Investing In Resorts with Josh McCallen | 464


In response to control the spreading of the COVID-19, a lot of hotels and resorts all over the world have been hit hard and impacted by the pandemic. Now the question is, how do the hospitality industry deal with the effects of this global crisis? In this episode, Chris Miles and his guest Josh McCallen talk about the situation that the Resort and Hotel Industry is facing right now.

Learnings From This Episode:

  • What is Hospitality and its magical power to succeed in a resort investing
  • Importance of keeping the principles and core values of hospitality in mind and heart to provide a world-class guest experience
  • Advantages of resorts over hotels during the pandemic in terms of profitability
  • How resort business benefits from weddings during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Things that you must consider if you are planning to invest in a resort
  • Refinancing and recapitalization as an efficient strategy in a resort investing

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  • Podcast: Capital Hacking Podcast

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