationally! He’s an author, speaker, and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate, Entrepreneur on Fire, and has spoken to thousands getting them fast financial results.

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How To Increase Your Sales Working Less Time

We’re going to welcome you out. I’m so glad to be back with you. I’m so glad to be able to create value for you. It has been great for all of you have been following, messaging, and asking. There’s so much good that’s been happening. There have been so many things that helped me to be able to serve you more. I got back from New York, talking to a whole bunch of chiropractors out there. I loved it. I haven’t done a lot of life speaking as much as I’ve done in the past, but I’ve got to tell you. I had a lot of fun doing it. I love the fact that the people that are there were raving about it.

I’m grateful to be back. I’m grateful to be able to serve you and teach you some good nuggets. I want to teach you something that is very important. I know it is important for me, my clients, and probably for you as well, especially if you’re in business. Anybody that’s in business realizes that sales are important. One of the biggest things I’ve seen is that I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my business, sales, and everything, and I’m doing it with less time.

A lot of people in New York were asking me, “I hope you’re keeping busy.” I said, “I’m not. I don’t want to be busy. I want to be productive. I want to make sure that whatever time I’m using is getting the biggest bang for my buck out of it to be able to do the best work possible.” I’m working 5 to 10 hours a week including recording these episodes for you. That’s all I’m spending. I pared it down. The thing is even though I’ve pared it down, my numbers have increased. My business has increased. I want to talk to you about how you can increase your sales by spending less time doing it.

I see so many people out there. They’re hustling. They will say they’re out hustling and trying to make it happen, but they’re not getting the results they want. They’re getting results, but they have to kick themselves in the trash to make it happen. I don’t want that to be you. I want that to change. Being busy is not a virtue. I’ll probably do another episode on that, too, about some of the key things I learned. I want to talk specifically about some things that have helped me in being able to attract more people and being able to spend less time selling but selling more. Let’s talk about that.

Have An Abundance Mentality

Number one, if you want to increase your sales while working less, the first thing you’ve got to do is to work on your abundance mentality. Work on being in an abundance state. What can you do to foster that? What can you do to generate more positive thoughts? What can you do to create more faith? What can you do to be able to look at things and understand that there is no shortage of clients, customers, sales, and money and that everything is available to you? You have all the resources and all the people around you that you need. You just need to know how to best tap into them.

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There are times I start to wonder, “Is this working? Should I be working more?” If I’ve been raised trying to work hard my entire life, it’s a little weird doing that. To be able to come from the right place of that abundance mentality is essential. You’ve heard me say this before, but it’s key to relax. In that abundance mentality, the natural byproduct is you start to relax. It’s like what I showed with a bunch of these chiropractors. I told them, “Increasing cashflow helps, too.”

This is why I don’t teach principles or strategies as well. When someone increases their cashflow, they start to relax. When you already see money coming in and you’re relaxing because you realize that the money is there, all of a sudden, people want to do business with you. All of them were not in their heads. I’m like, “You know you’ve been there. When you’re making money and you feel great, then everybody wants to be your patient. When you’re not making money, it seems like everybody is delaying or giving you noes.”

The most key critical factor is if you want to attract more people and get people to say yes more, you’ve got to have that abundance mentality and be able to relax. It doesn’t mean you’re passive. It doesn’t mean you’re not doing anything. It just means that you’re not trying to be desperate. You’re not trying to create that sales conversation. You’re not trying to cram it down their throat and vomit on them. You simply state where you’re valuable. You see if it’s a good match. If it’s not, you’re willing to tell them no. If it is a good match, you’re willing to tell them, “This is a good match. I can see how I can help you.” I’ve had conversations with people where that seems true.

There’s a guy that came up to me. He said, “I’ve been working less in my practice. I’ve got assets that I know I could do more with. I know that I’m not doing enough.” Afterward, he was at a cocktail party. He came up to me and said, “I found out some of what you taught me. I can find an extra $42,000 this year from one strategy or one move.” I said, “That is awesome.” He’s like, “I can’t wait to find more.” That’s probably going to be one of the next clients I have.

That’s the cool thing. When you stand powerful, you know who you’re serving. That’s a bonus. You know who you’re talking to. You know who you’re serving. You know what you do best. I know, for example, that two people come out to me. They are people that say, “I’ll make more money, but I don’t feel like I have more. I’m probably not being the wisest steward possible here. I know I could probably do something better with this money that I have,” or, “The money I’m earning every month,” or, “The money I’m not seeing.” Sometimes, it’s money that you’re not earning or money that maybe is being spent that shouldn’t be disappearing, like the one with taxes or things like that. That’s a big thing.

MORI 127 | Increase Sales
Increase Sales: Let people know where you’re valuable and see if it’s a good match. If it’s not, be willing to tell them no.


One, people are coming to me. They say, “I’m making more money, but I should feel like I have more.” Two, they say, “I’ve got money I’ve been saving up. I want that money to work for me so I don’t always have to work for money.” As I focused on that and honed in on that being my core send-out cards, so to speak, the card that I’m giving to people whether it be verbally or visually, that’s the thing that other people I keep attracting. Those are the people I help best. Those are the people that get the biggest results.

