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MORI 58 |Wealth Secrets

What does a billionaire’s ex-wife teach on how to become a billionaire? Is it really a lot of hard work?

Host Chris Miles reads and expands on an interview done with Tesla billionaire’s (Elon Musk) ex-wife, Justine Musk, regarding what’s required to become a billionaire. You might be surprised by her answer. Listen now!

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Wealth Secrets From A Billionaire’s Ex-Wife

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If you think you are getting great value from these twenty-minute shows, wait until we do some good stuff here. I want to talk about what a billionaire’s ex-wife says about becoming a billionaire. What is that secret that she has seen? She has seen the thick and the thin. She didn’t just see the success. She was a part of the success. What does it take? It’s not just becoming a millionaire. We talked about that a lot. What about a billionaire? Is it much different? The mindset is quite a bit different than becoming a millionaire. You’ll learn this pretty quickly. At the same time, is it that far out of reach? Whether we become a billionaire or not, what can we learn from this to apply in our own lives?

I want to talk about Elon Musk. For those of you who know Elon Musk, he was the Founder of PayPal. Many of you probably have heard of that. You haven’t heard of that. He’s also the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. If you’ve ever heard of the Tesla cars, they are getting a lot of fame, and things like that. This is Elon Musk, the entrepreneur behind that, the billionaire behind that. He’s worth about $12.1 billion. He’s not just a billionaire, he’s way up there. Even to be on the top 400 or 500 list of Forbes’ richest people in the world, usually have to have a net worth of at least about $1.5 billion to even show up on the list. This guy’s at $12.1 billion. He’s one of the top guys up there.

His ex-wife, his first wife, Justine Musk was in an interview with a certain news source called Quora. In this Quora thread, she posted a response to their thread saying, “Will I become a billionaire if I am determined to be one and put in the necessary work required?” Her answer is no. She also said that the Quora readers are asking the wrong question. She then continues to say why. It’s interesting that she says, “No. If you decide to become a billionaire just by deciding, you won’t become one. Also, if you are putting in all the work required to become one, that won’t be it either.”

Here’s what she expounds on because she starts to elaborate further as to what that means. “You’re determined. So what? You haven’t been racing naked through shark-infested waters yet,” she writes. “Will you be just as determined when you wash up on some deserted island, disoriented, bloody, ragged, and beaten and staring into the horizon with no sign of rescue?” She was a poet and didn’t even know it.

Shift Your Focus

This reminds me of a show I did called So Much Passion, So Much Purpose…So what? You can be passionately broke. She’s saying, “You are determined, so you don’t give up. So what?” Does that mean anything until you’ve been tested?” Here’s where her advice comes in. She says, “Shift your focus away from what you want or $1 billion.” Shift away your focus from what you want and get deeply intensely curious about what the world wants and needs.

I want you to think about that. Stop focusing on the money. Focusing on both wants and needs. How you can create value? This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? How many of you guys have heard me talk about dollars following value, following the value you create, and looking for a way to solve problems and create solutions in the world? This is what she’s saying.

She says, “Ask yourself what you have, the potential to offer that is so unique, compelling, and helpful that no computer could replace you. No one could outsource you. No one could steal your product, make it better, and then club you into oblivion, not literally, then develop that potential. Choose one thing and become a master of it. Choose a second thing and become a master of that.”

I want to stop here for a second about what she’s saying here. Think about it. What do you make so unique, compelling, and helpful that no one could replace you? This is a question that a lot of people get hung up on. Even my own clients will say, “I have got a business, but I’m looking for that niche. What is it that can get me into a sweet spot?” it’s somewhere where you create value that no one else can.

MORI 58 |Wealth Secrets
Wealth Secrets: The world does not give you something they believe is equal, or they would never be compelled to purchase it. They only want something that’s of greater value.

I love that she didn’t just say, “Find that one thing.” She did say identify that one thing but then choose a second thing. This is a lot like what we talked about with finder divine genius. How do we take a combination of all our strengths, and then master and become very good at those things? Even the fact that you are naturally already there, how can you make it a little bit better? How can you master it a little bit more, get a little bit better than the fact that you are one of the best in that one area anyways?

