Creative Ways to Improve Your Credit Score with Nathalie Noisette

Nathalie Noisette is a credit expert and a financial strategist on a mission to help shift our approach to money. She is the founder of Credit Conversion, the host of the Mental Money podcast, and the author of Converted. She is here today to enlighten us about how we should be managing credit and finances.

Listen now to learn more about your credit score, how you can improve it, and what you should be doing to maintain it!


“Even if you’re not using your money for debt, still, we have auto-insurances and things like that that are being affected by our payment history. That’s a big deal.”

“A lot of people don’t know that when you go to apply for car insurance, they actually are referencing your credit in order to make a decision or what your rates will be.”

“Money is important. However, money has changed so much over even the last 10-12 years.”

“People need a point of reference to understand how to trust you. That’s essentially what credit is, it’s the relationship between the bank’s risk and their ability to trust you.”

“All that being said, it is very important. It’s a very real, tangible, necessary part of life that if we don’t get in order now, it’s going to inhibit you to move forward with things like being able to invest, being able to really understand how money works, being able to access everyday life luxuries, and be able to function normally in society.”

“I realized that my problem can become profitable. Other people had the same, exact issue, and by addressing my own problem, I was able to help others.”

“Credit card companies don’t allow for users to pay for those slots on a credit card.”

“A great AU slot essentially would have over 7 years of on-time payment history for that particular card. You’re not copying their entire credit report, but just that credit account that you’re being added to.”

“Every single thing that they do in that card will essentially reflect you.”

“The way they work is the company opens a CD, which is a certificate of deposit in your name for you, and every single month that you pay into this certificate of deposit, they report your on-time payment history to the credit bureaus.”

“Payment history is the number one factor, as far as weight, that will improve or damage your credit score.”

“That’s one resource that has definitely helped a lot of the moms in my circle and can help anyone, really if you think about it.”

“I only have credit cards now that allow me to earn cash value, crypto value, or rewards points. I have structured my budget in a way where I use all of those cards at all times.”

“The point and the goal is to never pay interest. Interest is not in your interest.”

“Once you get your credit in order, and the book will help you do that, then you are opening yourself to so many opportunities to make money and remove yourself from debt.”


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