What is crazy is that I’ve tried to be conservative with my numbers. The average person finds about $33,000 a year with me. It has been closer to $45,000 to $50,000 on average because I’m starting to find those people that are even more aligned with what I teach. There are other people that get benefits, too. There are people that don’t hit that average, but we still get them great benefits. It has been fun honing in on all those people I get the best results.

Identify Your Most Productive Activities

That’s key is to have that abundance mentality and be relaxed. I then mentioned a little bonus extra point here. Also, know who you’re serving. Know who you’re talking to. That was 1.5 with know who you’re talking to. Number two is to identify your best, most productive activities. I had gone through a divorce. I was going to have my kids over the weekend. I didn’t have the luxury of being able to speak on whatever weekend I had. There’d be weekends I wouldn’t do anything for a while and then there’d be weekends where, back to back, I’d be speaking. I realized, “I’m not going to have that luxury because I’m going to have my kids with me from time to time.”

Rather than trying to create a chaotic schedule, I started being very picky about what I did. Live speaking engagements like that one in New York were one. Chiropractors are awesome. I love them. I’ve served over 300 of them. I know I can do well with them, but then, there have been other conferences where there are business owners or even people that aren’t business owners. Maybe they’re trying to launch a new business, but they don’t know what to do. They’ve been saving the 401(k)s in their company, but they don’t know how to make that launch. They don’t know how to quit that job. Those are the people I’ve been focusing on. If I find those groups, I’m like, “That is great. I’ll speak to them.”

A lot of it has been more virtual. A lot of it, I’ve been able to do from my home. I’ve been doing shows and things more. I’ve realized that some of my best, productive activities are my show, live speaking, and a little bit of social media. The live speaking that I do is very limited. I’m picky. What happened was I started backing off a lot of the busy activists do. I stopped doing a lot of networking events. Even though I have great friends there and I love them to death, I realized that the time isn’t as productive as it could be. I started saying, “I’m going to be productive with the time I have.” That has been my focus.

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Even with social media, I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I used to. I’ve been doing very light stuff to keep feeding my people and keep giving them good insights or even insights into my life. I am pretty much what I post. That’s a key. You get to identify your best activities. Find out which are the most productive. Be honest with yourself. What are the most productive activities that you’re doing that are getting you results and are leading you to the people that you can serve? This will become more apparent as you start to know who you’re serving.

Know Your Strengths

The third thing is key. This is awesome. You got to know your strengths. You got to know what you’re good at. It is not just in the business that you do. You got to know your strengths based on who you are as a person. I’m going to share a quick little thing. There are a lot of different archetypes, styles, and things like that out there. This is one type of marketing archetype. I have my friend, Angela Johnson. I’ve had her on the show. It was a couple of years ago. Angela Johnson teaches people how to reach into their souls and be solopreneurs, so to speak. Angela shared this type of thing with marketing archetypes.

There are a few. There are four types. Plus, there are three subtypes or inspirational styles that you can offer. The four types are truth guide, guru star, connector, and supporter. For example, a truth guide is if you’re the type of person that is able to find the problem and then offer expertise, but you’re more of a guide. You’re empowering the client to find their own truth. You might be a mentor, a coach, or something like that, but you’re not. You’re not trying to give them the truth. You’re trying to help them discover their own truth. You might be more of a truth guide, and this is where you should focus.

Sometimes, people try to be what they’re not. Whether you know it or not or whether people can identify it or not, it turns people off. It takes power away from you. Sometimes, you’re best is to be able to help people find their own truth. There’s another one called guru star. Guru star is where you try to tell the client what the problem is. You try to help identify the problem, give them the solution, and help them find the right way. You’re the guru, the strategist, or the consultant. Doctors and lawyers are this way. You try to find the problem, figure out the problem, and offer the solution. That’s how you go forward. This is the type of thing where you’re not helping to empower them. You’re just trying to help and give them answers.

A lot of people come to me because they hope I’m a guru star, which is true. I do have some of that, but I’m also a truth guide. For example, people want me to be a guru star by finding the right investment. I’ve got a lot of different opportunities I can talk to them about, but ultimately, I play truth guide when it comes to people finding the right investment. I was like, “What’s right for you? It is not for me or the person selling it to you.” I try to help empower them and give them some education. I’ll give them a little bit of guidance, but I’m willing to say, “This is what you should do.” There have been people who have been frustrated by that. They’re like, “Tell me what to do.” I’m like, “You figure it out. What do you want? What do you love?” If you give me some of those answers, I can point you in the right direction easily.

MORI 127 | Increase Sales
Increase Sales: Identify the most productive activities to help serve others. Use your strengths and the things that you do best. Serve them with the best you have.


That leads to the next one, which is the connector. You see the problem, and then you know the people or the person that can help offer a solution or provide a solution. You make introductions. You’re like the affiliate market. You might be a network marketer, a broker, or something like that. This is something I also do within my business because I’m not an expert at everything.

