Getting Money & Success To Come More Easily | 159

MORI 159 | Financial Success


Are you working for, and worrying about, money too much?

How can money come to you more easily than it has in the past?

Why are most people working too hard for money or success?

Our host, and Cash Flow Expert, Chris Miles, will reveal how to allow money, success, health, relationships, etc to come into your life with less struggle. Powerful information that you need to apply TODAY!

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Chris Miles Bio:

Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert,” is a leading authority on how to quickly free up and create cash flow for thousands of his clients, entrepreneurs, and others internationally! He’s an author, speaker, and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate, Entrepreneur on Fire, and has spoken to thousands getting them fast financial results.

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Getting Money & Success To Come More Easily

In this episode, I want to address a point that has been driven home for me over the last few years. This is something that is critical because if you’ve ever asked yourself saying, “How do I break these patterns? How do I get to a place where money, success, health, or whatever becomes easier for me? What will it take?” If there’s anything that I’ve noticed, especially in the last few years is that money, success and everything that you want in life can come way easier than you think it can. I want this show to be about how to expect success. In fact, if anything, the advice from the show is to expect success, whether it be a financial success, professional success, success in the home, or wherever it might be.

How are you defining success? The biggest way I’ve seen more of it is to expect it. I don’t mean feeling entitled to something, but I mean similar to the word hope. The word hope translated from Spanish. If you ever read the Bible, you’ll see the words faith, hope, and love or faith, hope, and charity. This trifecta is huge in being a disciple of someone who follows Christ, that religion, or any religion of that matter in the Christian religion, in the Christian world.

What’s interesting is that many people will say, “We’ve got to have faith, then he hoped for something better, and you have charity and love like Christ did,” and that kind of thing. If you look at the word ‘hope,’ it has a very different meaning than most people give it. For example, most of us think hope is like, “Wish upon a star. I hope it comes true.”

In this case, if you look at the Spanish version of the word, that word is esperanza. Esperanza is not just a pretty name you heard, Catherine Zeta-Jones’s character from The Mask of Zorro. Esperanza comes from the verb Esperar, which means to wait or to expect. You’re almost waiting with an expectation that it’s going to come. Some people would be like, “Faith is like belief, and hope is like a wish.” No, it’s an expectation. You expect it to come and that you wholeheartedly know it’s coming. It’s just a matter of time.

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I’ll tell you some of my biggest successes. There have been lots of them. I’ve given you little nuggets here and there throughout this show of what has helped me. One of the biggest things is the expectation of financial success. We’re talking about money here specifically, is that you expect it, like you expect to be breathing air. How many of us are freaking out every single day thinking, “There’s not enough air, I can’t breathe?” You’re almost having anxiety because you can’t breathe, but in reality, there’s plenty of air. You probably don’t even think about it. You don’t even consume your thoughts about it.

People that are broke or struggle financially think about money way more than those that have money. I’m not talking about people that have money and blow it. I’m telling you that people that don’t have money consume their thoughts about not having money. You’ve probably seen this to be true in your own life. No matter where you’ve been, I observed that whenever money is coming in more easily, you tend to attract it more easily. Have you ever noticed that before? Especially if you’re in business, you might’ve seen this. You might have gone through a dry spell and you’re like, “I’m trying to get money to come in,” and you’re working hard. All of a sudden, money starts coming in and then it seems like everybody wants to pay you.

It’s interesting because this is part of that same principle or concept here because most of us usually are not worrying about money. That’s when money shows up more easily. When you worry about money, you’re admitting to scarcity. You’re giving more power and more emotion to scarcity and the lack of money than you are to the abundance of it. The reason that you don’t see money coming in is that you’re constantly focused on what you don’t have. You’re not focused on having the money. You hear people talk about being the right vibration and attracting it. You might think that sounds a little bit woo-woo, and a lot of people teach it to sound woo-woo. They sound a little bit crazy when they say it.

