Creating A Rockefeller Plan with Brandon Rains | 504


How can you pass on wealth like the Rockefeller’s?

How do you design this plan with life insurance?

What would you want your loved ones to know before you die?

In today’s episode, Brandon explains how to pass your legacy and wealth to your loved ones where it continues to grow. Join us to get some insights about life insurance, purposeful estate planning, and passing more than just wealth.

Key Takeaways To Listen For:

  • Self-worth not determined by net worth
  • How life insurance works with the Rockefeller concept
  • Inheritance as a burden
  • How purposeful estate planning can help
  • Money as an extension of your soul

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

What Would the Rockefellers Do?: How the Wealthy Get and Stay That Way, and How You Can Too

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