I’m a good strategist in seeing the big picture and making everything work. For the little nitty-gritty details of making that plan work, I connect you with the right people like accountants, attorneys, insurance persons, mortgage brokers, investment people, and so on and so forth. Anything to do with money, I’ve got a team around me that has expertise in different areas. I connect you with them as well. In my case, I’m one of those rare people. I use all three and I use them relatively evenly, although probably guru star and connector are my main ones with a little bit of the truth guide.

The fourth one is the supporter. These are the people that you told the problem. When somebody comes to you with a problem and says, “Here’s what I need. Can you help me solve this problem?” you’re usually someone that can help solve it hands-on. You might be a virtual assistant, designer, copywriter, or other contractor where you’re like, “Here. I’ll do the work for you.” That’s more of what a supporter does.

All of these are powerful. All these are different areas where you can shine. All these can be business owners and all these could be employees. You can be in different places. It just depends on the role. You find what your most powerful role is. Mine’s a little bit of a combination of 2 to 3. That’s how I work best. That’s why I’m hired to do what I do. You might find a different one, so know who you are.

3 Styles To Attract More People To You

I’m going to add three more. It is that inspirational style I mentioned. There are three others. This is how you deliver this message or how you deliver what you do. This is key. This is the reason why you get people to be attracted to you. There are three styles. One’s conversational, one’s charismatic, and then the last one is what they call compelling creative.

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Conversational means that your voice is what people trust. You use the power of your voice. Whether it’s online or offline, people want to talk with you. This is my number one thing. This is one thing that shifted everything for me. I started to realize that a lot of people would say that. In fact, I’ve had clients come. When they talk to one of my reps, they’ll ask them, “Why do you like Chris?” They said, “I don’t know. I was tuning in to his episodes. I trust him. I believe what he says. I believe we align our philosophies or what we talk about. I trust him. I know that he’s the guy.” That’s even before they even know half the time what I do in detail.

That is true. That is something I’ve seen my whole entire life. I just didn’t identify it. I didn’t recognize that. This is why I do more shows. This is why I do other radio interviews and shows. I realized that with my voice, people can tell when I’m being sincere and truthful. You know I’m not going to jerk you around. Even when I bring on guests, I don’t like to bring on guests that I feel are posers. I like to give you good quality and good integrity when I teach this stuff. I started realizing that the power of my voice works.

With me doing video, it is not as much. That comes to the second personality or the second inspirational style, which is charismatic. Being charismatic, you have this high charm or this presence. People engage with you because you have this very distinct personality. This is where video becomes huge. My wife, Adhis Boucha, I’ll have her on the show here soon. She is The New Money Mama. She’s very charismatic. People want to engage with her because they see her. They see how she is and they’re attracted to her. They’re drawn to her.

Even when she walks into a room, they’re drawn to her. I can walk into a room and people might notice me, but people feel very relaxed around me, especially as I start to talk to them. Her, when she walks into a room, people notice her and they want to get to know her. It doesn’t mean that I’m ugly. It’s nothing that’s like that. She is beautiful, but it’s that charisma. There’s something that naturally exudes.

If you’re that kind of person, and you may have to find out from people and hear it, you might be the person that you need to be seen. You might need to be on video like Facebook Live. You might need to be doing webinars or YouTube videos. That could be the very thing you need to do. If you’re the kind of person that is engaging, you need to be seen. You should be up on stage, doing things that way. All of these could be on stage live. If you’re charismatic, you need to be seen. You can’t be quietly typing. You got to be seen. Use that strength.

The last one is compelling creative. This is where people want your content. They know that what you have to offer or the things you have to teach are very valuable. I think about this with Marianne Williamson who wrote the book, A Return to Love. She has these great quotes. A lot of times, people want her writings. People will watch her speak because they want to hear the book being talked out loud. A lot of people will notice that it’s not so much the video. I’ve noticed it is not even so much her voice. People are drawn to what she offers as content.

This may not be writing. This might be that you have a great service or something you provide that people want. You’re the link to get to what they want, and that’s a great place to be. Don’t let your ego get in the way of that because that’s awesome. People want to know what you know, and you have the ability to offer it. If you have great content, then you want to use that as well.

This is what I mean. You got to get to know your strengths. Know your style. As I started to go more toward my style, it’s amazing how much easier things go. They go so much more smoothly. That’s my challenge to you. You got to come from an abundance mentality. You relax. You know who you’re talking to. You identify the most productive, best activities to help serve those people, and then you use your strengths and the things that you do best.

You serve them with the best that you have. You give them the best of your natural personality. Be the best of who you are, which is naturally who you are anyway. If you start to do that, people will be attracted to you. Your sales will increase. The sales conversion or the ratio of people saying yes will increase and you’ll notice that your time will decrease. That’s where you can have lifestyles. It is not just about the money. It’s about what lifestyle can you have. That’s the power of this. That’s the fun of this.

That’s what I’m here to teach you. I hope you’ve got great value from it. If you’ve got questions, reach out to me at You can also follow us on Facebook at Share this show. Share this with the people you know, love, trust, and want to create value for. Share this and mastermind about it. Use this stuff. Support each other and grow together. Everybody, I want you to make an amazing, prosperous week, and ultimately, a prosperous life. Have a great day. We’ll talk to you soon.


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