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Most people want to enjoy instant results in their business. However, the road to success is full of boring habits that you must put up with, even if they suck hard. Chris Miles invites you to identify one thing you can do to improve every area of life in this conversation with serial and faith-based entrepreneur Dr. Paul Reed. Our guest shares which “boring” habit you can do to increase your ability to achieve all your goals. Chris also talks about his Christian men’s coaching mentorship program, where he helps them hone their leadership skills and elevate every aspect of their life. Tune in now!

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How Boring Habits Can Lead To Success With Dr. Paul Reed

This show is for you, those of you that work so hard for your money. You want your money to start working harder for you right now. You want that freedom and cashflow today, not 30 or 40 years from now but you want it now so you can live the life that you love with those that you love. It’s not by getting rich. It’s about living a rich life because as you are blessed financially, you have a greater capacity to bless the lives of others. That is what it means to create a ripple effect and to be a rippler.

Thank you so much for reading. Here’s a shoutout to you, especially those of you that have been reaching out and asking questions. Some of you have even been hiring us as consultants. You have been taking action on the stuff that we talk about. That’s the whole reason I’m here. I‘m here to create a ripple effect for you. If it weren’t for you doing something, this would be a total waste for me. I appreciate you changing your lives and doing things to bless the lives of others as well.

As a reminder, if you’re already watching our YouTube channel, that’s great but also go to Apple Podcasts, subscribe, and then also leave us a review if you love it. If you hate us, don’t leave us a review. Leave us alone but if you like this or you have a favorite episode, review it, rate it, and leave some kind words. We appreciate it because this is the ripple effect we’re trying to create. Thank you so much.

I brought on a special guest. I have Dr. Paul Reed with us out of my home state or pretty much in my home area of Oregon there. One thing interesting about Paul is Paul has worked with many chiropractors. There are several chiropractors. Here’s a shout-out to you as well, that have been following us lately. Many of you have been following some of our mutual friends like Dr. Ed Osburn or Ryan Doyle and people like that. There’s something I know about Paul here that’s pretty incredible. He’s a serial entrepreneur, but he’s a faith-based entrepreneur.

He’s a speaker, author, coach, and father. The guy is amazing. He has not only created businesses, but he started eight businesses exceeding $5 million in revenue annually. I’m excited to be able to talk with him not just about his successes but also about the things that have led to that success because you will find out. Tony Robbins says that success leaves clues. There’s always a pattern. I want to dig into that pattern with Paul. Paul, welcome to our show.

Chris, I’m super excited to be here. Thank you for allowing me to be on and be able to contribute to your tribe. I know that you have a huge following. You’re supporting and helping them live their best lives. You’re the cashflow guy. It’s helping them, which gives us all freedom. I heard once from a financial guy who said that a lot of people think that cash is king, which is important. He goes, “Cashflow is the queen, and the king likes to sleep with the queen.” Cashflow is more important than cash.

Its true. Its everything. You’re in the health industry as well. It’s about flow. Whatever flows brings life. Water flow brings life. Blood flow brings life. Money flow is no different.

Movement is life. You have to move. Movement is flow.

Give us more about your story and what led you to where you are today.

I’m a chiropractor by day and a coach leader by night. I felt a calling when I was a little dude. I got my first adjustment when I was in eighth grade. Those in chiropractic understand. That connects man to physical with man to spiritual. I had that adjustment. I’m like, “I want to do this when I grow up.” From that point forward, that was my marching orders when my sports career was done. I’m like, “I’m going to be a chiropractor. I want to come back to my community and help people experience what I experienced from that time forward.”

Here we are. I’m in my 25th year. I opened several clinics. As you mentioned in the intro, I’m a serial entrepreneur. I got a coffee shop, some property development, and a coaching business. I was blessed to be able to exit from the practices by selling them to a group here a few years back. I’m following my heart. I read the book Halftime: Moving from Success to Significance. I’m 51. I’m trying to figure out what the second half of life looks like and how I’m going to serve.

MORI 676 | Boring Habits
Halftime: Moving from Success to Significance

That’s fantastic. You don’t often hear of people that will go into chiropractic and then also launch other businesses. That’s unique in that industry.

It’s a blessing and a curse to feel called to do lots of other stuff. There’s a limitation of time, matter, and ability to focus. One thing that came to mind right then is a lot of people want to jump into a different space to create some of that cashflow without having their first business be stable. A lot of the guys that I coach say, “I want a second source of income.”

