Change Your Words – Change Your Results!

The other day, I heard my son say about buying a certain toy, “I can’t afford it.”

As you can imagine, I jumped all over that. I quickly corrected him and said, “You mean you are still saving up the money to get it, right?”

Of course he agreed, and went on his way. This experience helped me remember just how important it is to watch our words.

Our words should be full of faith, not fear. Empowering phrases, not life-draining expressions. Affirmations of accomplishment, not declarations of defeat. Words have the power to create!

What are you creating with your words right now?

Although this conversation goes beyond money, let’s keep it focused to the words we use regarding money.

First of all, words alone won’t do it…but they help. I’m sure we’ve all known people that say things, but you know there’s no faith behind those words. They say it but they doubt it at the same time. If you don’t believe it can happen, you can speak until your voice goes hoarse, and you’ll never see a positive change.

You must believe that principles govern for your words to work.

Once you can speak with more power, change the words to reflect abundance and possibilities, not scarcity and limits.

For example, instead of saying, “I can’t afford it”, declare, “I’m getting closer to purchasing that” or “How can I afford it?” Can you see how that actually feels better?

Another example: “We can’t buy that.”

Instead say, “We choose not/don’t want to buy that” or “There are other priorities that we would rather spend our money on right now.”

Why? Because if you REALLY wanted to buy it, you would find a way. Remove the words like “can’t” or “have to” from your vocabulary. “Have to” implies you have no choice. THERE IS ALWAYS A CHOICE! 

How can you be financially “free” if you’re always saying you “have to” do certain things? That’s how people become broke millionaires.

The next time you find yourself talking about money, pay close attention to the words you’re using. When you declare something in word (even silently in your own mind), your subconscious mind will do whatever it takes to be right. If it’s going to be right, why not give it some words that will dramatically improve your life? Try it out!

What are some other words or phrases that you speak that are empowering? Post your results and experiences in the comments below.