Get Principles To Produce Results Faster – 61

MORI 61 | Quicker Results


Have you ever had a hard time applying principles that were taught to you?

Does it ever frustrate you that you aren’t getting the results you want yet?

Host Chris Miles teaches you how to get beyond just understanding and talking about principles to getting real results fast. Learn the process that has helped Chris get results in his own life right now!

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Chris Miles, the “Cash Flow Expert,” is a leading authority showing entrepreneurs and their spouses how to quickly free up and create cash flow and lasting wealth TODAY spending time doing what they love most! He has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate, interviewed internationally on TV and radio, and has a high reputation with his company, Money Ripples getting his clients fast, life-altering financial results.

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Get Principles To Produce Results Faster

I am so excited because we are going to talk about something that’s fast and furious, and it’s going to get you quick results. Before we do, let me remind you, be sure to check out our website, Check out those free blogs and podcasts, and we’ve also got great events coming up that are fantastic, especially this time of year. Make sure you don’t miss out on them because I usually take a pretty big break during the summertime.

You want to make sure you can learn how to take these principles to the next level. These are great episodes, but how do I make this work in my own life? Make sure you come and check us out. Make sure you come to our events and learn firsthand and have some fun while we do it too. I can’t tell you how much fun I have with these things.

I’m excited to be here because we’ve got a lot of good stuff to cover, especially if you want to get quicker results. For example, maybe you have been in a place where you’ve said, “Chris, I’m learning these principles. I even understand them. I could even teach them, but I’m having a hard time getting them to work in my own life. How do I make these things work?” Have you ever said that before? Did you say, “I swear I know all these laws and all these things and how they work, and the Law of Attraction, but it’s not quite working?” This is the episode you need to be reading right now and I understand.

I remember when I was first a financial advisor, I used to read the book Think and Grow Rich every single year. I even read other books that were about Think and Grow Rich and how to apply them. I had a difficult time getting those things to work. However, when I started to learn how to apply principles and get it from the right context, it was amazing how these principles worked right.

It’s not about working harder and it’s certainly not about working smarter either because even people that work smart don’t always get results. It’s those that apply those principles correctly. Those that do it right are the ones that get results. I want to talk about a simple process that I go through and I want to break it down. These things helped me get results when I watched a lot of other people flounder in frustration. Those people struggle to get these things to work. I want to share what works for me and you can try it on and see if it works for you too.

First and foremost, there are three steps in getting results but four if you look at reality. These are the steps. 1) You got to learn about these principles. You got to understand what they are. 2) You got to find experiences to support it. 3) Share it with others. 4) Repeat the process. Keep doing it again and again with patience.

MORI 61 | Quicker Results

Let’s talk about number one, learning about these principles. Many people say, “Chris, I’m learning about these.” “Great. That’s awesome. That is the first step.” I want to question whether you truly do understand those principles because if you don’t have an abundance mentality going with the application of the principles and have a scarcity mentality, you will usually have those principles produce different results than the ones you want.

For example, I get a lot of people that talk about the Law of Attraction. I use this because it’s a very popular law that you hear out there. Although there are dozens, if not hundreds, of laws out there that you could apply. During the Law of Attraction, people say, “Chris, I got my vision board. I’m looking at that. I’m trying to think positive thoughts. I’ve taped up that $100,000 bill on my ceiling,” or whatever else. All those people are trying to do those things and those things are good, but they’re not enough. You don’t understand what it is.

For example, when people start talking a lot about the Law of Attraction, they also have this doubt going along with it. They’ll have these self-defeating behaviors and thoughts that destroy the very results of trying to achieve. For example, you say, “I want to attract a lot more money,” because the show talks a lot about money and more success in business and things like that.

If you say you want to attract more money, the problem is you’re constantly thinking like a broke person. You’re never going to get it. You might tape a $1 million bill on your ceiling and it won’t make a difference. You have to be in a place where you can accept it and feel the success. Not just believe in it, but see it, experience it, and be there.

This is something big for me because in 2006, when I started to apply these principles and get real results from them, there were a couple of years of personal development that I was going through and not getting a lot of great results. I was getting some, but not enough. The one thing that made a big difference was when I started to learn about abundance versus scarcity.

I started learning how fear drives away results. I started learning how faith has to be there and how you have to start looking that there’s more than enough. If you’re trying to make more money, you can’t believe that the world only has so much money. There are only so many bills, but money can be exchanged an infinite number of times and people can all become wealthier with the same resources. It depends on how fast those exchange hands. That’s a whole another episode that we’ve done in the past too.