You then throw in that second curve ball. Now you’ve got something that is so unique that no one can match it. No one could touch it because no one has the same combination. Two is a great way to start. Eventually, you are going to master several things. It might be 3 to 5 things, maybe more that you start to master. The next thing you know, there’s no replacing you.

The reality is that no one person could be replaced. We are talking from a professional sense. I also want you to think for yourself from that personal standpoint, too, even if you don’t work at all. When I say work, I don’t mean working for a job or a business. If you do none of those things, maybe you are a stay-at-home mom. Maybe you are learning, going to school, or whatever it might be.

Don’t think of it because the reality is you can bless lives in ways that no one else can. This is a great blueprint, a great way to focus on that. No matter what your life circumstance is, find ways to do exactly what she’s saying. Even if it’s not something that you could create monetarily, you could probably say, “What are ways I can help people? In what ways can I serve people that I encounter on a daily basis? What can I master that I could be of great value?” What you’ll realize too is that whether you want to or not, there will probably be a point where people will want to pay you. At least, they are willing to offer. Focus on those two things.

Become A Master Of Two Worlds

Here’s what I love what she says. This is why you want to master at least two things. She says, “When you become a master of two worlds, say, engineering and business. You bring them together in a way that will produce A) Introduce hot ideas to each other so that they can have “idea sex” and make idea babies that no one has seen before. B) Create a competitive advantage because you can move between worlds. Speak both languages, connect the tribes, mash the elements to spark fresh creative insight, and so you wake up with the epiphany that changes your life.

Break these two down. I see this to be true as well with the whole cashflow process and what I was able to do. One thing that was tough was I took the cashflow. Nobody was addressing cashflow. People are adjusting from a scarcity point of view of budgeting maybe, but that was one little aspect. They weren’t taking the full picture, which I was taking more from a financial advising world where we are trying to look at everything. It’s not just the traditional financial advising, but more specialized training where you see things with a leap, truth concepts, and things like that.

Bringing these things together to see the big picture and then combine that with cashflow. The next thing I know, I have something that’s unique that nobody’s doing because they are not focusing on centering around how we create production now, not saving for years from now. Some of those good programs would still not talk about today as much. They would focus on tomorrow.

When you bring those two worlds together, it’s amazing. Even some ways I create three worlds because I’m good at retaining a lot of information and taking these interesting ideas where people wouldn’t draw certain correlations. I like to draw correlations from things that don’t seem to connect, but they do. There’s a cause and effect relationship, or at least a corollary relationship with them.

You bring these together. This is where you start to create something cool. It creates a competitive advantage and also allows you to move between worlds. You could speak both languages and connect the tribes, mash the elements to create spark fresh creative insight until you wake up with the epiphany that changes your life. I love that because it’s not only about the idea, but it’s also about how you are able to connect, lead, communicate, and bring it in a way.

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Steve Jobs did an amazing job of this. He was able to take something that was could have been complex and hard, and make it very simple. Especially for those in the tech world, it is very simple, maybe overly simple, but he liked to try to bring the worlds together. He would bring that marketing along with technology, find out what people want, and speak the language of what the user wants and not so much what the technology experts wanted.

He wanted to know what the average user wanted. He was looking to fill that need and did a great job with it, better than almost anybody. He even created a whole tribe. He was able to create loyal people, regardless of the quality of the products. He created amazingly loyal fans of those Apple products. It is the same thing here. What can you use to create these things and bring two worlds together?

She said business and engineering, but you may not have those two skills. For example, I have seen people with health and wellness, but also they had a lot of things with mindset and perspective training over there. They realize that health and wellness starts with a mindset, a perspective shift, and even maybe stories going on.

People have almost this emotional coaching of going along with the physical type of training, bringing those two worlds together and creating some great results. I have seen other people in the business where the sales standpoint and combine it with business coaching, or even people with body language combining that with personal development. I have seen other people with body language combining that with sales and things like that. There are so many niches that you can create by combining two worlds together.

