Advantages of Investing in Multifamily Syndication with Lane Kawaoka | 488


Should you hold your money and wait? Is there a good time to buy real estate? Real estate syndication is a process where investors pool their capital for a real estate project that requires a large amount of capital. It can be the answer to financial freedom if both operators and investors have the same goal. Today, Lane Kawaoka shares his expertise in syndicating multifamily deals. Stay tuned!

Learnings From This Episode:

  • Importance of Having Experience with Rental Property Before Investing in a Syndication Deal
  • Underwriting Deals, Determining a Decent Deal and Good Deal Operator
  • Knowing Person’s Sincerity and Authenticity Before Building a Partnership in a Deal
  • Educating Investors About the Reality that Real Estate is a Business
  • How to Stay Organized if You’re Operating Multiple Syndication Deals
  • Importance of Diversifying with Different Partners and Passive Investors
  • Using K1 Tracker to Know How Much is Your Passive Activity Losses from Investments
  • Working with a Good CPA When Operating Syndication Deals


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