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You have to understand that there’s more than enough to spare. There’s plenty out there. There are plenty of resources you have available to you. This is something weird for me. For example, in that same year, 2006, one thing I had never considered was when one of my mentors said, “Chris, you realize if you don’t like doing paperwork for mortgages, you could refer it out to somebody else.”

Now, in scarcity, I would refuse to want to share as much as I possibly could. The only time I bring people out is if I wanted to close a deal better, but I had never considered someone helping me to help me if I could close it myself. What was fascinating was when I started to get other people’s help and started to get their contributions as well. Not only did they make more money, but I made more money too because we were working together as a team. What happens is we both became better off. The people I was referring to were happier with the amount of service they’re getting versus with one of us individually.

That was a big epiphany for me is that, “We could share this.” When I did that, we all made more money. You have to have that abundance mindset to go with it. When you’re learning about these things, do not forget that when you’re trying to apply them, you got to learn and understand them from a mindset of abundance, not scarcity.

Once you come from a place of scarcity, you’re going to get the opposite result of what you usually want. Usually, we’ll start getting poverty, not prosperity. You’ll usually start to get prolonged results and sometimes even negative results rather than positive ones. That’s number one, learning about it. Find ways to master and understand it in other fashions.

Number two, this is where it starts to internalize. This is what has to happen for these principles to work fast. You’ve got to internalize these things. One of the best ways to do this is a find experience to support it. What are things that have happened in your life? When have you also been successful? Some people will say, “Chris, I’ve never had success with these principles. How do I make them work if I’ve never done it before?”

I’ll say, “I bet you have. Maybe not in this specific realm or the result you’re trying to get, but have you been successful anywhere else in your life? Have you ever been successful as a child? Did you ever do something well like in school, with sports, in a competition or contest? Have you ever done well in achieving a job well done? Did you ever do something that produced good results?

MORI 61 | Quicker Results

You might have to fish for this. Some of you say, “No, I’ve done it in this area.” For example, one thing that worked well for me is I started to look at ballroom dancing because I was one that the nation’s top amateur dancers, I would win competitions often or at least place pretty highly. I remember going back to that thinking, “What did that feel like?”

As I said, you have to experience it. You can’t just think about these principles. You guys have to step into it. If I was trying to create something new, I stepped back into a world where I felt those principles were already working. It may not be money. For example, ballroom dancing wasn’t about money, but it was about success. There were things I was doing right.

I started looking at experiences of, “How did that feel when I was dancing? How confident was I? What were some of the things I was doing? How was I accelerating my learning while doing that?” A lot of that had to do with confidence, clarity, finding mentors, and things like that. I say, “That’s what I need to do here too.” I apply the same things. I would step into that role and I do the same thing by applying financial principles. I’d say, “That’s what it felt like to be successful in that realm. Now, how about here? How can I be successful? How excited was I to do that?”

I was excited to get out and dance. How excited am I to get out into the world, apply financial principles, and make them work? I started realizing, “These principles still work.” I step into that place of being. This is a big secret I got, especially after I read the book, The Master-Key to Riches by Napoleon Hill. You can’t think about these things. You got to experience it. You got to step into it. I had to be able to touch, taste, feel, see, hear, and experience everything about that success that I truly wanted.

Once you can see, feel, and experience it, it’s almost impossible not to get those results. If you stay ambiguous and, in a place where you can’t see how to get results, don’t know what it feels like or looks like you’ll never get it. I promise you that. You had to step into a place where it becomes possible and you can start seeing those results. That’s what happened for me in 2006, as I began to see how it could truly work for the first time. It was cool.

It’s funny because I remember those first few months, people would say, “Chris, how’s it going? What kind of results are you seeing?” “None.” “Good job, Chris. You’re not seeing anything?” “No, but I’m excited about this. I love it.” “Okay, Chris. Let us know when you make $1 million.” Little did they know that a few months later, I would retire. It’s funny when people will say, “I don’t see it.”

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There are a lot of people out there that are telling you to show them. You’ll show them the results. Don’t worry about them. Do what I said, be excited about it and say, “I don’t care. It’s happening. I can see it. For the first time, I can see how this is going to work.” You may not know exactly the how-to steps, but you can see the end result. That’s the key. If you can see the end result, you can get to the how-to pretty easily.

Number three, this is very important. I can even tie this back to ballroom dancing. You have to share it with others. Be willing to share these principles with others because who learns the best, the student or the teacher? It’s the teacher. If you want to receive more, you got to be willing to give more. When you learn these things that I teach from the show, don’t say, “That was nice and awesome.” Go out and teach it and say, “Here’s what I learned from Chris Miles. This is awesome. Check this out. This is this stuff I’m learning.” Even if you’re stumbling through it, do it.