That is fantastic and great, and you should do it, but you have to have your systems and processes in your first one in order before you jump into something else. Otherwise, you’re going to dilute that one. It’s going to compromise its cashflow. You’re moving nowhere. Make sure that your A product or your A passion is dialed and set before you jump ship and try and start something else.

Amen to that. I made that same mistake in 2008 when the recession was hitting hard. I‘m like, “I would have multiple streams of income. I had five different business streams I was doing. I noticed that overall my income dropped from what it was when I didn’t have all the streams because I’ve been cannibalizing the other income streams to try to focus on whatever. I‘m a sprinkler versus a fire hose. Once I cut off three of those streams and focused on two, my overall income shot up.

It’s energy. Energy is everything. If we dilute that energy across multiple platforms, it has to give somewhere. Something is not getting the attention or the energy that it needs to keep doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

What do you feel is your calling now? You’re moving to that second half.

I feel led. I’m almost in my seventh year of this. In the last couple of years, I’ve been taking action to support men. I’ve started a Christian men’s coaching mentorship program. It’s in my heart to help them course correct, pivot, and be the leaders within themselves, first and foremost, their families, and then their communities/businesses or whatever it might be. I know my next thing is working on that. I got a book I’m working on as well. I’m going to have a bigger impact on the kingdom.

What kind of problem are you seeing among men? What’s inspiring that? What are you seeing that’s a trend? I‘ve seen some concerning things.

Masculinity is going away. Leadership is going away. They’re filled with fear and complacency. Apathy is another way to describe it. I’m pouring into them to help them strengthen who they feel that they are as a man of God and act on their purpose. I like to use a rhino and a cow. I don’t know if you’ve ever read any of Alexander’s books, but they’re the cow. They’re in the pasture chewing on their cud, not taking responsibility for their thoughts, actions, families, or finances, living a compromised life, and not filling the promised land they’re supposed to have.

They’re just surviving.

Instead of thriving as we’re called to.

Masculinity has been under attack for many years. It has almost swung the pendulum too far in the other direction. How would you define masculinity? Some people see it as a negative term, but I know it could also be a positive one.

The pendulum completely went the other way from this domineering thing. Masculinity is confidence. It’s not necessarily like I’m a bully or going to run over people, but it’s confidence, posture, and communication. It’s leadership. We’re called to lead. It’s biblical. If we’re not, we’re not fulfilling God’s call or promise for us as men. There’s balance.

It is biblical for men to lead. Otherwise, they are not fulfilling God’s call or promise. Click To Tweet

If you look at Jesus, he wasn’t a bully. He was masculine. He was a leader. He led by example. That’s the other thing. Enough men are not leading by example for themselves or their families most importantly. I see broken families and broken kids, which leads to a broken future. It starts with fixing yourself first. I want to help dudes fix themselves so they can be the example they’re supposed to be.

It’s interesting you brought that up because this morning, one of my clients is out in South Carolina. He’s a minister. He has shared, “Jesus wasn’t always nice.” There were times when Jesus had to say to Peter, “Get back, Satan. You’re trying to tell me not to offer myself as a sacrifice. I need you to get back because that temptation sucks. There were times when he called people out, “You’re trying to accuse my mother of my origins and everything else. You’re spawns of Satan.He called them out. There was a balance there. It wasn’t that you’re a pushover, but at the same time, you’re not always pushing others over, either.

In life, there are results and consequences. Most men accept the consequence instead of creating the life they want and the results they want from their actions and habits. We talked about habits before. Each and everything that we do every day is building us for tomorrow, the next second, or the next minute. Choosing to do the right thing is not always going to work out the way that you want. That’s life. Life is hard. I did a post, “Choose your hard. What hard do you want?” The quote that I posted said, “Marriage is hard. Divorce is hard. Choose your hard. Choose what you want, accept that hard, and then do what it has to take to accomplish it.”

What are those success habits? What do they look like?

A lot of people have a misconception about success. The day in and day out is boring. It’s a rhythm. It’s a routine. It’s getting into a pattern of doing the things that need to be done. It’s the consistent, persistent pursuit of your desired state. Success for you and me might be different for every one of your readers. First and foremost, define what success is for you because it might not necessarily be like you opened with millions in a bank account. It might be your cashflow to give you the freedom to do the thing that you want to do and have that cashflow for 100 years or however long.

First, it’s defining the consistent, persistent pursuit of that thing, not giving up on it, and finding your rhythm and routines each and every day that move you a little bit closer. If you can get 1% closer to your desired state each and every day, you’re going to end up there. It might not be on your timing. It might be in God’s timing. We all want it tomorrow or the next day. It might be a year or ten years from now. You’re in a season of preparation, but you have to do the work in that preparation to get you to where you want to go. There’s a misconception about success.