There is something to be said that people that have money don’t worry about money. That came before they had the money. This reminds me of the story of my brother-in-law. I remember several years ago, and this was when I started to be more open to listening to what he thought, especially because he came from a family with money. He was the second generation. His father became a millionaire by the age of 21. That’s after his father was freaking homeless at the age of sixteen. He ran away from home. He got his first car dealership at nineteen. This was in the 1960s. By the age of 21, he became a millionaire. If you talk about amazing stories, that’s a huge one.

MORI 159 | Financial Success
Financial Success: When you worry about money, you are admitting to scarcity. You don’t see money coming in because you’re constantly focused on what you don’t have.


I remember my brother-in-law said, “We don’t think about money.” I was learning a lot of these principles I’m talking about here. He’s like, “We don’t think about it that much. We don’t think about what we think about. We just do it.” You have to understand that there are principles and yet understanding these principles is essential. It makes things easier, but he had a good point. Understand that he was in that place already where he was already attracting money in his own life. He wasn’t worried about it. He just knew he would always make it. That’s the thing. He expected it. He knew it would. It wasn’t just, “Wouldn’t it be great if?” He didn’t say that. He’s like, “I’m going to make money,” even when he had hard times.

I knew sometimes he had a cashflow crunch, but he knew, “I’m going to go out and make sure I create more sales or business, and then I’ll have more money,” then he did. He didn’t overthink it. Sometimes I run across people that are overly philosophical. This is always a little bit philosophical in nature too, but somebody will philosophize about these kinds of things day in and day out. They’ll correct people and try to tell you like, “It’s like this.”

You look at their own life and they still haven’t seen the evidence of it. There are a bunch of philosophers. Wherever you are, that’s wonderful if you’re this person. There’s something to be said about being in the place of saying, “That’s what it is. I expect them to have money.” The less I’ve worried about money, the more easily money comes in.

I had business coaches that would tell me like, “You’ve got to keep filling up that pipeline. You’ve got to constantly be looking for the next marketing promotion, this, that, so on and so forth.” I don’t think about it that much. I still do have that in mind from time to time. I haven’t concerned myself that as much as I did back then. The crazy thing is I have more regular stable income and cashflow coming in, both in my business and outside of the business than ever.

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That’s not because I’m constantly trying to fill up my funnel. It’s because I’m consistent. I keep doing what I do. I teach you what I want to teach you and teach you the things that I know are valuable that will help. I love getting great feedback. I love that it serves and helps you. I had somebody tell me that they like my show. She is like, “I like it. I can listen to it on the road. It’s not boring to listen to,” which I didn’t know if I would be insulted or flattered. I took it as flattering. The expectation of success is seeing that, expecting it and knowing that it will come, watch what will happen.

This could go beyond money. This could be something in your family. I know this has worked with raising my kids. When I expect my kids to misbehave, it’s crazy how they misbehave. When I expect them that they’re going to be good and not like, I demand it or force it, which by the way, comes from a guy like me. I like to control situations and ensure I can do my part and control results, but I’ve realized that I get better results when I don’t try to force it.

This is true with money, business, and everything. When I don’t try to force my kids, I don’t try to force my business and money. It’s amazing how things go so much more easily. When you push life, life will push you back. When you push against money or business, it will push you back. You will work harder to get the same sticky results as if you invite it when you expect it. You don’t even consumer thoughts over it works

I’ll give you another example. I remember the very first time I had this experience was when I was 6 years old and in 1st grade. When I was in first grade, I had a teacher, and I still have fond memories of her. If you looked at my report cards in kindergarten, “Great student.” Second grade was the first time I learned what the word conscientious was. She should mention that I was a conscientious student, great, amazing grades.

MORI 159 | Financial Success
Financial Success: Earning money is a head game. If you expect things to be hard, you will get that. Whatever you imagine will happen in real life.


