Grow Your Coaching Biz When World is On Fire with Marc Mawhinney | 476


How does your coaching or consulting business thrive in this crazy world right now?

How can you set yourself apart?

For a person who’s doing coaching, it has to be a passion! By being a good coach, you will be able to help other people in making the right decisions and development whether it’s for a business or personal life. You’ll learn the significance of coaching as Marc Mawhinney shares his experiences and knowledge in the business. He’ll also talk about his best practices and why people prefer to have him as their coach.

Learnings From This Episode:

  • Marc’s Background in Real Estate and His Coaching Career
  • 2021 Predictions in Coaching World
  • Importance of Being Authentic and Unique When You’re Coaching People
  • Effects of Political Issues to People and Why it’s Important to Speak What’s on Your Mind on Different Issues
  • Best Practices in Coaching Other People
  • What is “The Last Ten Tests” and Why People Should Do It

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