How to Sell Your Business for Top Dollar with Michelle Seiler Tucker | 482


How can you get more for your business than it’s worth?

Are you thinking about why your business doesn’t sell?

Nobody wants failure in their business. But unfortunately, many business owners don’t even know how to plan to scale and grow their business. It is always important to know the best business plan that works effectively for your success. In today’s episode, our guest Michelle Seiler Tucker shares her expertise in selling and scaling a business. Michelle also talks about the benefits that you can get from the Book “Exit Rich” and how it helps if you’re planning to start a business.

Learnings From This Episode:

  • Michelle’s Background in Entrepreneurship and How She Started Helping People Sell Businesses
  • Two Main Reasons why Businesses Don’t Sell
  • Reasons why Some Businesses are Failing and Shutting Down
  • Importance of Exit Plan Before Starting a Business
  • What Makes the Business Sell for More and Extremely Valuable
  • Why it’s Worth to Buy Exit Rich Book

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