When you combine two together, this is when it gets tough for anybody to try to compete with you at that level. This is where it’s not competition anymore. It’s more, “How do we leverage each other’s abilities and talents?” When you find people like that doing the same thing, you want to leverage them, too. You don’t want to say, “I want to compete with that,” because you can’t. You don’t want to compete with those people. You want to compete in the area that you are best at. Use your unique abilities and gifts to be able to serve people in a way that no one else can.

Providing What The World Perceives As A Greater Value

I will continue on with this, and then we’ll go from there. She says, “The world doesn’t throw $1 billion at a person because the person wants it or works so hard they feel they deserve it.” The world does not care what you want or deserve. That’s all I can say to that. No one cares. You are not entitled to it, and no one cares if you want it. Nobody cares about how much passion you have. Although they do a little bit. Nobody cares about how much you love something. Nobody cares about what you want and what your goals are. They want to know what’s in it for them. How are you going to serve them? That’s what I would add to this.

She then continues. “The world gives you money in exchange for something it perceives to be of equal or greater value.” Think about this. I would eliminate the equal value. The world does not give you something that they believe is equal, or they would never be compelled to purchase it. They only want something that’s of greater value, even if it’s a teeny bit greater. It has to be a little bit greater than what they are paying or they won’t pay it. It’s insightful nonetheless.

I love that she uses the word perceives. It doesn’t matter whether it is or isn’t. Does the world perceive? Do they see it as being of greater value? This is essential because when I get people that I coach, they will say, “This is what I’m working on, and I want to build it to make more money with this.” I will say, “This is great.”

Here are two things that might happen when somebody gets stuck. 1) The person themselves doesn’t perceive that they are of greater value. Therefore, they charge very little and they need to charge more. 2) I get people that they know it’s a greater value, but nobody else does. To solve this, they need to better communicate that value. They need to better show it. You create more urgency about it.

MORI 58 |Wealth Secrets
Wealth Secrets: Many people will give you a lot of advice, and most of it won’t be good. You’ll have to figure out how it doesn’t apply because you’re coming from an unexpected angle.

I had somebody I talked to where this was the case. They had said this is what they are getting. They say, “I don’t know if it might be too much money.” I said, “I’m surprised that it’s as cheap as it is. You communicate it this way and that way.” I started explaining for maybe 15 to 20 seconds what I saw was valuable about that idea. She looked at me and said, “You say it that way. That’s what I needed to make it sound like.”

I said, “I’m looking from my perspective of what I want in my life. What you need to do too is look from their perspective, too. What is it they see? You’ll find out that it’s pretty amazing.” If you don’t perceive it as great value, that is one thing. If you communicate it to other people, how can they know it’s of great value? Sometimes you have to teach the value. I had a marketing coach that told me, “You have to teach people how to pay you. You need to teach them why it’s so important, where the money comes from, or even how that is big.” That could be a show in and of itself talking about how to teach people how to find the money to pay you. That’s great stuff there.

I want to delve down to when she says, “The world gives you something for exchange it perceives to be of equal or greater value.” That’s when the world gives you money. She continues and says, “Something that transforms an aspect of the culture.” She talked about the value here. It’s something that reworks a familiar story or introduces a new one. It doesn’t have to be a new idea. It might be a rework of a familiar story. Something that’s a fresh perspective on a very old story or a familiar story, or a brand-new one. It could be either.

They can also alter the way people think about the category and make use of it in their daily lives. Can you teach them how they can use it in their daily lives that they wouldn’t know because maybe it’s never existed or something been used quite that way? There are so many ways you can do it, but it’s going to be something that hooks people in a way that does become unique. This is why I make a stance against the traditional financial advice that you get because it hasn’t worked. We have got to take something.

All the ideas I’m teaching you aren’t new. I reworked them in a way that did. I combine these different elements. I took some things from different areas and influences and combined them together to draw some conclusions and say, “There are common threads here. Maybe a lot of the world didn’t notice it, but I see it.” I have seen it in my own experience as well, which adds to that cup of value.

The next thing you know, we have something that’s very unique and fresh. That’s why in every radio interview I’m doing, whether it’s during the interview or afterward, I will get people to rate their live on the air. People will say, “What you have is a fresh and different perspective about money. I love it. It’s a positive and abundant perspective.”

