Flipping Mobile Home Parks with Jonathan Tuttle | 492


How to invest in mobile home parks? Is it a cash flowing investment? A mobile home park is considered a great place to call home. People can have the benefits of living comfortably without spending a lot of money on maintenance and repairs. As this affordable housing is getting popular, real estate investors also realize the opportunities of investing in it. Today, Jonathan Tuttle joins the show to talk about the reasons why it’s good to invest in mobile home parks.

Learnings From This Episode:

  • Negative Stigma About Mobile Home Parks
  • Some Advantages of Buying Mobile Home Parks
  • Maintenance and Repairs to This Kind of Real Estate Asset
  • Complexity and Time Required When Flipping Mobile Home Parks
  • Importance of Efficient Ideas and Systems to Save Time Managing Mobile Home Parks
  • Affordable Housing Market Outlook and Trends During Covid
  • Returns and Cash Flow on Mobile Home Park Investment


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