Invest in Real Estate Without the Real Estate Hassle with Heather Dreves | 494


Looking to invest safely for passive returns?

Is it good to lend money in funding your deals?

One way to get your money rolling is to partner with others in real estate without your own effort. People can enjoy the benefits of a comfortable lifestyle without having to work. Today, Heather Dreves joins the show to discuss why it’s a smart idea to invest in real estate and their extensive expertise in finance and investment management.

Learnings From This Episode:

  • Heather’s  Background and How She Started Working With Secured Investment Corp.
  • What Made Secured Investment Corp an Interesting Company and What They Do for People
  • How They Work in Diversifying Investors’ Real Estate Portfolio
  • Benefits of Lending Money to Fund Real Estate Deals
  • Types of Funds Available from Secured Investment Corp.
  • Rolling Accounts with Self-Directed IRAs
  • The Value of Having Two Assets
  • Advantages of a 12-Month Tie Up Period


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