Should You Self Direct Your IRA with Haley Gant | 486


How can you build wealth faster using your IRA?

Many people don’t know some of the benefits of using money from their IRA to fund alternative investments like real estate until they get educated. In today’s episode, Haley Gant shares her amazing passion for educating investors about Self-Directed IRAs and what their company does differently for people’s retirement.

Learnings From This Episode:

  • Reasons Why People Should be Self Directing Their IRAs and What are the Benefits from It
  • Two Things that You Cannot Invest Within an IRA Based on IRS Rules
  • What is ROBS Plan (Roll Over for Business Startup)
  • What Makes Quest Trust Different from Other IRA Companies
  • Advantages Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Why Most People Use Health Savings Account More Than Other IRAs

Haley Gant is a Certified IRA Specialist with Quest Trust Company, and has a passion for educating investors across the US about self-directed IRAs and all of the options that you truly have for your retirement account. Coming from a family of real estate investors, Haley has been involved in the real estate industry since a young age, and has been with Quest since 2016.

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