The Easiest Way to Sell Your Product or Service with Steve Trang | 484


Why do entrepreneurs fail to sell?

Can you be service minded, and still be good with sales?

When selling, always remember that your goal is to find out what your prospect wants and provide them exactly what they need. In today’s episode, Steve Trang shares his extensive background and knowledge about entrepreneurship. He also highlights the importance of active listening and asking relevant questions to sell your product or services easier.

Learnings From This Episode:

  • Importance of Learning the Skill of Selling the Right Way
  • Selling and Serving at the Same Time
  • Goal and Focus of the Book “Active Listening 2.0”
  • Serving Perspective vs Selling Perspective
  • Easiest Way to Be a Better Listener
  • Learning How to Ask Appropriate Questions Before Jumping into a Solution or Before Selling

Steve Trang is the founder of the Real Estate Disruptors movement. The podcast has over ten thousand followers with new members of the community sharing their success story every week.

To Purchase, “Active Listening 2.0”- please click here.

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