If you ask any person that has been successful at a high level, they will tell you that it’s boring. It’s work. They get up the same day. They do the same thing over and over again until they get their desired result. I don’t know where it switched, but we have become a society of immediate gratification. You’re a perfect example. You picked up running marathons. The first day, you’re like, “I’m going to change, start running a marathon, and go run a marathon.” It took weeks and months to prep to run that distance. People forget the work it takes day in and day out to get you to that desired state.

It’s funny that you say success is boring because a phrase I often say on this show regarding investing is that boring is sexy. That’s one thing I learned because a lot of times, at least with investing, people always want to go for the bright and shiny objects and the stuff that’s high risk. After the last recession, what I’ve learned as an investor is it’s the stuff that’s boring. The most successful investors will do this thing that they have done day in and day out. They know it like the back of their hand. That’s why it works. That’s why they make money versus the people that are flashing the pan type of people.

It’s the consistent persistent. Find the mechanism that works and don’t change it. The other thing is a lot of people try and recreate the wheel. There are always new things being created, but success leaves clues, as you opened with Tony Robbins. Find the patterns, model those patterns, and continue to chase them. We all did that. We end up becoming those that we’re closest with. If there are seven people within your reach, you adapt and pick up the habits of those folks. Find somebody in your tribe doing what you want to do or who has become what you want to become, and start to model and follow their habits because those habits leave clues.

What are some of these habits that someone can start doing? What’s the boring stuff that we could be doing consistently that could create great results in our lives?

Honestly, it’s some physical challenge daily. Fitness is the ultimate discipline. From my experience, it’s the portal to success or discipline in other area areas mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. If you challenge yourself consistently within your fitness component, it’s going to open up doors to other areas of success. A lot of people, unfortunately, ignore that. That’s why our health is where it’s at worldwide. Success is your ability to commit to something and do it day in and day out when it’s no fun, when it stinks, when it hurts, when it’s cold out, when it’s wet out, or whatever it might be.

It’s doing it, pushing through that discomfort, and embracing the suck. When you embrace the suck, there are rewards on the other side. It might not be in your timeframe, but you’re being prepared for when your number gets called. That’s approaching life like a sport even though you’re not an athlete. Prepping yourself for when opportunity knocks so that you’re ready to be able to step into that greatness is key.

That’s an interesting perspective because many times, a lot of people will say, “It’s the spiritual discipline or the internal discipline that leads to the other disciplines,” but how many times have we seen those same people sitting there pre-diabetic or even diabetic, overweight, and dying early of heart attacks and things like that, and just because you have spiritual discipline doesn’t mean you have discipline in other areas of your life. You said that fitness is almost like that gateway drug to creating the discipline to the other paths as well. I never considered that before, but I’ve seen that true in my experience too. I can’t say that’s 100% of the time, but I know that for me, that did open up the path to doing other things too.

If we’re thinking selflessly and if we’re thinking about our families, kids, grandkids, or future, we want to create a generational impact. I had a mentor twenty years ago tell me, “You’re no good to anybody if you’re sick or dead. God can’t use you the way he wants to use you. You can’t benefit yourself and your family.” That’s where that stems from for me. If you take care of yourself and do you the way you were designed to do you, then it opens up all these other avenues and portals for you to be able to bless others. Physical fitness needs to be taken care of. Your temples have to be the top priority for people.

If you take care of yourself and do you the way that you were designed to do you, it opens up all these other avenues and portals for you to bless others. Click To Tweet

The body is a vessel for you to fulfill your purpose, do God’s work, and create more. You’re meant to be a creator, not a consumer.

God is a creator. We’re created in the image of God. You are a creator.

The thing I’ve seen, too, in my experience, even with money, is that so many people do ignore health. I knew somebody who had millions of dollars. His health went down the tube. He was disciplined everywhere else. He was a disciplined studier and reader, which is also important. He was spiritually studying as well and trying to act on those things, but the one place he wasn’t doing well was in his fitness side. Ironically, he was put in the hospital, almost died, and lost all of his wealth, which was everything because that wasn’t in place too. Its interesting you say that because there’s a cost in so many different areas.

They say, “The number one reason for bankruptcy is your lack of health.” Another quote or saying I heard before is, “People spend generations gaining their wealth and spend their wealth to regain their health.” If you had taken care of your health and been responsible, granted there’s stuff that happens unexpectedly, but if you do your responsibility to do your best, it’s going to give you a higher opportunity to not have to be in that situation.