That’s the point. That’s what it’s supposed to be, but so many people don’t do it. That’s where you create a niche. That’s where you start to get people wanting to support or help you. It starts to carry on its own. I love what she’s talking about right here because there’s some good advice in this last section here. She says, “There is no roadmap and no blueprint for this. A lot of people will give you a lot of advice. Most of it will be bad, and a lot of it will be good and sound, but you’ll have to figure out how it doesn’t apply to you because you are coming from an unexpected angle.”

Remember, she’s talking about you coming from an unexpected angle because you are combining these two elements together. People are going to try and give you advice. Even if it’s good advice, you have to take it with a grain of salt sometimes. I have learned from my own experience that you do want to take advice from those that are experts, especially those that have done it, and especially if they are in a similar field.

Trust Your Gut And Follow Your Heart

Even those that maybe aren’t might have a fresh perspective outside of the field. I have seen that a lot of times, when you get advice, sometimes you have to trust your gut. You have to follow that whisper in your heart and ask yourself, “Is this something I should be doing or should I take this path?” I have noticed that when I look at my own heart, I start to feel and say, “People are giving me this advice and it makes logical sense, but I’m feeling compelled to go in this direction.” I have learned to do it quickly, and it’s amazing what happens.

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It’s fun, too, because a lot of it you are getting advice and maybe everybody is giving the same advice. It might be because that advice has been so commonplace that maybe it’s not the right way to go, depending on who you are. Sometimes it isn’t great. Do not get me wrong. You do want to follow people that you want to guide you along that process. You’ll have the right perspective. I do agree that people need to have an abundant perspective when they are coaching you through this. Make sure that even though you are getting a lot of advice, you still follow your heart.

Charisma And Credibility

She says, “You’ll be doing it alone until you develop the charisma and credibility to attract the talent you need to come with you. Have courage. You will need it. Good luck. You’ll need that, too.” I know what this feels like. I remember the first time I started the show. Even though I had some people supporting me, I felt so alone, especially because I left a company that had a bigger partnership. We had been together for years. All of a sudden, it felt like I was all by myself in my home office, reaching out to people, recording things, and things like that. I felt like I was losing connection with people, and it drove me nuts, especially when I’m more of an extrovert.

Here’s the thing. You will be doing it alone. There will be times you will feel like you are trudging through by yourself. You feel like nobody supports you. Even when they do, you will feel like you are in this alone. However, when you do have the charisma and credibility to start attracting the talent you need to come, it’s amazing what happens.

I have a friend who creates and puts on events. I’m amazed when people can put on events and attracts hundreds of people. She came out of what seemed like obscurity. Now she probably has the largest Christ-centered energy healing conference in the entire country, maybe the world. I don’t know. I can’t claim that, but it’s the largest conference I have ever seen that is Christ-centered energy healers.

It’s amazing. She will attract people that are well over 1,000 attendees to come to this between her and the people that are there. It’s incredible. She does it again and again. She did it when she was nine months pregnant. I was amazed at what she was able to accomplish. She is seeing it, too. Maybe we should add her as a guest on the show. I can guarantee you. If you were to ask her, in the beginning, she probably felt a little bit alone. She had a vision. She wanted to create that vision. Slowly but surely, more and more people started becoming attracted to support her in it.

That’s the cool thing. There will be times that even when you are seeing some success, you might still feel like you are doing it alone. That’s one of the things that being a leader. You will feel like that many times. When you stand by those principles, despite that leadership, and start to move forward, you will be amazed at what can be accomplished.

You will be amazed at who will start to follow you and the people you attract, especially since we want to attract the right people. You will be pleased with that. You will be happy that there will be people that want to move your crusade and those passions forward, and be able to help you in supporting the world and blessing people’s lives in ways that no one else can. That is the power behind what she is teaching here.

This is a piece of short advice. There are only a few paragraphs I read here, but I’m telling you the wisdom behind it is so deep. Ponder on this and understand the perspective she’s coming from as you read this here. Thank you so much for joining us. Join us again next episode as we share more great information and wonderful things to help you live with greater abundance and better quality of life and lifestyle. You’ll have more cashflow, freedom, and be able to live in a world where you work and you live because you want to and because you love your life, not because you have to. We’ll see you later.

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