I remember in ballroom dancing, the one thing that set me apart from a lot of other dancers was that when I would learn something new, even if I had to pay money for it, I would still try to teach other people because I was so excited that I learned it. I was like, “Check out what I learned. This is awesome. Here’s what you do.” Even while I was teaching it, it was rough at first, but over time, I started to understand it and be able to show and illustrate it more. I wasn’t feeling as awkward because I was practicing it over and over, both while I was teaching and in my own time.

As I started to do that, it was cool to see how my skills increased. What’s interesting is that I started dancing when I was eighteen years old. I even took a break to live in Japan for a few years, came back, and even after a few years of dancing, I was in my early twenties. By then, I was beating people in a competition that were dancing since they were five years old.

It wasn’t because of the amount of time we practiced because I can guarantee they probably practiced more hours than I did. The difference was that I was applying those principles correctly. I wasn’t practicing, but I was having an abundance mentality, excited about learning it, and I could see myself doing it. I could see the image and see other people that did it well and try to imitate what they were doing as I focus on the art of it. I then went and shared it and taught it with others too. Thus, improving my skills more quickly.

One thing that I did, even with sharing these kinds of principles, I remember in 2006, my wife, bless her heart, told me, “Chris, in a couple of hours, we’re going to have our neighbors come over. I told them we were going to talk about principles because when the wife and I were out on a walk, she thought these were cool. I didn’t know how to explain them, but she was interested. They’re coming over for little family night and you’re going to teach these principles to them.”

MORI 61 | Quicker Results
Quicker Results: If you want to bless people’s lives and create a ripple effect, you can do it by becoming a great teacher. The more you teach your principles to others, the more you can find ways to apply them in your life.

Understand that I knew almost nothing about principles. The one principle I had memorized at least was “Dollars follow value created.” I’m thinking, “What am I going to do?” The company I was learning from at this time is called Ingenuity and they’re no longer around. They had a little black card with thirteen principles on it. I was trying to read from these, fumbling through it, half the time saying, “I don’t know what it means.” I was trying to explain it to them.

Regardless, they were excited about what they were learning and they told other people. Pretty soon, there are other people asking you about these things. As time went on and as I started to try to apply and master those principles, one by one, I’m getting results. Pretty soon, they’re starting to get results and it’s starting to spread like wildfire.

If you’re about truly trying to bless people’s lives and to try to create a ripple effect, much like I’m trying to create, it’s got to happen by you becoming a great teacher. You don’t have to be perfect, don’t worry. None of us are, but you can become a better teacher by applying and teaching these principles. The more you teach them, the more you can find ways to apply it in your own life. Especially if you do the previous two things, I talked to you and then tried to teach it as well, it’ll further and ranted into you. You get a deeper understanding and it works.

1) Learn about it. 2) Find experiences to support it. Look for evidence. Evidence helps because then you can believe it more. 3) Share it with others. 4) Repeat the process. Be patient with yourself as you’re learning these principles. They don’t happen overnight. It very rarely happens for anybody overnight. It might take days, weeks, months, maybe years. Whatever it is, be patient with yourself on this journey. Don’t force it. Try to learn and apply them.

You have to find a mentor to help you through that, whoever that mentor is. Find someone to help guide you through wherever you feel called to say, “That’s the person for me. Help me through this. Help me accelerate this process because there are that lost opportunity costs,” the longer it takes you to do something, the more money you’re losing.

I don’t say that it puts you into scarcity. There could be a possible fifth point. I want to bring up the fact that if I want to learn something even faster, “Can I have someone help guide me and create more shortcuts for me so they can apply it better?” It doesn’t mean it’s perfect. You still have to have patience for yourself and make it happen for you, but I’m telling you that if you start to do these kinds of things can see yourself making these principles work.

It’s hard not to see results. Those people that are naysayers, eventually, they’re going to see you and say, “You’re right. I can see that’s working.” They might say, “He or she got lucky.” Even if they say that, who cares? They might say it’s luck, but the thing is, I know and you know that these principles do work every single time.

Everybody, thank you so much for joining us. Join us again next time as we have some interviews coming up for you. You’re going to love it. Some great people have been mentors of mine and people I admire so much. Also, we got great principles that we can help you further apply. Stick with us. Share this and do all you can to make this a worldwide ripple effect of prosperity throughout your life and the lives of those around you. Make a great week and we’ll talk to you later.


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