In first grade, I had this weird part where I wasn’t doing well now. I could probably analyze this and figure out what differences there were in teachers and styles or whatever it might be, or even my own funk that was going on. It was fascinating. I would get in trouble almost weekly. That would be conservative. I would at least get my name on the board, and sometimes with checks. I remember there was this one particular day that stood out in my mind. There’s something I didn’t listen to. It’s something about instruction. I wasn’t listening. Either I wasn’t registering it or wasn’t checking in, but it seemed like I wasn’t there. I wasn’t present.

She put my face in the corner if you remember those days. I remember watching all the kids going in and getting the crafts for the art project. I was in the corner for several minutes. I thought, “I’ll probably be in the corner long enough.” I got out, got right in line, started grabbing the crafts, and went to my desk. She got mad because she didn’t tell me to come out of the corner. I went and did it. I got my name and two check marks. I went home, devastated, crying. I was watching He-Man, and I had this image in my mind of the old TV sets, the ones that when you turn them off, the light goes to a point and then disappears. That’s how our TV was. I had this image on my mind about those memories.

In that class, I wanted to forget about it. I had this image in my mind where I tried to almost force it out of my head or control it where I could try to shrink it down to that little pinpoint. The pinpoint disappears. Occasionally, I try to do it, but the imagery tried to come back and be full again. Eventually, I get down to that pinpoint, and then it’s gone. I lost myself in the TV shows, He-Man, and whatever else I watched that day.

The next day I get to the end of the school day. My teacher comments, “You didn’t get in trouble.” All of a sudden, I thought I was like, “I didn’t get in trouble today, did I?” What happened for the rest of that year, and there were only a few months left of the school year at that point, I was fine. I never got in trouble again. When you stop worrying about it, it works out. When I stopped worrying about getting in trouble and focusing on that, it’s amazing how I wasn’t getting in trouble anymore. I remember when I was worried about dropping passes and football, I would drop passes.

When I wasn’t concerned about it, and I didn’t have that fear of loss, it’s amazing how I could catch anything thrown at me. As an adult, I played football better than I did as a kid, primarily because of my control of my own mindset and my fears. It’s such a head game. You might think that making money is about working hard. It’s not. It’s a head game, even if you’re investing, if you work a job and you’re trying to do investing and stuff.

There are people that I know that struggle with investing because they expect to struggle. If you expect to struggle, you’ll get it. If you expect that things are hard, you’ll get that. Whatever you expect and imagine will happen in your mind typically happens. Life doesn’t have to be like that. One of the biggest reasons I’m here is to help you elevate past that, to realize. Almost everything I teach is about things being easier and not harder. It doesn’t have to be harder.

It’s about how to have more ease, more freedom, and a life that you love. You can have all of that if you stop overthinking, over-analyzing, focusing on what you don’t want and start to focus, be attuned, imagine what you do want and keep that image in your mind. Don’t worry about what if you don’t get it because what if you do? In fact, the key thing is like, “We’ll just get it.” I can attest to you personally that the more I stop worrying about what I’m not going to get, have, or the what if, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t address the what ifs, this is why we buy the insurance and things like that. We want to protect ourselves, and be smart and wise.

When you get those things addressed, then focus on what you want. Control what you can control. Focus on what you want from that point forward and watch what happens. I promise you if you expect success and that money will come in easily, it will. Have that expectation, wait on it, the Esperanza, that hope in those things, for greater things and better life, and you’ll start to see it.

I can teach you all the strategies all day long, but if you can’t control this mindset, this piece, you’re not going to get it. You’re going to eventually sabotage yourself and shoot yourself in the foot and then wonder why what I taught you doesn’t work. This is why. You’ve got to address 90% of the head game. The other 10% is strategy. That’s easy stuff. That’s what you guys hire me for. That’s what you guys call me up and ask me questions about, but the head game, that’s something that I can’t do for you. That’s something you’ve got to do on your own. Make it a great week. Expect a very successful week. We’ll talk to you later. See you.