How Infinite Banking Works with Real Estate Investing

Infinite Banking Concept real estate

Do banks use strategies similar to infinite banking?

Are you actually avoiding interest when you pay cash?

In this episode, Chris dives deeper into infinite banking and explains how to leverage your whole life insurance to become your own bank. If you’re a real estate investor or a business owner, tune in and find out how to get your money to pay you twice with infinite banking.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • Compound interest vs. Simple interest
  • How much you can earn if you don’t pay off your mortgage faster
  • Max ROI Infinite Banking: how it works and its benefits
  • Why this strategy is great for real estate investors

Chris Miles, the “Anti-Financial Advisor,” is a leading authority on how to quickly free up and create cash flow for thousands of his clients, entrepreneurs, and others internationally! He’s an author, speaker, and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate, Entrepreneur on Fire, and spoken to thousands getting them fast financial results.

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