I want to take a quick break right here and ask you this. You put on events. You did one in Boise here. Tell us more about what events and things you’re putting on.

The event is specific to the chiropractic profession. I’m feeling called into this profession. There are a lot of chiropractors who are called, but it’s on my heart. At that instant, when I got my first adjustment, I didn’t know what it meant at the time, but I knew I would be leading in the profession. The seminar ChiroFest was stimulated. This was our thirteenth year.

Our tagline is, “Honor the past. Preserve the future.” It’s a selfish ambition. I want the chiropractic that I know, live, and practice to be around for my kids’ kids so that they can experience health the way that I believe health is supposed to be experienced for people. That event is a passion of mine to keep chiropractors on purpose and on point and serving their communities the way they’re supposed to.

They need to be. I got a huge blessing or benefit from chiropractors over the years. A lot of my health is because of what I’ve done in chiropractic and all the treatments I’ve received.

That’s the main event that I’m doing.

What about the men? You’re doing things with people outside of chiropractors as well.

It’s the mentorship within my The Unstoppable Man group. We’ve got people in the marketing space, the real estate space, and the mortgage space. It’s helping men work on themselves so that they can be leaders. We work on what I call our Foundational Five, your Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, and then Fun. Each week, we have an accountability group. They score themselves on that Foundational Five where they’re at and how much they did the previous week. We do course correction activities and have a lesson every week that we talk about.

You’re not overly machismo. There are probably mutual friends of ours even that will put on men’s groups. It’s ultra and in your face. It’s almost a little bit brash. That’s their thing. That’s great. I was even seeing a guy that was wearing a t-shirt from one of those groups at the gym. I‘m like, “Is this guy happy?” I can’t tell I’m because I just know the culture. It’s almost like, “I have to get angry about everything. To me, that’s not masculinity necessarily. I have a little femininemasculine type of balance in myself. I‘m not machismo, either. What are your thoughts about that exactly?

I’m a little bit the same way. I’m all for hyper-discipline, pushing yourself, getting uncomfortable, and embracing the suck through some physical challenges but being angry and ticked off all the time doesn’t benefit yourself long term or anybody around you. There’s a balance between being disciplined and being a charger. That’s my experience. I had a college football coach that was that way. He would grab you by the face mask, call you a bunch of names, shake you, and get you out there.

MORI 676 | Boring Habits
Boring Habits: It is not bad to push yourself, get uncomfortable, and embrace the suck. But being angry and ticked off all the time doesn’t benefit yourself long term or anybody around you.


That might motivate some people, but I don’t think it motivates the masses. Occasionally, we need a good wake-up call or a good kick in the rear, but daily, I don’t think that’s what somebody needs to stretch themselves to be great. Challenging people to go a little bit deeper than they are and work a little bit harder, you can do that without getting up in somebody’s grill, calling them names, and whatever else that’s going on.

I thought that was the best way to do things. Destroy them. That’s how you build them up. You tear them down.


What’s a good website if people want to follow your social media? What’s the best way?

My website is It’s simple and easy. My Insta is @DrPaul. On Facebook, my professional page is Dr. Paul Reed.

There’s one last question I want to ask you. I like to call it the multimilliondollar question because it’s probably better than a million. If you’re going to give one piece of advice, whether it’s to men or women on this show, what’s that piece of advice that you would give to anybody who wants to see more in their life, have more extraordinary results, and see more success?

First and foremost, get deeper in your walk of faith. That will open up and expose you to opportunities you’re not necessarily seeing and knowing you’re being prepared for. Secondly, somebody asked me in an interview about what I would tell myself. Be more confident and certain in your abilities. It’s a rarity that somebody is 1,000% confident in who they are and the impact that they’re going to have. We all have that little monkey in our ears making us question ourselves. That’s the one thing that I would tell people. If you’re certain about where you’re going and God is calling your life, keep acting and knowing that you’re doing the right thing.

Dr. Paul, this has been awesome. I appreciate your time and your generosity. I‘ve learned a lot from the few minutes we have been here. I appreciate that.

Thank you for having me on. I appreciate it.

Everybody else, you read it here. Success is from doing things that are boring. Boring leads to more success. It’s the mundane and boring little bit of suck you have to do in your life, but that’s what creates those instant results or what some people might see as instant results. I like to quote from another book. Some people would say, “It only took me ten years to become an overnight success.

That’s what it is. It’s doing the boring and mundane things that you never think other people do. The question is this. Are you going to be a hero of the world? Are you going to be a doer as well? What I challenge you to do is to be a doer and make these things start to happen and manifest in your life. Go and make it a wonderful and prosperous week. We will see you later.


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